Blind Cleaning Services

Blind Cleaning Services


This is a part of the house cleaning business that is known as blinds cleaning service. You probably didn’t think this was a thing but they are. Blind cleaning is an aspect in the cleaning business that deals with cleaning blinds. Most of the time, we come at this with a do it yourself approach. If you’re professionally trained, a do it yourself approach is not a bad idea. But as a novice when it comes to this aspect of home cleaning, a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach just wouldn’t do.

Window blinds generally gather up dust very quickly and easily too. Due to their delicate nature, it becomes complicated to clean them. In some of the cases, a quick sponging will do the job with little or no stress. But in most cases, this is not the case as the blinds have accumulated quite a collection of dust and debris over time. This article aims to highlight the benefits of blind cleaning services and the need to hire a professional for the job. It also would shed light on ways to properly clean your blinds as an individual. Also, a brief how to as a blind cleaning business that’s just starting out.

Benefits Of Hiring A Blind Cleaning Service

It goes without saying that a professional blind cleaner will do better than you can in the above mentioned task. The obvious advantage of employing the services of professionals is that you would expect a professionally done job. These are individuals with years of experience in handling different types of window blinds. They are skilled to handling your window blinds delicately with effective results. A merger of efficiency and effectiveness.

Here are some of the benefits of using a professional blind cleaning service for your home.

Protecting your health

Accumulated dust on your window blinds could prove to be harmful to your health. Individuals with allergies and some major respiratory problems fall at risk in such environments. Dust that comes from window blinds could be harmful or toxic to asthmatic patients. People with other types of breathing problems can also be at risk from accumulated dust from window blinds. Hiring a professional blind cleaning service proves to be to your own advantage. These individuals are skilled to deal with these problems. They also dress for the occasion too, properly protecting their eyes, nose and other vital sense organs. A blind cleaning service can help protect your health by doing these things for you. This way, your window blinds can be cleaned without putting your health at risk.

It helps save money

Regular cleaning of your window blinds will help you save the cost of repairs. The more your blinds accumulates dust, the more it is prone to damage. Maintaining your blinds properly is the key to keeping them in the best possible shape. For long lasting window blinds, it is advisable to get a professional to handle them for you. The more you treat your blinds, the longer it will last for you. Another commonly mistaken notion is that quick dusting will do the trick. This is untrue and does not completely take out the dirt present on the blinds. A skilled professional will do the job with full knowledge of the tips and tricks to it. This way your work is done well and it saves you future cost of repairs or replacement.

The job is done well

This is probably the most obvious benefit of hiring a blind cleaning service for your home. Skilled professionals in the business will produce a well done job. A do it yourself approach may seemingly get the job done but that is just on the surface. It still requires work to be done by a professional blind cleaner. Much to your surprise, blind cleaning is oddly a complex undertaking. It has a large surface area with tons of moveable and tiny parts to its features. Getting all the necessary parts cleaned takes skill and experience. These tiny moving parts make the whole process hard to perform and quite tedious. This is if you don’t know what you’re doing which immediately shoots down a DIY approach.

It saves your time

Cleaning your window blinds yourself can prove to be quite the chore as a non-professional. Those hard to reach spots can be a total headache and this is especially if you’re a busy person. It would take a long amount to get to those hard to reach spots and corners. To avoid doing a shabby job, saving your time, enlisting the services of a blind cleaning company is not a bad idea. It saves you the stress and the headache of doing this on your own and most importantly, your time.

Employing the expertise of a blind cleaning service would benefit you on every turn. So far, there’s no down side to this and it is advisable that you go for this option.

How to clean your blinds

Here are three methods on how to clean your blinds.

  • Quick dusting techniques: Although employing just this method is not advisable as mentioned above. It is however a method that can used. Quick dusting techniques include a light feather dusting, using a glove or an old sock. Other methods under this includes using a vacuum with hose for cleaning.
  • Washing the blinds: This method involves washing the hanged blinds without removing them. Examples of this is wiping them with a wet sponge or a damp cloth.
  • Heavy duty cleaning methods: this method involves using S hooks to hang the blinds, looping them through the iron. After making sure it is secure, wash with warm water. Use a sponge to scrub lightly as the faucet waters the blinds.


Cleaning your blinds can help protect your health by keeping your home dust free. While it is important to have this done very regularly, doing it yourself is not the best of choices. Hiring a blind cleaning service handles all of these for you. They merge both skill and experience to give you the best result possible.

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