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Think about it. We spend so much money trying to clean our environments. But guess what? Some of the products and procedures we use for these cleanups cause more harm than good. The sweet-smelling fragrances used after cleaning contain toxic chemicals that may be cause some damage to your health. This is essentially what green cleaning seeks to fix.

Cleaning homes and offices with environmentally friendly or green products is beneficial to your family, friends, colleagues, and even the earth. Still, wondering what green cleaning entails? Well. Green cleaning involves using products and procedures that are safe for the environment while cleaning.

It also involves the use of products that do not contain synthetic fragrances in your home and office to minimize potential health risks. All of these make green cleaning valuable, rendering the green cleaning business an ideal venture in our modern society.

This article motivates why you should embrace green cleaning. As such, seek the services of green cleaning companies at home and the workplace. You will also find this post relevant if you are looking at carving a niche in the green cleaning business.

Why You Should Change to Green Cleaning Business

There are several reasons you should change to green cleaning, employ the services of a commercial green cleaning company.  Green cleaning is beneficial to your business and the immediate environment. This section will motivate you to change to green cleaning techniques.

To start with, the demand for environmentally friendly services continues to surge. The market for green cleaning products is expected to increase to keep increasing over the next couple of years.

Similarly, more consumers have started to add green products and services to their lifestyles. In a recent survey, 89% of consumers said they want to be more environmentally conscious. That includes patronizing green cleaning services.

Whether you decide to look at it from the environmental or business point of view, going green is sure a smart move.

If you have a cleaning business and you’re contemplating switching to green cleaning, rest assured that you are on the right track. We urge you to discover the pros and cons of green cleaning below.

Advantages of Starting a Green Cleaning Business

  • It’s relatively easy to start and run a successful green cleaning business 
  • You will be doing the environment a lot of good since green cleaning products reduce chemicals, and are better every creature within the environment.
  • The cost of setting up a green cleaning business is relatively minimal compared to most other companies. 
  • You can conveniently add new services to your existing plans to provide a more robust experience to your clients.
  • You can work anywhere – in homes or offices.
  • You can quickly expand your team by adding new staff whenever you see the need.

Disadvantages of Starting a Green Cleaning Business

  • Starting, you may have to work alone without a team. Doing all that work alone is not going to be easy.
  • You should be passionate about cleaning to love it here.
  • You would have to spend time and maybe resources on acquiring info about green cleaning and green cleaning services.
  • Some homes and businesses won’t let you work with them, except you’re insured and bonded.
  • The down economy may translate to down business. Getting jobs when battling to survive is going to be difficult.
  • You will have to invest in green cleaning supplies.

How to Start Green Cleaning Business in Canada

More businesses embrace environmentally friendly approaches, which has resulted in increased demand for green cleaning services. So, if you wish to start a green cleaning business in Canada, you’re thinking right.

Here are four quick steps you can take to start your green cleaning business.


  • Buy Janitorial Bonding and Insurance


These help to protect you and your employees from theft and property damage accusations. You can purchase bonding and insurance at different amounts depending on the type of coverage you want. There is also the freedom to change your bonding and insurance type whenever you need to have more coverage.


  • Get Green Cleaning Supplies


The majority of janitorial suppliers have collections of green cleaning products and supplies. Some of them also offer training on the use of supplies. So, you don’t have to bother about how to use them after purchase.


  • Set Your Business Pricing and Contractual Agreement


You should include in your contractual agreement that you guarantee to use green products and supplies.

For most cleaning services, pricing is calculated using the property square footage. However, the fact that you will be using green products means your pricing should be higher than regular cleaning services.  Never make the mistake of underpricing your services.


  • Promote Your Business


You’re all set. Now it’s time to let people know what you do and how you’re the best. It’s time to promote your business.

Contact companies close to you who may need the services of a green cleaning service provider like you.

Create marketing letters and fliers, promoting your green cleaning business. Mind you, promoting your business is an ongoing process. Even the biggest brands, such as Coca-cola and Apple, still promote their brands, so you also should never stop. 

Cleaning Business Prices in Canada

Green cleaning does not have a fixed price. While some cleaning companies calculate their fees using the square footage of the property, most calculate based on cost per hour.

According to Canadian Family, here is a breakdown of green cleaning or eco-friendly cleaning services in Canada.

  • Life Maid Easy: Cost per hour is $78 for a team of two
  • Aspen Clean: Cost per hour is $132 for a team of three
  • All Brite: Cost per hour is $35 (Monday to Friday) and $40 (Weekends)
  • Alberta: Cost per hour is $75
  • Eco Sweep: Cost per hour is $25 – $30 depending on the type of service
  • Just Clean It: Cost per hour is $25 – $30 per person for a minimum of 3 hours.
  • Even Better Cleaning: Cost per hour starts from $85, and it increases in an hourly rate of $65
  • Green Maid Ontario: Cost per hour is $100 for less than 650 square feet
  • The Clean Team: Cost per hour is $99
  • Oxy Genie: Depends on services required

Are Green Cleaning Products Expensive?

The cost of raw materials is always of enormous concern to anyone when it comes to starting a business. Money is involved, and budgeting has to be done.

So, it makes sense to be concerned about the cost of green cleaning products.

Interestingly, green cleaning products don’t have to be expensive to be effective. Most green products now cost lesser. Some green cleaning products such as Seventh Generation, Method, and Clorox Green Works are sold in stores at almost the same price as regular cleaning products. 

To help ensure that green cleaning products stay affordable for you, here are some strategies you can try:

Buy in bulk: Some cleaning companies buy so many pieces of cleaning products to the point that they end up buying what they don’t need. Don’t make similar mistakes. Buy what you need, and try to always buy in bulk to save yourself time and energy. 

Buy Concentrated Products: Most institutional cleaning products have concentrated versions. Though they may cost a bit more, buying concentrated products will save you in the long run.

Centralize/streamline Purchase: Just have a person or team handle the procurement of cleaning products. Some companies buy more cleaning products than they need because different people handle procurement at different points in time.



If the world were saner, green cleaning would be mandated for all. This is due to its many benefits to man and his environment.

As a business owner, you should consider hiring a green cleaning company to handle your office cleaning.

At home, you can get a green cleaning company as well. Or better still, you can start by handling it yourself, using some homemade green products.

And yes, nothing is stopping you from starting a green cleaning services business. The benefits outweigh the few shortcomings. There is also a market for your service, and it will only continue to get bigger as more people “come to light”

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