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The importance of dry cleaning cannot be overemphasized. A dryer vent is very significant in the operation of your clothes dryer. Without it, the dryer cannot perform its function and there’s even a risk of fire occurrence. maintaining a clean culture and fixing minor issues is affordable, easy to go about. This is the basic means through which you can help your dryer function.

How a Dryer Vent works

Clothes dryers operate by rolling wet clothing through heated air in a vacuum. The heated air evaporates the vapor, picks it up and sends it out of the dryer utilizing a fan. and by this, the clothing dries up.

Every dryer is characterized by a four-inch diameter metal vent through which water-laden air is released. Since you cannot afford to let this air into your house’s interior, the air must go outside. The air is therefore moved out of the dryer with a flexible, semi-rigid or rigid tube. One of these tubes connects to the dryer, and the other end is attached to a hole in the exterior of the house.

When to Clean a Dryer Vent

Dryer Vents should be cleaned  as you know already. This is how to recognize that your vent is due for cleaning:
When it takes longer to dry your clothes than it used to?
When your dryer shuts down for no reason?
Your dryer or clothings become too hot to touch.
Your dryer smells as if there’s a burning.
When your laundry room or dryer becomes excess y dusty?

How to Clean a Dryer Vent

Lint and debris blockage in dryer vents is responsible for about 3,000 home fires and five deaths per year. cleaning your dryer vents regularly ensures that you, your home and your family are safer.
Dryer vents filled with lint and other debris are responsible for close to 3,000 home fires and five deaths per year. Cleaning dryer vents regularly keeps you and your family safe and your home out of danger.
After disconnecting your dryer from the electrical socket, remove the that runs from the dryer to the house. clear out the tube with a vacuum. If you find it impossible to reach all areas, purchase a new tube.
Using the vacuum, clear the vent leading to the dryer and the vent cover assemble attached to your house. Also, clean the dryer’s lint filter and return all items to their original positions.

Hiring Dryer Vent Cleaners in Canada

If you are a very busy person, you already have too much chores to handle or you generally are unable to get a hang of the process, you can still get your Dryer vent adequately cleaned up. This may be possible by hiring the services of professional cleaners. These professionals are affordable and easy to contact. This article will feature some of the Dryer Vent Cleaners in Canada.

Clean Air Canada Duct and Chimney Ltd: is a locally owned Coquitlam based heating company which was established to alleviate pollen and harmful airborne. they strive to reduce the carbon footprint and use products that are environmentally friendly as they respect our environment and future generation and take pride in professionalism, high quality, and workmanship.
They adopt a client-first approach to growing your investment and can be contacted  via mail on [email protected] or on phone at +1604.500.1668. Their web address is https://cleanaircanadaheating.ca/contact/.

Steam Dry Canada: is a cleaning company with presence in Calgary, Greater Vancouver Area, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Ottawa and so on. They offer an unequal professional practice.
They can be contacted through their website https://steamdrycanada.com/request-a-booking/ or through phone 1-844-412-5326 and or through their email [email protected]

Air-Vac services Canada Ltd: has over 40 years in the air duct cleaning industry and has an A+ record in the rolls of Better Business Bureau since 1976. They are dedicated to supply tbe best possible service and workmanship to the satisfaction of their customers.
Their web address is https://www.airvacservices.com/contact.html and can be  reached via fax on 604.882.9295106 Their office address is   – 9488 189th St. Surrey, B.C. V4N 4W7.


Always endeavor to pay attention to your Dryer so as to keep yourself and your  home  away from harm’s way.

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