Month: July 2020

Foreclosure Cleanup Listings

Foreclosure!!! The sinister word that everyone seems to be afraid of in the real estate universe. And one cannot fault them, nobody wants their property taken away. Foreclosure is a process whereby the lender (bank) takes back a housing property to settle for the owner’s debt.  Most times, investors take loans from financial institutions, like a  bank, to invest in … Read More

Foreclosure Cleaning Services

The demand for foreclosure cleaning services is currently at an all-time high. While that may not be a gamechanger for everyone, those who offer foreclosure cleaning services can attest to their relative economic benefits. Foreclosure cleaning can be quite tasking. Thus, if you are looking to start a foreclosure cleaning business, you will need to brace up for some hard … Read More

How to Clean Years of Soap Scum?

Soap scum is a greyish or whitish layer formed on surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. It is usually found in the sink, bathtubs, and showers. Soap scums form into a hard substance when hard water from the running tap mixes with soap stain over a long time.  If not removed for years, it can result in mold, mildew, or … Read More

How to clean a mousepad?

A mousepad is a handy accessory for everyday computer users. The mouse itself allows you to navigate your computer screen quickly and easily. However, the mousepad is used to move the mouse swiftly without any complication.  If you are a remote worker, work in an office, or any other place where the operation depends heavily on a computer, then you … Read More

How to Clean a Stoneware?

A stoneware is a cooking material that was traditionally made and refined to help us bake comfortably. Its ability to withstand high temperatures makes it suitable for baking and preparing other delicacies.  A stoneware is durable and easy to use, but you have to take some time to clean it after use just like other kitchenwares. You may need to … Read More

How to clean a pack and play?

Adequate cleaning and total removal of dirt from our home or environment are some of the best ways to stay healthy. As a nursing mother, it is always advisable to keep our baby’s items clean. One of the most common baby items that are usually overlooked is the pack and play. Many people neglect the fact that they should always … Read More

How to Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Jewelry is an essential part of our dressing. It helps groom your outfit, gives you that touch of elegance, and also enhances your physical appearance.  Like any other item you own, you must take proper care of your jewelry so that its sparkling brilliance can remain undiminished, look good on you, and also serve you well.  Although stainless steel jewelry … Read More

Cleaning Contracts Bids

The leading goal of every business is to provide services, sell a product, and make massive profits. As a cleaning company, your ultimate priority should be to get more customers or cleaning contracts to position your business as a foremost brand in your niche.  Cleaning contracts come in different ways and forms. It could be government-sanctioned or come from privately … Read More

Cleaning Epoxy Floor

General cleaning is an essential chore in the home. It should be done frequently to avoid the accumulation of dirt and to ensure a healthy living . However, in my experience, not all floors are cleaned in the same way. Getting it wrong can minimize the lifespan of your floors and or worst results bring an unplanned damage to your … Read More

Commercial Cleaning Marketing Plan

The ultimate goal of every business is to make massive sales by getting more customers to buy. In other words, more customers result in more sales, and more sales equal more profits. But, one of the most difficult aspects of a business is marketing – the process of getting customers to patronize your business.  Once you can overcome that barrier, … Read More