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Fast food restaurants need to keep their kitchen clean at all times because an unclean kitchen is prone to possible food contamination.

Contaminated food is unsafe to eat, unhygienic for the public, and put far too many lives at risk.

 So, if you own a restaurant, you want to make sure that you don’t serve contaminated food. 

A restaurant is not the least challenging business to run because the owner usually has many people (Chef, waiter, barman, etc.) to settle. Asides there are many dirty kitchen utensils to wash at the end of the day. Thus, hiring a cleaning business might be a great option.

In this piece, we shall focus on everything you have to know before seeking a hood cleaning service.

What is the cost of cleaning a kitchen hood?

Like every other small business, a restaurant owner needs to plan its budget to stay ahead of monthly expenses.

Therefore, it is essential to have an idea of the average price that the cleaning companies charge for hood cleaning before hiring one.

The average price of cleaning a kitchen hood depends on your location, kitchen size, etc. So, let’s see how each of these factors influences the cost of hood cleaning services.

Factors that affect hood cleaning cost 


  • Location


Your location tells a lot about the amount you will be paying for the hood cleaning service. Most hood cleaning services include the cost of transportation in their services—so, the proximity of your restaurant to the major areas lower your costs.

Usually, if your kitchen is sited in one of the major provinces in Canada, you have easy access to many cleaning service providers, meaning you have many options to select


  • Size of the restaurant and hood system


Restaurants are built into different capacities. If you have a large restaurant, you will most likely have long ducts, which will add to your costs. The configuration of your restaurants may also contribute to the price of hood cleaning services. If you have multiple exhaust systems in your restaurant, expect to pay more.


  • Accessibility to water


Water must be available for the cleaning crew to do their jobs adequately. If there is a limited supply of water in your restaurant, you may have to pay extra costs to move water to your location. 


  • Agreement 


There are many hood cleaning service providers available at various rates. Some offer cheap and affordable services, while some others are quite expensive. So, even if other factors are right in place, your ability to leverage a good deal with the service providers may determine if you will pay more or less for the same hood cleaning service. 

Now, you may be bothered to ask: How much does it cost to clean a kitchen hood ?

The average cost of hood cleaning services is $400 to $450. This price covers most of the cleaning you need for your hood system. It specifically applies to clean up the blast fans, ductwork, baffle filters, and hood canopy.

Extra services such as removing access panels, complex and multiple exhaust systems may attract additional costs. 

Some companies offer an hourly rate. This is to say they charge their customers a fixed price per hour. The average cost of an hourly rate falls between $135 to $180. Some hood cleaning companies with hourly rates offer additional charges for some services, which includes: 

  1. $10-$20 per linear hood foot
  2. $40-$60 per fan
  3. $55-$75 per access panel

How do you clean a restaurant vent hood?

The task involved in cleaning a vent hood is not simple; that’s why many restaurants prefer to hire a professional hood cleaning. It takes years of experience to get the job done without damaging your vent system or any other expensive equipment in your restaurant. 

In this section, we will discuss the simple steps you have to take to clean your restaurant vent hood by yourself.

Preparation Stage

Every occupation requires proper preparation for organization and efficiency. The first thing to do when cleaning a vent hood is to prepare the workspace for the task. Turn off all the pilot lights and gas valves for every appliance in the restaurant. This is a safety precaution carried out to avoid any fire or electrical hazard.

After this, prepare the hoods by wrapping with plastic so that fluids can flow well through the ducts down a collection bin. You also need to wrap plastic around all your equipment to prevent grease or dirt from damaging or contaminating your cooking tools. 

Lastly, the baffle filters must be separated to access the exhaust ducts in the kitchen so that it can be cleaned later. Once all these items are in place, we are fully prepared to go on with the cleaning.

Start Servicing  

This is where the real work lies. After preparing the vent hood for cleaning, the next thing is to begin the process of servicing:

  • Every part of the exhaust system must pass through a cleaning routine: Spray with chemicals and rinse with hot water and repeat the same process.
  • Start by spraying chemicals on the exhaust fan and blades. Use hot water to rinse until all the grease has been removed.
  • Also, spray the exhaust ducts with a solution of chemicals and rinse with hot water. You may need to scrape out the excess grease manually to get the duct cleaned.
  • Repeat the same process in the kitchen hood system.

The Cleaning Stage

This stage usually involves thorough cleaning. In the process of servicing the hood system, most of the grease fluid will drop on the floor or wall, thereby messing up everywhere. 

To complete the cleaning process, you have to wipe off every single stain from the floor or wall.

How do you clean commercial kitchen exhaust?

The exhaust system of a commercial kitchen has to be cleaned regularly. How often you clean depends on the type of cooked food and the amount of grease accumulated in the hood. Follow these guidelines for proper cleaning of the kitchen exhaust:

  • Scrape the exhaust system squeaky clean. For a commercial kitchen, the exhaust needs to be scraped manually to remove the surface dirt.
  • Apply caustic chemicals. This helps the grease to break down, making it easier to remove entirely.
  • Use hot water to rinse the remaining grease left in the hood. You can make use of a sprayer or hot water pressure washer.
  • Clean the exhaust dry to enhance the appearance of the exhaust system.


That is pretty much everything you need to know about hood cleaning services. It is the responsibility of every restaurant to ensure the proper clean up its exhaust system. 

A failure to carry out frequent hood cleaning may result in possible contamination of your restaurant. If our guess is as good as yours, then you may want to save yourself from the dangers that come with that, following the steps mentioned above. 

Better still, hire a hood cleaning service; their price is relatively affordable, and they always do a great job

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