Hoarder Cleaning Services

Hoarder Cleaning Services


Hoarding is a mental health disorder. This is a situation where the person is unable to let go of their items or possessions. It becomes very difficult to part with anything, irrespective of its actual value. A hoarder, like the name implies begins to store these items with or without any value to them. The complexity of this disorder makes it much harder to handle in general. This mental health issue can cause an accumulation of possessions. These are things that the hoarder has created an affinity for. Hence, it becomes next to impossible to part with anything they own. A hoarder cleaning service is a service that deals with helping a hoarder clean out their home. This service uses great precision and planning to better execute it well.

The individual’s home as well as they themselves can fall at risk due to this mental condition. A hoarder’s home can become generally unhealthy or even dangerous. This is why the services of a hoarding cleaning service are of the utmost necessity. These skilled set of individuals are the ones that can help take action to fixing the problem. They create solutions to resolve this issue, whether it is large or small.

Why Use A Hoarder cleaning service

A hoarder would find it hard to let go which makes cleaning with detail and precision essential. The right equipment is also essential for undertaking this task. This ensures the proper removal of biohazard waste if there’s any. Debris removal and cleaning the materials that are yet salvageable. Hoarding cleaning services would also perform a general sanitizing of the environment. They also perform deodorizing services and give the place a general cleaning.

In most often times than not cases, the home of the hoarder is highly decontaminated. Due to the level of said contamination, these professionals need to wear protective gear. All of these precautionary measures are employed to avoid the cleaners getting infected. These trained technicians are well equipped to navigate this environment with ease. They also treat the person suffering from this disorder with the respect they deserve. They find places for properly storing most of them, taking out what can’t be salvaged.
A very effective way of getting your home or even business in order is usually to enlist for help. These professional individuals will help you put an order to things.

A professional hoarding cleaning service is guaranteed to help you do the following :

  • They are guaranteed to help you get the job done professionally and effectively.
  • Help locate lost items like jewelry, hidden money and other valuable effects.
  • Help in the cleaning of debris and clutter removal.
  • They perform coordinated disposal; shredding or recycling.
  • They would help distribute items that are to be given away whether to family members or randomly.
  • They also help in facilitating the paperwork that is required by agencies and or local government.

Dangers Involved In Hoarding

As earlier hinted, hoarding cleaning services in most or some of the cases wear protective gear. This would help to prevent infection while performing their duties. This is just one of the many dangers that hoarding can bring. A hoarding disorder can be harmful to the hoarder and his immediate family. Anyone exposed to his or her habit comes at the risk of being infected amongst other things.

Here are some of the dangers involved or related to hoarding.

Blocked escape routes

One of the ways in which hoarding can be dangerous is it blocks escape routes. Accidents happen almost all the time and managing it is key. Keeping a clean and orderly living environment can actually save your life. Rescue teams have timed without count met with piles where escape access should have been. This gives them limited access due to these restrictions. Restrictions like things blocking the windows and key escape routes like doors. Deaths can occur where quick action needs to be taken but are met with such restrictions. Hoarding can eventually lead to death in homes where they exist. Otherwise, salvation could have been made possible. A well cleaned home can save your life.

Increased risk of fire

When there are too many things in a home, the chances of a fire and fuel to burn are high. The more things present, the more prone it is to igniting a fire. The amount of possessions packed and spread around the houses makes for more fuel in the case of a fire breakout. Hoarding can put your life at risk as a result of this.

Increased air pollution (indoor)

Hoarding can lead to indoor air pollution that is harmful to human beings. Mildew, carbon monoxide, radon, molds, dander are some of the air pollutants that can be harmful to us. This mental condition can cause an accumulation of air pollutants in a home. This can create problems that range from mild to even severe respiratory issues. These air pollutants will come from the stored items and can cause an odor. This way, the house becomes contaminated and even more serious health issues may arise.

High chances of injuries

Piles of items around the home can also increase an individual’s risk of tripping or falling. When stacks of possessions are scattered around the house, navigating your way becomes hard. You’re likely to frequently trip, causing injuries to occur. The risk of falling becomes even more fatal with age. Falls can be fatal for elderly people that are not completely strong.

Biohazard risk

Biohazard waste is considered very dangerous for human beings. Animal feces, urine, garbage can considered as biohazard waste. They give off a smell and release the break-down components. This is the chemical metabolism going on in the waste. This by product that is given off into the atmosphere (room) is considered harmful. It can put the individual who is within range of this biohazard at risk. These growths can even create diseases like E.coli in the home. It also lets bacteria thrive unhindered which can also be harmful to one’s health. Bacteria like Staphylococcus amongst others, thus, hoarding can put you at biohazard risk.


Hoarding cleaning services are best equipped to handling the matter of hoarding. They deal with the situation with proper precision and planning.

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