Deep Cleaning House Checklist

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We all have cleaning tasks we dodge when we do our routine cleaning of the home. These tasks are stressful and do not require regular attention. Sometimes we forget to do these deep cleaning tasks. Other times we get too busy to do.

Deep cleaning is necessary to decongest the house of dirt and germs. It is in the task we don’t do every day such as cleaning the insides of the oven. These are examples of deep cleaning task. It can be greasy, but it is of tremendous health benefit.

The most effective way to keep your housing chores in order is to use an in-depth cleaning house checklist. With this checklist, nothing will miss you by except you do so deliberately. Another way is to employ the expertise of a cleaning agency to do the deep cleaning chores on your behalf. The cleaning agency has its own in-depth cleaning house checklist it uses. On request, you will get the checklist to see what task the agency is going to be doing.

Deep Cleaning House Supplies and Equipment

No need to use any unique supplies and equipment that you do not already use for regular house cleaning. These deep-cleaning house supplies include:

  1. Disposable scrub pads or towels
  2. Disposable rags
  3. At least two buckets – one for fresh, clean water and the other for dirty or greasy water
  4. Dish soap
  5. Disinfectant spray
  6. Degreaser
  7. An abrasive scrub pad
  8. Two buckets: one for fresh, clean water one and the other for the dirty/greasy water
  9. A pair of rubber gloves
  10. An abrasive scrub pad
  11. An old toothbrush or a scrub brush

Here is an example of an in-depth cleaning house checklists you can personalize.

Deep Cleaning the Entire Home

  1. Dust and vacuum: This involves thorough dusting and vacuuming of the entire home. It includes windows, hard-to-reach ledges, light fixtures and cabinets beyond your hand reach. It involves all the places you cannot reach to clean on a typical day,  Too hard to do dusting and vacuuming task are apart for you to do. Bring out a higher platform, a stool or a stepladder. Just be careful as you ascend to avoid accidents.
  2. Clean the faucets: Use vinegar to clean showerheads or facets throughout the home. Do not forget to clean out aerators.
  3. Give attention to vent Covers: On a typical day, who removes vent covers and start cleaning it? This is not your typical checklist. It is an in-depth house cleaning checklist, and it involves everything! Remove the HVAC vent covers. Use warm soapy water to wash them in the sink.
  4. Clean the Windows: Agreed, you do some necessary window cleaning during your regular house cleaning chores. That is not all to window cleaning. Vacuum the windows tracks and windowsills. Remove all bugs and cobwebs from window screens.
  5. Clean the fans: Give attention to cleaning the ceiling fan blades. For standing fans, remove its cover. Clean both the cover and the fan. Fix the cover back when done.
  6. Cleaning the carpet: Spot clean all stains on the upholstery and carpet.
  7. Doors: Clean doorframes and doors for smudges and fingerprints.
  8. Clean the garbage cans: Empty the garbage cans and sanitize it. Do not leave out wastebaskets or recycling bins if you have them.
  9. Blinds: Deep clean your blinds by spraying with vinegar and scrubbing the,m.
  10. Deep clean couch and chairs: Remove all the cushions. Vacuum the creases where items tend to love hiding. Move the couch and clean under it. Also, clean its back if it is close to a wall.
  11. Deep clean drawers and cabinets: Empty drawers and cabinets. Vacuum and wipe the insides with your favourite cleaning spray and a clean wet rag.

Deep Cleaning the Kitchen Checklist

  1. Oven: It is one of the most neglected kitchen equipment. Cleaning it can be greasy. So we just ignore it. Properly clean all the areas of the oven, both in and out. Follow a detailed guide for cleaning an oven to avoid causing a fire hazard. Clean the wire racks.
  2. Stovetop: Remove the pot grats from it. Soak the pot grates you remove in hot soap water. Some cooktops have a tray beneath the burners to catch crumbs. Pull it out and clean it. Scrub all surfaces. Wipe clean the control knobs with a clean wet rag and a soapy sponge. The hood fan and hood fan filter also need cleaning.
  3. Microwave: Clean the areas where the microwave rests on, Clean underneath the microwave. Use a glass cleaner to clean the microwave keypad and face. Use lemon and vinegar to loosen the food splatters before you grease that elbow.
  4. Toaster: Clean the inside and outside of the toaster. Remove all bread or egg crumbs.
  5. Freezer or Refrigerator: Empty the refrigerator or freezer and carefully clean its insides. Clean the rubber gasket around the door seals with warm soapy water. All expired and spoilt food items should be discarded at this opportunity.
  6. Sink: Cleaning the kitchen sink is part of our regular house cleaning chores. Deep cleaning of the kitchen sink is not. Wipe clean the kitchen skin with hot soapy water. Clean the crevices in the backsplash. Use bleach and a disinfectant spray to remove all stubborn stains.
  7. Dishwater: Clean your dishwater with baking soda and vinegar to remove soap residue that accumulates in it.

Deep Cleaning the Bathroom Checklist

  1. Grout: Cleaning the grout can brighten the appearance of the bathroom. Use a special grout cleaner to make this task easier to do.
  2. Shower Curtain: Machine wash the shower curtain linen.
  3. Toothbrush Holder: Clean it thoroughly.
  4. Toilet: Clean all areas of the toilet, including the base and its behind.


A deep cleaning house checklist is the list you need to clean every nook and crane of the house. It does not function on its own. It functions with the regular house cleaning checklist. You can elect to deep clean or employ a cleaning service to do it for you.

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