Month: July 2020

Businesses That Need Cleaning Services

Every business must have its target audience to achieve the duo of optimized marketing, and efficient promotion of brand awareness. Right from the start of the company, you have to know the type of individuals or organization your business is going to assist.  This will help you plan your business better. As a cleaning company, there is a need to … Read More

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Who says no to a sparkling neat and clean carpet? Absolutely no one. Everyone loves tidy carpets. And it goes without saying that to keep your carpet neat and sparkling, you need to wash it regularly.  An unclean carpet is unattractive, and it becomes home to mites and dust, which are not suitable for your health. And on keeping your … Read More

Commercial Cleaning Prices

So, you want to go into commercial cleaning services. You’ve got everything you need to start. Carpet and floor dryers are ready; vacuum cleaners are intact, odour removers are available to mention but a few types of equipment. But have you decided on your commercial cleaning prices? How much do you intend to charge for cleaning offices, and other spaces … Read More

House Call Pro Vs. Zen Maid

The idea of running a small or medium business as a solopreneur is not an easy task. You have just too many tasks to handle for one person.  The average solopreneur is faced with the responsibilities of raising capital, planning the business, recruiting staff, setting objectives, managing, supervising, and coordinating employees. As the business improves and gets bigger, you have … Read More

Hood Cleaning Services

Fast food restaurants need to keep their kitchen clean at all times because an unclean kitchen is prone to possible food contamination. Contaminated food is unsafe to eat, unhygienic for the public, and put far too many lives at risk.  So, if you own a restaurant, you want to make sure that you don’t serve contaminated food.  A restaurant is … Read More


Like it is essential to clean our floors and carpets at home, your boat also needs some cleaning. Cleaning every other part of the deck isn’t so difficult. Cleaning a boat carpet is quite different from your regular cleaning routine. If you are a cleaning company or group in Canada looking to receive cleaning gigs from boat owners, it is … Read More