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Like it is essential to clean our floors and carpets at home, your boat also needs some cleaning. Cleaning every other part of the deck isn’t so difficult. Cleaning a boat carpet is quite different from your regular cleaning routine. If you are a cleaning company or group in Canada looking to receive cleaning gigs from boat owners, it is crucial to learn the best ways to go about cleaning a boat carpet.

 In this article, we will discuss the best and simplest ways to clean boat carpets.

How to clean boat carpets?

Every job has its tools. Without the tools, work efficiency will be drastically reduced in some situations, while work may even become impossible in some other jobs. It starts with getting the right equipment. That is very important. In this case, we will need a few tools to keep the stains out and thoroughly clean out your boat carpet. 

Here is a list of tools you will need to clean your boat carpet effectively.

  • Garden Hose

A garden hose is a standard tool for washing. So it shouldn’t be too hard to find in shops dedicated to the sale of cleaning tools. The garden hose sees about the smooth distribution of water when cleaning the boat.

  • Bucket 

A bucket also comes in handy when cleaning your boat carpet. A bucket will be enough to carry out the job correctly. Once you are near an unlimited water source, you are good to carry on the job with your garden hose.

  • Soft brush

The soft brush is another tool that is not too difficult to find. It will come of great help when scrubbing out unwanted spots and stains from the carpet.

  • Mild Soap or cleaners

Of course, we must not forget the effectiveness of soaps while washing boat carpets. When you are called upon for a cleaning job, it is essential to prepare for the worst. Making use of solvents or cleaners might not be necessary if there are no spots or stains. 

Simple cleaning out of dust and dirt will do. If you are going to make use of soaps, ensure you purchase mild detergents that will not bleach out the material or damage the carpet. Dish soaps will do just fine.

  • Vacuum cleaner

Lastly, we need the vacuum cleaner for thorough and intense cleaning. A vacuum is used for clearing out sand, debris, and any other kind of dirt off the boat carpet. It is advisable to make use of a shop vacuum cleaner.

This is because a shop vacuum cleaner is much better and efficient when it comes to cleaning boat carpets than the common ones. You can clean before and after washing with a shop vacuum cleaner. Clean out dirt, dust, and sand before washing. After washing, a shop vacuum cleaning is also capable of removing water from your boat carpet.

After we have successfully listed out the essential tools for cleaning a boat carpet, we can move into the steps.

Steps to clean a boat carpet

  • Start by clearing out every item from the boat carpet. You don’t want anything in your way while you’re cleaning the boat. 

If you were hired to clean a boat, I would advise you to inquire from the owner before clearing the materials on the boat carpet for safety and security reasons. Ensure that there is nothing on the boat carpet.

  • You have a shop vacuum cleaner ready? The next step is to use a vacuum cleaner  to pre-clean, remove sand, and other unwanted materials from the carpet.

 By pre-cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, you are making the boat carpet easier to clean. Going straight to washing will result in a muddy carpet, which is harder to wash.

  • The next thing is to make use of our dish soap. Prepare the Soap in a bucket and  sprinkle all over the carpet. 

You are doing this to soak the carpet with Soap for easier removal of spots and stains. Get your soft brush ready for business and scrub away. Scrub the carpet gently with the sole intention of getting the dirt out. Ensure you follow a particular pattern from the front to back while washing.

  • Ensure you rinse properly with water at least twice, after washing your boat carpet with Soap. To make sure that all the Soap is gone, rinsing two times is important. It shouldn’t be too difficult since you are making use of a garden hose.
  • The last step also involves using your shop vacuum cleaner, as mentioned earlier in this article. Make use of the shop vacuum cleaner to remove water from the carpet to some extent. Then leave it to dry in the sun for a while.

Can you power wash boat carpet?

Earlier in this article, we discussed a list of equipment for cleaning a boat carpet. Out of the tools mentioned, a power washer wasn’t included. 

It wasn’t a mistake! A power washer, though very efficient, is not the best choice when washing a boat carpet. Using a power washer is very risky. It can cause some damage to your boat carpet if not handled carefully.  

Power washing a boat carpet has to be done with care. If you are in the cleaning business, keep your power washer at very low power and setting.

How do you remove mildew from boat carpet?

Every boat carpet is usually protected from developing moulds by treating it properly with some chemicals. Unfortunately, the protection isn’t for life. 

Sooner or later, the treatment used on the carpet is going to wash off. This is due to constant exposure of the carpet to unwanted materials from dirty shoes and so on. Mould will begin to grow on the carpet if not careful. The best way to prevent or remove mildew from a boat carpet includes:

  • Exposure to sunlight.
  • Make use of Ultraviolet Vacuum cleaners.
  • Ensure the boat is frequently cleaned.
  • Make use of mildew cleaners to remove mildew from the carpet.
  • Avoid exposure to moisture to the minimum.


How do you clean sea-grass boat carpets?

A sea-grass boat carpet is one of the best types of carpets. They are durable; abrasion is minimal, tough, impenetrable and easy to clean. Here are a few steps for thorough cleaning.

  • Remove spots or stains using a blunt knife, file or a vacuum cleaner. This depends on the nature of the dirt.
  • The next thing is to apply some cleaning liquid on a clean piece of cloth. Then use the material to remove any stain from the carpet.
  • After removing the spots, the next thing is to dry under the sun or with a hairdryer.


Cleaning is a straightforward job if you are familiar with the essential tools to use and the tricks of removing stains and spots. Cleaning a boat carpet has been made easy for you as an individual in the cleaning business in Canada.

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