Businesses That Need Cleaning Services

Every business must have its target audience to achieve the duo of optimized marketing, and efficient promotion of brand awareness. Right from the start of the company, you have to know the type of individuals or organization your business is going to assist. 

This will help you plan your business better. As a cleaning company, there is a need to know your target audience.

In this article, we will discuss the individuals, companies, or group of companies that need, or are likely to need cleaning services.

What kind of businesses need cleaning services?

There are so many places that we overlook, which can create more opportunities for our cleaning business. We have decided to take a look into every business that needs cleaning services without leaving anything out. 

Government-Owned Buildings

If you want to earn big contracts in the cleaning industry, you will have to work smarter and harder. Remember smart work before hard work. Government-owned buildings are one of the best places to win big deals that will position your business among industry experts. It is only smart that you target this with fervor.

Although there is a lot of competition when it comes to getting government contracts, it still appears at the top of our list of places to check out for your cleaning business. Apart from earning big, obtaining government contracts will serve as a reliable reference for your business such that other people would trust your services more.


Another place that needs cleaning services is the schools- elementary school, high school and colleges. Every school always needs cleaning services. The best place to pitch your service is in privately-owned institutions and universities because federal institutions usually hire permanent cleaners.

Medical and Dental Offices 

Hospitals are at the top of the places that require cleaning services. However, some smaller medical infrastructures also need cleaning services regularly. These include dental clinics, medical offices, pharmaceutical companies, etc.


Large restaurants give out contracts to cleaning services to take care of their restaurants based on agreement. Now may be the time to reach out. The world economy has suffered a huge blow in the past few months. Businesses are cutting costs and making a way to partner with smaller firms that will do the same work at a reduced cost. Dust your proposal, and start applying in those corners. 

Real Estate Agents

Working hand-in-hand with established real estate agents, can help you earn profitable gigs for your cleaning company. Real estate agents who sell big houses or apartments can link your business with their clients. Every new house owner would want to clean their homes before moving in. That is where your expertise comes of use.

How do I get contracts for my cleaning business?

To gain consistent contracts with mouth watering returns for your business, you simply have to put in some work. In this section, we will discuss four steps that are guaranteed to land you contracts for your cleaning business.

1. Create a Website

To earn big contracts, you need to create a profile, and a unique identity for your cleaning business. The best way to do that is to create a website.

Nowadays, everything is digital, and improving your online presence will provide an avenue for people to acknowledge your business. Clients looking for a cleaning business will go on the internet to search for one. You may come on top of all organic search if your website is well optimized. 

Your cleaning website should include general information about your business, your services, and prices. To improve your brand awareness and visibility online, you can use digital marketing agencies’ services.

2. Form  partnership and Connection

We mentioned forming a partnership with real estate agents in the last section. There is a need to build a partnership with local organizations to improve the reputation of your company. Most big jobs come by referral or connection. Look for companies in a different industry with a similar target audience. 

3. Improve your services 

Let your work speak for you. The cost of your cleaning services can prevent you from getting some jobs. Never allow the quality of your services to reduce for any reason. This is because every individual you work for can serve as a positive review for your business.

4. Create a Referral Program 

There are many ways you can use to improve your brand awareness. One of them is setting up a referral program. Most people make use of this strategy to get more clients. We have already explain how to nurture the clients, make them buy, and also turn them to customers

The referral program can be done in different ways. For instance, you can offer a discount to customers that bring clients for you. Another common strategy is setting up an affiliate program. For every client an affiliate brings to your company, they earn a commission.

What kind of license is needed for a cleaning business?

Every professional cleaning business must have a license. Every cleaning business must consider obtaining a business license before practicing. In Canada, obtaining a license for your cleaning business depends on your location. Below are a few steps to follow:

  • Check for the due process that is specific for your location. This is to help you understand the necessary rules and regulations to be followed.
  • Visit your bank to arrange the financial aspect of your business.
  • You also need to check for insurance companies for insurance and bonds for your business.
  • Apply for your business license.

How much does it cost to get bonded and insured for a cleaning business?


Every cleaning business needs to get bonded or insured to improve, if not sustain its services. For instance, let us assume one of your workers breaks a costly item, and you cannot afford to cover the loss, say in the meantime, insurance or bonding will serve as a backup for you.

The cost of getting bonded or insured depends on the type of bond or insurance policy your business got.

In some types, you have to pay in premiums, while in some others, you have to pay a percentage of what you want. For instance, if you want a $100,000 bond, you have to pay 1% of the bond you want, which is $1,000.

How do commercial cleaners get clients?

The goal of every commercial business is to increase sales by getting more clients. A company that fails to make meaningful sales will perish in no time. That’s why most companies invest a lot of money into marketing. Let’s take a look at how commercial cleaners get their clients.

  • Create an email list. Email marketing has proven itself as an effective marketing tool, time and time again.
  • Make use of paid advertising. There are many brands out there who specialize in digital marketing that can help you in this regard.
  • Organize local promotions that will attract prospective customers to your business.
  • Use online reviews. Create a platform where your customers can make comments about your services.
  • Commercial cleaners get clients through referrals. After every job, ask your customers to refer you to their friends and business partners. 


Success in the cleaning industry is measured through the number of deals you can close, and sales you can make. There is no closing of contracts or making sales if you cannot consistently generate new leads, or acquire clients.

To achieve the aforementioned, there is a serious need to understand how the industry works, the kind of business you must target, and how to get the necessary documents and license for your cleaning business. 

This article has taught everything you need to know in that respect, and also starts a money-making machine of a cleaning business.

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