House Call Pro Vs. Zen Maid

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The idea of running a small or medium business as a solopreneur is not an easy task. You have just too many tasks to handle for one person. 

The average solopreneur is faced with the responsibilities of raising capital, planning the business, recruiting staff, setting objectives, managing, supervising, and coordinating employees.

As the business improves and gets bigger, you have more employees to manage, more branches/networks to oversee, and more clients that need your services. So, business becomes more difficult to handle and organize. 

You probably don’t have enough funds to hire more specialists, such as the accounting officer, supervisor, project manager, and many others. With the right technology like house call pro, and zen maid, which allows you to manage multiple tasks on the go, you may never have to make that choice.    

In this article, we will discuss two popular software any maid service providers can use to organize their businesses and achieve optimal efficiency.

What is House Call Pro?

House call Pro was designed to assist professional service providers in handling a series of business operations across different categories daily without much stress. 

As a cleaning company with many clients to attend to in a day, it may be very difficult to focus on your incoming calls while giving instructions to an employee, or getting the daily reports done. This may result in poor 5r4 judgment, misappropriation of money, late service delivery, and low productivity.

However, with in-demand software like House call Pro, you can schedule all your daily gigs, assign them to the nearest operators in the areas, access the customer database, and complete transactions on the go. 

A fascinating thing about this software is that you don’t have to leave your home’s comfort before getting your work done. It saves you and customers so much stress. house call pro buys you more time and improves your efficiency. It also allows customers to make complaints or give feedback on the quality of your services. So, you can quickly make corrections where necessary. 

What is Zen Maid?

Zen Maid software was designed by some maid service owners to improve the quality of the service rendered to their clients. It was launched in 2013 with the sole objective of organizing work daily and enhancing maid services. 

With this software, you can communicate with both your clients and customers without any complications. It supports a wide range of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, SaaS, Cloud, and web-based devices. 

Zen Maid was developed so that maid service owners can schedule their businesses at an affordable cost, keeping the customer satisfied every day. It starts with a free trial to help the user get acquainted with the product features before paying for the monthly subscription that comes with add-ons. 

Pricing: House Call Pro Vs. Zen Maid

Asides product features, the first thing people check before using a product or software is the price rate. Is it expensive for me to afford or manage? Every buyer asks that more of a precaution before making a purchase. As a maid service owner still trying to improve on your business and earn more funds, paying too much on a product might not be necessary at the moment.

If the product price is favorable, you may want to consider the software’s quality of services. The quality of services provided by a product will tell on its price. Often time, the better product is the cheaper one.

House Call Pro is priced at about $39 per month, while Zen Maid goes for $19 per month. These are two similar apps offering different prices for their monthly services. House Call Pro is more robust than Zen Maid; it offers hundreds of services to its users, and that’s probably why it costs more in a month. 

Let’s take a look at the important features and specifications available on both software.

Key Features: House Call Pro Vs. Zen Maid

One of the fastest ways to determine the best tool for a particular task is to compare the features or services it renders.

House Call Pro is a software developed for professional service providers such as a plumber, electrician, computer technician, cleaning services, etc. It was designed with a lot of features to cater to every need of the user.  

On the other hand, Zen Maid was designed specifically for maid service owners. Every single feature provided in this software comes of great help while running a cleaning business.  Here are the key features: 

  • Scheduling and Dispatch

House Call Pro allows your customers to reach out to you through the app. It made communication easy for you and your clients such that the client can illustrate and explain the problem to you by taking pictures. The app features a GPS function that helps you assign an operator nearest to the client’s location.

  • Customer Management 

One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to running a business is customer management. This app does it so well with less stress. You can manage your customers’ details, location, and any other information in a cloud that you can access at any time.

  • Payment 

Customers can pay through this platform using their credit cards conveniently.  

  • Marketing Feature

House Call Pro provides a means of marketing your business through email and postcards. At $0.65, you can send a custom postcard to your clients. 

  • Communication 

House Call Pro provides a fast means of communicating with your customers. With their incredible messaging interface, communication is made possible in both ways (client-customer).  

Key Features of Zen Maid

  • Billing & Invoicing: It provides a smooth means to carry out transactions.
  • Customer Database: It helps you keep track of customer records in a cloud system.
  • Dispatch Management: It allows you to dispatch the nearest operator to the location of the needy client.
  • Mobile Access: You can access through mobile phones.
  • Scheduling: It speeds up the scheduling process.
  • Service History Tracking: It assists you in tracking the history of services rendered.

House Call Pro Vs. Zen Maid


House Call Pro Zen Maid
It was developed to help service providers generally enhance their business.  It was designed specifically to help maid service owners run their business with less stress.
Helps you improve the customer management of your business. Features a feedback feature such that your customers can give you a review of the services rendered.
It is not mobile-friendly. It is mobile friendly.



Every business owner must always strive to improve their business to achieve their goals and objectives.

 Many hurdles need to be scaled to reach the final destination. Some of these hurdles  can be solved easily with House Call Pro and Zen Maid. 

We have provided a detailed review of both applications. We highly recommend Zen Maid software for maid service owners to organize daily jobs, schedule appointments, and improve the customer management of your business. Otherwise, the House Call pro may be just what you need.

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