Cleaning Contract Template

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A contract is essentially  an agreement that binds two consenting parties together. It is  an assurance that ensures both sides fulfill their end of the deal. For the purpose of this article, the two parties imply the cleaning company and the client. 

A well-written contract will have it in place that both the cleaning company and the client carry out their due responsibilities without hitch. 

Most people in the cleaning business neglect the influence of cleaning contracts and as a result, fall victim to clients who don’t pay at the right time, or breach some parts of their contractual agreements. Having a detailed, organized, and concise contract will ensure that the client pays you accordingly. 

In this article, we shall discuss the fundamentals of cleaning contracts and how to go about writing one. 

What is a Cleaning Contract?

The cleaning contract involves the hiring of a cleaning company, by an individual or organization, to clean their properties, up until the appropriate payments are made. It’s not a one-way venture, both parties have duties to perform to ensure that the job is completed successfully.

For instance, the employer is required to make the space available for cleaning, ensure that there is  a constant water supply, and obligated to pay the cleaning company for their services immediately after the work is done. The cleaning company, on the other hand, is required to do their job properly. This is to say the two parties have to agree on the terms of service beforehand.

So in essence, a cleaning contract is an agreement between the cleaning company and the employer that depicts the terms and conditions of service to be rendered by the cleaning company. 

Other common names for a cleaning contract include cleaning services agreement, janitorial services contract, residential cleaning services contract, maid service agreement, or housekeeping agreement.  

How to Write a Cleaning Contract?

Most cleaning companies stick to mouth-to-mouth agreement, which makes them vulnerable. Written contracts are the best way to seal professional agreements. It should contain the obligations the cleaning company must complete, and fulfil before they are entitled to the agreed payment. In this section, we will give you tips on how to write a professional cleaning contract.

  • Every contract must be defined with a simple title. The first thing to do is to describe the contract with a title. For example, A Cleaning Contract between X and Y. Ensure you add the correct names of the two parties involved, the current date, and the time, and signature. 
  • Briefly introduce the agreement with a simple statement such as “for the terms stated below, X and Y agree.”
  • List the terms of agreement according to priority. Ensure that they are stated as simply as possible. 
  • Indicate the price of services to be delivered, whether hourly, weekly, or monthly.
  • Define who will be providing the materials and tools to be used for cleaning. 
  • Include, specifically, what the payment will cover.
  • Add dispute resolution schemes. For instance, one party must be informed two weeks before the contract is terminated by the other party.   

Why Do I Need a Cleaning Services Agreement?

A cleaning service agreement is the best course of action to employ in order to keep the two parties, in a business deal, on the same page. You can write it in a lot of different ways, as long as it includes key elements (more on this will be discussed later in the article). 

If a client plans to employ the services of a cleaning company, either for their houses or offices, the cleaning services agreement has to state what the company offers in a clear and understandable fashion. 

Before the commencement of any work, the question of if the company charges monthly, daily, or hourly needs to be answered by the company and agreed upon by the client to avoid any confusion at the time of payment. 

To avoid these confusions, it is best to add some components in the service agreement. These components have been highlighted below:

  • The cleaning schedule
  • The services available 
  • The areas to clean  
  • The duration of the contract

Tips for Writing a Cleaning Service Contract

The essence of a cleaning service contract is to compel both parties to carry out their duties effectively which is largely dependent on the layout and the essential elements in the document. Failure to include these elements may render the agreement useless. In this section, we will walk you through the process of writing a cleaning service contract.

  • A cleaning contract must contain the contact information of both parties. With the contact information included in the contract, the client can reach you when necessary. 
  • It must contain the license number of your company. The license is a set of numbers given to the company when registered. It shows that your company is registered and legitimate. 
  • The billing number is necessary. It will make payment easier.
  • It should include an outline of your cleaning services. Make a list of the services you will offer to employers with the prices written in front.
  • State when you will carry out the services listed.
  • The contract should include how the client will pay for the services of the cleaning company.
  • The two parties must sign the contract, which implies that they both agree.

Some Standard Cleaning Contract Templates

Cleaning Service Template 1

This is a cleaning contract drafted for housekeeping and janitorial services. Just like every other contract, it is an agreement between the client and the contractor and it takes into consideration the needs of both parties.

And as you can see, the contract displays al the essential elements we discussed earlier. 

Cleaning Services Contract Template 2

The cleaning contract in the image above is well-detailed and straightforward, and unlike the previous template, This one is divided into three sections for better understanding. Categorizing your contract into sections is very important because if not, it will take the client more time to read and comprehend what you are trying to say. 

Firstly, the contract was briefly described stating the specific area to be cleaned. Then, the second section proceeded to describe the cleaning task schedule. Lastly, the cleaning tasks are outlined in bullet points.  


Cleaning Services Contract Template 3


When it comes to cleaning jobs, or any service job for that matter, drafting a service contract is a top priority. Presenting your clients with a professional agreement and getting their approval, ensures that the client accepts your terms of service and fulfills his end of the bargain without any complications. 

It is important you include all the essential elements mentioned in this article, in the contract, so as to prevent complications and loopholes. 

We recommend you select one of the three templates provided above to create your own cleaning contract. 

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