Month: August 2020

Airbnb cleaning service cost – How Much Should I Charge?

Some people choose not to include an additional cost for Airbnb cleaning services. However, when providing a top notch Airbnb experience, these fees are recommended as cleanliness is an important factor in maintaining a good rating. For this reason it is important for a host to charge a cleaning fee. Airbnb cleaning fees typically range anywhere between $25 – $100.  How Will I … Read More

Commercial Cleaning Rates Chart 2020

Commercial cleaning is a rewarding business that has become very necessary in the society today. Whether you just concluded a house party or relocated into a new apartment, at one point, everybody will need the services of a commercial cleaning company. And If you are thinking of starting and maintaining a profit-oriented cleaning company, estimating the cost of your services … Read More

How Much to Charge for Deep Cleaning a House?

As a commercial cleaning business just starting out or looking to expand, deep cleaning services is a profitable venture you should consider. There are huge opportunities in the market because there is always someone in need of deep cleaning services. Prospective clients could either be homeowners just finishing up a full home renovation, or managers in need of a thorough … Read More

Green Cleaning Services

Think about it. We spend so much money trying to clean our environments. But guess what? Some of the products and procedures we use for these cleanups cause more harm than good. The sweet-smelling fragrances used after cleaning contain toxic chemicals that may be cause some damage to your health. This is essentially what green cleaning seeks to fix. Cleaning … Read More

Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning services help to ensure your space is neat and assures a healthy work environment. In other words, your office cleaning service provider plays a vital role in your health. A big establishment includes the restroom, the kitchen, the store, and other rooms in the office. Hence, the need to exercise some care and patience when hiring one for … Read More

Zenmaid Vs. Launch27

New applications are developed every day to make life easier for both employers and employees in specialized industries, and the cleaning industry is no exception.  As a business in the cleaning industry, you have to understand that running a cleaning business involves more than just cleaning. Many other aspects of the business are also essential such as customer management, payroll … Read More

How to clean a tower fan?

We all love summertime. You get to go outside, play some sports, and catch up with friends on a fancy picnic. But with summer comes the uncomfortable, and most times, unbearable summer heat. After a long and stressful day outside, all you want to do is to get home, take a nice chill shower, and relax under a cooling system. … Read More