Cleaning Invoice Template

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Payment follows after the cleaning company has successfully met all the terms and conditions of a commercial cleaning gig. We observed that most cleaning companies do not know the proper way to request for payment.

This is the corporate world. You don’t go around asking your clients payments by word of mouth, or over a chat. A cleaning invoice does that for you.

As such, just like every other business, the cleaning company is expected to create an invoice that it will always use to request for payments from its clients.

A cleaning invoice usually includes billing information, cost of services, and other relevant information.

This article will discuss the essential elements of a cleaning invoice, benefits, and how to put a cleaning invoice to good use. 

What is a Cleaning Invoice?

A cleaning invoice is a document that is usually sent to the client after the work is completed. It contains all the necessary payment information they need to know. 

A cleaning invoice is more or less like a receipt issued to the employer asking for the necessary amount for the services rendered to his organization. Whether the client is to pay hourly, weekly, or monthly – depending on the agreement – it is included in the invoice. It is the perfect and professional way to remind clients of the cost they are owing to your company.

An invoice must include specific information for taking payments from clients. They include:

  • The name of the company you worked for 
  • Their address
  • Your contact information
  • Your company name
  • Your address 
  • A personal ID number
  • A concise description of the services rendered. 
  • The date you completed the job.
  • The date you are writing the invoice.
  • The total amount.

Note that cleaning invoices are written in different ways. This is just one of the different ways you can write an invoice. Keep reading as we take you through everything you need to know about writing a cleaning invoice. 

How Do I Write a Cleaning Invoice?

A cleaning invoice is not very difficult to write. Once you can include all the necessary information, you are good to go. It could be printed or handwritten, depending on what you prefer. However, you must go for the printed version so as to look more professional. We have organized this section into bullet points to foster an easy understanding of how to write a cleaning invoice. 

    • Put your invoice together. The first task is to create your cleaning invoice using Microsoft excel or word processor. You don’t need to use any of the two, but those are the most commonly used software for drafting an invoice. Instead of writing from scratch, there are many ways to get an invoice template. You can get it from the internet or the word processor. Your cleaning invoice must be as professional as possible using the appropriate fonts, styles, logos, and colors that suit your brand.
    • Put an explanatory title. The client must know that what he is receiving is an invoice. You can do that by placing a well-detailed title at the top of the document. 
    • Your invoice should have an identification number. An identification number is necessary for reference when keeping your financial records. With an identification number, you can quickly identify the document when needed. You can rank the ID number from the lowest to the highest or use a combination of letters and numbers. 


  • Include the name and contact information. This is an important step that must not be omitted. You must include the company’s details you are invoicing and also yours. This will ensure that invoice gets to the right person. It also makes sure that the clients know who the invoice is from. 
  • Put a clear description of your charges. Describe the services you offered to the client with the cost of the services boldly written in front. This will help the client understand, clearly, the services he is being charged for. It shouldn’t be too long but short and precise. 
  • Include the dates. The date the job completed and the date the invoice is sent should be included. 
  • Write the total cost of the services rendered. Ensure you sum up the total cost of services provided at the bottom of the invoice. Peradventure, you agreed on a discount, make use you include in the invoice, subtracting the discount from the final cost.
  • Include your payment details and terms of payment. There should be an agreement beforehand on how and when you will be paid. Ensure you include your payment details. 


How to Use a House Cleaning Invoice?

We already understand how to create a cleaning invoice with the points written in the section above. It is also vital we know the right way to use it. This section is dedicated to teaching you exactly how you should use a cleaning invoice.

    • Visit the space you want to clean and issue a quote. Ensure that you inspect the area you want to clean and write the amount you will charge. Include every factor such as square foot, labor cost, number of hours it will take, number of rooms, etc.
    • Agree on how you will work; the workdays and the hours. You have reach an agreement with the client on the number of days or hours you will be working. Some clients prefer working hours so that they can come home to a clean apartment. 
    • Collect access to the area you want to clean. You should have a copy of the house key and keep it very safe. 


  • Create a well-detailed invoice as instructed above and deliver on time to request for payment.


What is a cleaning invoice used for?

A cleaning invoice is used for many reasons. It covers an essential aspect of the business. Let’s take a look at the benefits below.

  • It is used to keep financial records of different transactions. 
  • An invoice will remind you of missed or due payments.
  • It is used for necessary bookkeeping and accounting.
  • It is used to arrange payments for services rendered.
  • It is used to request payment from your clients.
  • It is also used to state the services offered to clients. 

Incredible Cleaning Invoice Templates

Instead of drafting an invoice from scratch, you can check for templates online. Here are a few templates you can use to develop your own invoice.


No one likes to work without getting paid for their services, and a cleaning invoice is a document that ensures the client makes the necessary payment at the right time. In this article, we discussed the usefulness of a cleaning invoice and how to write one. 

Use the templates provided above to fabricate an invoice for your cleaning business.

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