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The leading goal of every business is to provide services, sell a product, and make massive profits. As a cleaning company, your ultimate priority should be to get more customers or cleaning contracts to position your business as a foremost brand in your niche. 

Cleaning contracts come in different ways and forms. It could be government-sanctioned or come from privately owned establishments. It could be a long term or short-term project depending on the nature of the project.

In this episode, we will learn about everything you need to know about cleaning contract bids, i.e., the steps involved in bidding for a cleaning contract. 

How do you write a proposal for a cleaning contract?


Your proposal is likely to be your first point of contact with a potential client. Therefore, you are expected to submit an apt proposal that pitches your idea and speaks of your values when you are not in the decision room.

Don’t fall victim to the mistakes many startups make – the price war. Most startups and other players in the cleaning companies try to reduce their rates in an attempt to get an edge over their competition. 

Price is good leverage. However, I must inform you that the role of a solid and well-written cannot be overlooked.  A good proposal will always stand you out among your competitors when bidding for a new contract. 

Before any other thing, we want to take it upon us to discuss how to write a kick-ass proposal that will land you the best cleaning contracts. Read on as we take you through the journey of crafting a winning bid. 


Why does your business exist?


Many businesses showcase what they do and how they do it but fail to let the public know why they do it—answering these three questions (why, what, and how) is very important. 

Paint a picture of why your business exists in line with you can help the client achieve the goals of his project can improve your chances of winning the cleaning contract. 

Start your introduction by explaining why your company was established. The client will learn why your company exists and admire your mission. If you match the talent they seek, he will probably stop here and hire you. 


What are your core values?


Every company is different from the other. You must understand how your cleaning company stands out among your competition. Do well to highlight your core values in the body of the proposal. 

This is one of the critical steps involved in writing a proposal for a cleaning contract. Find a way to incorporate your unique offerings into the project.  


What do your clients think about your services?


One of the things that make people do business with you is trust. It always a done deal when some people can vouch for your services. People trust your business based on your previous reviews and testimonies. Many people decide to use generic testimonials to attract clients, but that won’t take you far.

Since the cleaning business is a competitive one, it is advisable to use legit testimonials from previous clients. Use testimonials from projects that are similar or close to the one you are bidding for.

For instance, if you’re bidding for a cleaning contract in a medical clinic, you should include the reviews from a previous medical clinic you’ve worked with. This will make it believable, and your services will appear more reliable and trustworthy. 


How would your services help their companies?


If I were the company’s hiring manager, I would want to know about the company’s services we want to hire and how their services are going to help our company in the long run.

Think about what the company needs at the moment and how your services can improve their company. It’s advisable to include only what your cleaning company can do. Many include lies in their proposal and end up being let off after some time. 

How do you bid on a house cleaning job?


As a cleaning company aspiring to succeed in the cleaning business, you must be ready to bid for cleaning jobs. Large scale contracts earn you more profits in the industry. A residential apartment with many rooms is a hot cake.  Herein, we will discuss how to bid on a house cleaning jobs.  


Understand your client 


Every client has expectations for the job they are giving out. Your goal must be to surpass those expectations. Take your time to learn about the business and do quality research. This will help you understand who the client is and what they want. 


Take a quick survey


What’s the job about, and what does it entail? You cannot just jump into bidding for cleaning contracts without taking a quick survey or gather essential details about the nature of the job. 

What would you be doing when hired? Is it on-call basics or time-based cleaning, such as weekly or monthly cleaning?


Understand what needs to be done 


As a cleaning company bidding for a profitable gig, it is essential to understand what needs to be done. Without that, you’re unable to pinpoint where you would be cleaning, the type of equipment you will need, and so on.




You also need to understand the number of workers the cleaning job will need. This will help you determine the size of the cleaning crew you need and help you plan. 



The primary reason why you are bidding for a cleaning gig is to make some profits. You must understand the cost it would take to finish the job- the value of your services. 

How to bid Medical Office Cleaning Contracts?


One of the best places to check when looking for profitable cleaning contracts is medical organizations. Let’s take a look at how to bid for a cleaning contract in a medical office. 


Call the manager of the office.


First off, you need to conduct adequate research on what you are going to clean. This gives an idea of the type of equipment or tools you will need.

It also provides details about other things such as the number of workers, price rate, and so on. Call the manager of the office to ask about the space of the office.  


Consider the amount of space.


Use the amount of space discovered to determine your quote for the job considering every factor that may affect it.


Create a bid 

Create a considerable bid based on the office space you want to clean. If the office is small, you may create a proposal based on the job duration.

How do I get clients for my cleaning business?


More clients equal more profits. There is no business without clients. Below are tips on how to get clients for a cleaning business.


  • Create a website. Consider creating an online profile for your business. The best way to promote your business is by creating a website.


    • Form a partnership. Look for organizations with a similar target audience and form partnerships with them.
    • Improve your services. Your services need to improve to a standard where clients will not hesitate to hire you. So, keep satisfying your old clients. Their testimonies hold the key to landing new ones. 


  • Create a referral scheme. A referral system is an effective means of promoting your business to a higher level. Create a program whereby your customers gain a discount when they refer people to your business. 



As a cleaning company aspiring to land more clients and make more significant profits in the cleaning business, you must ensure that factors are put in place. The best way to earn big contracts is by learning how to write a kick-ass proposal when bidding.

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