Month: July 2020

Zenmaid Review

  One of the most important aspects of running a business is management. This management can be in the form of financial management, scheduling of work, and assignment of tasks to employees. If you cannot manage the cash flow, client’s record, or financial transactions, problems are bound to emerge.  As an entrepreneur new to the cleaning business, it can be … Read More

Hourly Rate for House Cleaning

As a company that is new to commercial cleaning company business, estimating the price quotation for a house cleaning gig is no simple decision. Certain factors need to be considered to ensure you are charging the right price on your services.  One question that comes up regularly, especially for service businesses that are just starting out, is “how do I … Read More

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Every restaurant owner needs to ensure the cleanliness and adequate maintenance of the restaurant kitchen, and other facilities to avoid food contamination. The cooking of food takes place in the kitchen. A dirty kitchen harbor diseases and germs that may poison food items.  Public restaurants are one of the fastest means by which food poisoning spreads. Over the last ten … Read More

Office Cleaning Schedule Template

The office is a common ground where you receive clients and where employees work to bring in profits. As such, good office cleaning habits must always be kept, and the office space should  remain spotless at all times.  Office cleaning is an essential task that must be performed every day. This involves ensuring that every area in the office – … Read More

Office Cleaning Checklist

You have spent an enormous sum of money generating leads for your business. That is very okay. But, are you paying enough attention to the physical image you are creating for your business? Cleanliness, they say, is next to orderliness. Besides other virtues, everyone wants to do business with an orderly person. A dirty workplace portrays you and your business … Read More

Cleaning Contract Template

A contract is essentially  an agreement that binds two consenting parties together. It is  an assurance that ensures both sides fulfill their end of the deal. For the purpose of this article, the two parties imply the cleaning company and the client.  A well-written contract will have it in place that both the cleaning company and the client carry out … Read More

Free Cleaning Proposal Template Word

The ultimate goal for every commercial cleaning company is to eventually get big, profitable, and get long term cleaning contracts. This is one of the most challenging parts of the business.  However, If you know your way around, you will not have any problems. Everyone knows that winning those kinds of contracts will improve the business’s outreach. But not everyone … Read More

Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Nobody likes the bad odor that oozes out of a stinky restroom. So, you want to keep your restroom clean and comfortable for your employees and visitors. A clean restroom paints your business well to visitors. Besides the foul smell, an untidy restroom is a hotspot for germs and other infectious microorganisms. Everyone suffers from the side effects of an … Read More

Cleaning Invoice Template

Payment follows after the cleaning company has successfully met all the terms and conditions of a commercial cleaning gig. We observed that most cleaning companies do not know the proper way to request for payment. This is the corporate world. You don’t go around asking your clients payments by word of mouth, or over a chat. A cleaning invoice does … Read More

Cleaning Services Price List Template

The price list of services is the second impression that advertises the value of your brand to potential customers. And unlike business cards (which is the first), it gives your clients insight as to what value they are getting for their money. In hindsight, it is one of the most important documents every cleaning business must have in their possession. … Read More