Commercial Cleaning Prices

So, you want to go into commercial cleaning services. You’ve got everything you need to start. Carpet and floor dryers are ready; vacuum cleaners are intact, odour removers are available to mention but a few types of equipment.

But have you decided on your commercial cleaning prices? How much do you intend to charge for cleaning offices, and other spaces ?

It’s essential to know commercial cleaning prices before getting into the business. It’s an integral part of the background check anyone interested in the cleaning business must carry out.

Pricing is a common challenge when you are starting a new business. More often than not, there is always the fear of undercharging or overcharging. You don’t want to receive less than you deserve, just as you don’t want to charge too much. The last thing you want to do is to chase customers away.

This is true for the commercial cleaning business just as much as any other business out there. So, there is always the question – how much does commercial cleaning cost? New entrants also ask how much they stand to profit from a commercial cleaning business?

How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost?

Undoubtedly, the cleaning of a workplace environment is crucial and often budgeted for by most businesses. However, the budget is usually not all that since the cleaning department is often considered one of the lowest in an organization.

Prices of commercial cleaning services vary from place to place and depend on some factors. It also depends on the metric with which the money is calculated. For instance, the price can range from $15 to $50 per hour if calculated using an hourly rate. Or it could be $0.01 to $0.50 for a square foot.

The extent of the cleaning also plays a crucial role in calculating cost.

When cleaning a residential apartment, some critical areas to put into consideration include the kitchen, stairs, bathrooms, foyer, bedrooms, and study. Here is where timing comes to play

If you are not sure how to calculate the timing, you can run an experiment with your home. Alternatively, you can ask a friend or family member to clean their homes if your place may not give you the data you need.

How much should I charge to clean the offices?

Let’s come back to you and your cleaning services business. How much will be a reasonable price for your service?

Before anything else, remember that you are in business to earn a living off your profit. Never forget this while setting up your cleaning prices.

While some cleaning companies charge a lot more than others and have enough hands to execute all their work, there are cleaning companies with lower rates that still struggle to get jobs.

Therefore, the idea of beating down the price to attract customers does not always work. People are not looking for the cheapest products or services. Instead, they are looking for the best deal.

Your price should range from $30 to $50 per hour for small office space (not up to 1200 to 2000 square feet). For bigger office space, you can calculate price per square foot starting at $0.50 per square foot.


How Do I Determine commercial cleaning prices


  • Competitors


There is nothing wrong with researching how much your competitors are charging for commercial cleaning services. This will help you know how to charge as well.

You can commence this research by asking prospects whenever you lose, and seal a bid to tell you where you fell compared to your competitors. They would let you know whether you were low or high, and how your price has influenced their decision. Keeping track of these feedbacks as they come in from prospect to prospect will help you identify pricing patterns that may need adjustment.

Another way you can know your competitor’s pricing is by checking their website and social media pages. Most companies would leave their prices on these platforms, so work with that information.

By the way, apart from prices, you can also find the following useful insight about your competitors from their website.

  • How many years have they spent in the business?
  • Are they giving out coupons or discounts
  • What is their employee strength?
  • Are their services the same as yours?

All of this additional information will help you understand why they collect the fee they currently charge, and how you can adjust your pricing, too, based on your unique characteristics.


  • Cleaning logistics


This is another factor that you seriously have to consider to determine your pricing . You have to factor in the physical characteristics of the facility you want to clean.

You should consider your supplies cost, cleaning time, and overhead.


  • Types of building


What type of building is it? What kind of materials were used in the construction? Is it just a warehouse? Or a regular structure with a bathroom and kitchen?

Is it a Class A building with granite, high-end fixtures, expensive furniture, and marble.

This is another factor to be considered when determining the price.


  • Facility’s current state


 Two buildings – one was cleaned just two days ago; the other hasn’t been cleaned for two years. Which of the two buildings would be more difficult to clean? The latter.

So, yes, you should also enquire about this from your prospects before giving prices.


  • Frequency and type of cleaning


Does cleaning require maintenance or deep cleaning? Would there be a need for a predetermined maintenance schedule and regular deep cleaning included in the monthly price? 

The answers to all these questions should also influence pricing.

How much does deep cleaning cost?

Deep cleaning is different from regular cleaning. Deep cleaning is more thorough. As a result, it takes more time and energy.

Deep cleaning takes care of every detail – from the stained tiles to the cobweb-infested ceilings.

You would need a team of well-trained cleaners to join forces in carrying out extensive deep cleaning.

As a cleaning business professional, you should be able to execute any type of deep cleaning. Be it a small studio apartment to a relatively more comfortable two or more bedroom apartment.

The standard hourly rate charged by professional cleaners for deep cleaning is between $42.19 and $49.64.

Offices and corporate environments do require the services of a deep cleaner sometimes. It may be to revamp the look of an abandoned office or to make a regular office shine brighter. You know, workers tend to be happier and more productive in a clean, healthy environment.


Deep House Cleaning Hourly Rates

For some deep cleaning companies, payment is calculated on an hourly rate. Others simply calculate using the entire time spent on cleaning. You can go with any that you consider best for you.

For the hourly rate, it ranges between $30 to over $50 per worker on average. And the total cost for deep cleaning is between $200 and $400 per house. This does not include charges for additional services when dealing with some challenging jobs.

As a cleaning company, you can calculate your hourly rate by determining the costs of each person on the team, the cost of materials used, vehicle costs, and day-to-day business operating costs.


Set Up Your House Cleaning Prices List

Now that you have an idea of cleaning services hourly rates, what’s next is to set up your pricing list. 

If a prospect asks for an estimate, for instance, sum up the time it would take to clean the areas listed by such prospect. Then divide whatever you get by 60 to determine how long it will take to clean. Finish your calculation by multiplying your result by your hourly rate to give the customer an estimate of your service fee.



The need to keep the environment clean is at an all-time high, especially when the world is battling a pandemic. Everyone realizes this, but not everyone has the time, resources, and strength to do it. So, there is a high demand for commercial cleaning services.

So, yes, there is a market for your business. Yes, you are needed and in high demand. 

But you must get the pricing right. If not, you would lose prospects to competitors (if you overcharge). Or cheat yourself and run into a loss when you undercharge.

We hope this pricing guide has provided you with the information you need to know on how much to charge in return for this noble service you provide.

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