Eco friendly Commercial Cleaning Products

Eco friendly Commercial Cleaning Products


Cleaning products are cleaning agents or substances used for cleaning surfaces or materials. These products are usually in liquid, sprays, granular form or powders. These cleaning agents help to clean dust, erase smell. They also remove dirt, stains and even surface clutters. Commercial cleaning products have become more available for homes. The purpose of cleaning is to improve health, remove offensive odors. It also gives more beauty to something or prevent the spread of dirt.

Green cleaning products are becoming the most used type of commercial cleaning products. Studies have shown that the normal cleaning agent releases chemicals and toxins. These are harmful to the environment and individuals. Disinfectant sprays, swipes release these harmful toxins into the environment.

Sustainable cleaning refers to the use of friendly cleaning methods. This type of cleaning uses products that have ingredients in them. It also refers to the use of procedures that improve the quality of the environment. Also, process that is not harmful to human health. Non pollutant cleaning products do not produce toxic chemicals. They also emit harmful by products. The effects in using non sustainable cleaning agents are vast. They can range from dermatological conditions to even respiratory issues.

Importance Of Eco friendly Commercial Cleaning Products

Eco friendly commercial cleaning products clean your home without leaving the chemical residue. This is a type of residue that is harmful to human beings. Here are some reasons why you should use cleaning products that are good to use.

  1. They use sustainable manufacturing practices for them.
  2. These cleaning products are non toxic and derived from natural sources.
  3. Safe to use and don’t affect the environment.
  4. They are made from biodegradable materials that don’t impact your family’s health.
  5. They are ecosystem conscious.

The use of these cleaning agents is very advisable as it takes the health of your family into account. These cleaning brands are good for the well being of the environment as well as the people that use it. Most of these companies also have ways in which they give back to the society. They do these in various in forms like charity.

Here are some of the products we recommend to you.

Grove Collaborative

Grove collaborative is a natural and organic cleaning product. They use sustainable materials, carbon emission offset with each box in reusable packages. This product also offer a wide range of household cleaning products that are eco friendly. Their products range from sprays, liquid cleaning products and more.


This another cleaning product that takes smell into account and is organic. It is best for aroma therapeutic products and long lasting scent. They have ten fragrances to choose from with raw and renewable plant materials. They have Rosewater Driftwood, Sea salt necroli, Pea blossom Agave cleaners. It gives your home a very relaxing feel and a sparkly look. Natural and long lasting.

Method Home

Method Home is also a natural and organic cleaning agent. They offer a wide range of eco friendly products. These range from an all surface cleaning agent to laundry liquid, tile and tub clean to dish soap. They also have a glass cleaning product as well with a very nice packaging. Their products are sure to leave your home or surfaces smelling nice. These aromatic soaps, cleaners and detergents will have your home smelling nice.

Seventh Generation

This product is also an eco friendly cleaning agent. It best suited for baby and menstrual care. It is also organic and functions as an all purpose cleaning agent. They have a collection of detergents, wipes and baby care products. Having established themselves as strong proprietors of the green cleaning movement. They’re a sure bet when looking for environment friendly cleaning products.

Common Good

This is another eco friendly cleaning agent that comes in glass or plastic packaging. They use natural and organic materials, essential oils as well as biodegradable materials.

Common Good took off in 2011. They tackled the problem of lack of reusable packaging in cleaning agents. They have excellent packaging and well scented products.


ECOS is an all purpose eco friendly cleaning agent. It best serves as a pet cleaner and an all purpose cleaner. Stains remove with ease using this product with little or not stress required. It is carbon neutral with one hundred percent renewable energy. Ecos is a family owned company. Since its founding, it strived to impress the importance of eco friendly cleaning. They have sparked the need for green cleaning in almost one million homes. They also use natural and organic materials for their cleaning products. Products which range from dish wash liquids to laundry liquids amongst others.

JR Watkins

JR Watkins has been in existence for almost 150 years. They have always provided high quality natural cleaning products. Their products include body scrubs, laundry detergents and more. Their aloe & green tea scent will make you look forward to cleaning every time. JR Watkins best used as dish and hand soaps. They also use natural & organic biodegradable materials.

Mrs Meyer’s

If you’re looking for organic products that will clean your kitchen Mrs Meyer’s is the best for you. They also use natural and organic materials and function as a multi surface cleaner. Founded Thelma Meyer who needed natural cleaning agents that did the work. It is effective and smells lovely.

Better Life

This is a natural cleaning agent that functions best as a surface cleaner. It uses recyclable packaging and biodegradable materials. This cleaning agent uses solar energy and you don’t have to compromise the performance with safety. It functions well and is very safe to use. Better Life offers cleaning soaps, lotions. They have a wide range of cleaning options for your surfaces. Their products can clean tiles, nursery, granite nurseries and does this well. Their well scented products gives you an excellent finish with a beautiful aroma.


Proper care of the environment can not be over stressed. Eco friendly commercial cleaning products help this process. They provide us with safe and efficient ways to clean your surfaces and your homes.

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