Deep House Cleaning Cost

Deep House Cleaning Cost


It is quite easy to clean your house by yourself, however,  other engagements might take time away from your hands and your concerns, move away from house cleaning chores. While house cleaning is divided into regular and deep cleaning, a number of people find the latter quite tasky which in truth, it is.

What is Deep House Cleaning?

It is important to first examine the meaning of deep cleaning and deep cleaning is the irregular cleaning of an object or environment, from its surface down to the most insignificant part. Deep cleaning involves the intensive or extreme cleaning exercise that focuses on the inside and outside of the specified object, with the cleaner paying more attention to details. Deep house cleaning is much more expensive than regular cleaning and it only needs to be done every six months or more, as suitable.

Signs that you need Deep House cleaning

Even though you clean your house regularly, there will most definitely come the time when a deep clean is needed. If you, your family, or your guests experience frequent allergy symptoms, this could be a sign that you need a deep clean. Dust which is harmful to our general health, often dwells in cracks and surfaces, and dust could trigger allergies.

If someone in your home becomes ill, then having your home deep cleaned will assist in killing viruses and other germs so that your home can be healthier for those living in it. Other signs might include the incessant sight of large cobwebs, dust and large amounts of dirt gathered behind appliances and furnitures.

Qualities of Deep House cleaning

A deep house cleaning as earlier said goes beyond the surface cleaning and it extends to the interior. There are a number of companies that offer deep cleaning services and their services will remove the deep dirt and grime in your home. It will work on areas that are not typically covered in regular cleaning service.

The services provided when you hire a deep home cleaning service will include:

  • Eradicate scale and soap scum from shower heads and taps.  Kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, and others should not be forgotten.
  • Clean behind appliances such as the oven, washing machine and cut through the grime that often build up.
  • Deep and complete dusting including the baseboards and doors in all rooms.
  • Washing the home’s interior windows.

The deep house cleaning service is much more careful about detail than the regular cleaning service. This is the reason why one pays more for professional deep cleaning services and it takes more time to complete.

As a matter of fact, deep house cleaning comes as a necessity and not luxury in the sense that good health comes far more important in the scale of earthly wants. The resultant of a deep house cleaning will see that you find your private space extra peaceful.

Benefits Of Deep Cleaning

Likewise good health, deep house cleaning has other benefits for the safety and enjoyment of people and they include:

Fresh indoor air: Deep house cleaning will ensure that the dust that has gathered on various house surfaces overtime will be cleared. As the dust in its sense pollutes the air inside your house, it gets in your lungs and mixes with the air one breathes. Deep cleaning proves a remedy for this discomfort.

Fewer expenses: If deep cleaning goes on for a number of months, that develops into weathers, it has in a sense, saved maintenance expenses. In the long run, regular deep cleaning will give a longer life to your furniture, paint, and even clothes. A lot of people do not know the value of deep cleaning. Dust causes furniture to look old and can even attract woodworm.

Allergy free: Studies have shown that a number of skin and nasal allergies come as a result of accumulated dust a deep cleaning eliminates the dust.

Uplifted mood: Clean environments, as a matter of fact make people happy. Some people become extra productive when their houses are tidy, and they find sleep improved. Researchers have proven that cleanliness boosts creativity and gives some sense of fulfillment.

Deep House Cleaning Cost

On the average, the cost of incurring a cleaning company will be around $216 with most homeowners spending between $150 and $304. A number of cleaning companies usually charge by hour, by labour or by square footage. The cost of cleaning by square footage depends on house size, where areas less than 1000 square feet cost about $115. A 3000 square foot home calls for about $323. On the other hand, the Per hour costs can range between $64 and $116.

It is advised that before you hire any cleaning service provider, ask them if they offer a first-time cleaning by square foot, as this will allow the cleaners better determine how long cleaning will take and account for any special requirement for cleaning. For a typical single family home, service costs about $168 and a single-family apartment costs about $129.

Deep cleans are generally done by a team of cleaners rather than a single cleaner. With the team of cleaners, more spaces are covered with the division of labour. For the fact that deep cleanings require more workers, it is costly than the regular house cleaning. Here, the rate is calculated by the hour spent by each worker. The usual hourly rate is $40 to $60 an hour. The use of two cleaners will warrant a rate of $80 to $120 an hour, where two cleaners will do the job more quickly than a single cleaner. For a 2,000 square foot home, you will usually have 2 to 3 cleaners for a cost of between $300 and $400 on average.


Deep house cleaning is a necessity when it comes to preserving life and fostering health. A number of people might find it costly and this is due to the type of cleaning it is, one intent of thoroughness and not surface cleaning.

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