Month: June 2020

Post Construction and Post Renovation Cleaning

Have you ever stood in a building undergoing construction or renovation? If you have, you will understand the need for post construction and post renovation cleaning.    There is dust, dirt and debris everywhere! Builders cut wood producing sawdust and chips. Workers leave scrap materials and lunch litter around. No one would want to move into such a mess. That’s … Read More

Retail Cleaning Services

  First impressions matter to retail businesses. Supermarkets, clothing stores and shopping malls all need to look good. Why? Their business thrives on drawing people into the business and keeping them there to make purchases.   Cleanliness improves the customer experience. Any retail business that is part of a franchise will be subject to strict standards of cleanliness.   When lots of … Read More

Apartment Cleaning Services

There are several reasons people hire a professional cleaning service to clean their apartment:     They’re too busy to do the job.     They don’t like doing cleaning.     They have guests arriving and they want their guests to be comfortable.     They’ve let things go for months and they need someone to deep clean their … Read More

Cleaning Business License

Thinking about starting your own cleaning business? Great! It’s an excellent idea. This might just be a perfect time. However, you can’t just start right away. You will need to obtain a name for your business and a cleaning license to get things going. The cleaning business license is that license that allows you to operate your cleaning business in … Read More

Hotel Cleaning Services

The word ‘hotel’ can make us think of 5-star international hotels. Or we may think of a comfortable, more affordable place to stay. In this article, the term ‘hotel’ refers to any business that provides hospitality and accommodation services. This includes hotels, inns, and motels. It also covers bed and breakfast operations, conference centres, resorts, and lodges. These businesses can … Read More