House Cleaning Checklist

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A house cleaning checklist helps you effectively manage your time and energy. It makes sure you do not do a task twice or miss out on one. If you have a house cleaning business, you need to develop one. Customers may ask for a breakdown of your house cleaning routine. You or your employees can also refer to it when cleaning.

The house cleaning checklist helps make cleaning the home faster. It reminds you of what cleaning you will be doing.

Most house cleaning businesses have checklists on their websites. The company sends it to the customers so they can know what the company will be cleaning.

House cleaning checklists are similar across cleaning businesses. The only difference is in the routine and placement of tasks. You can make your checklist comparable with your competitors to offer the same prices. Here is an example of a house cleaning checklist template you can use.

Regular House Cleaning Checklist

Checklist for General House Cleaning

  1. Dust all surfaces in the home
  2. Dust and wipe furniture including the tops
  3. Dust chair rails, baseboards and door panels
  4. Wipe clean the ceiling or standing fan
  5. Vacuum rugs, carpets or floors
  6. Mop the floors
  7. Dust window sills, blinds and lock ledges
  8. Dust pictures frames
  9. Dump lamp shades and lamp
  10. Dust and wipe clean mirrors
  11. Empty all trash bins

Checklist for Bathroom Cleaning

  1. Dust bathroom surfaces
  2. Dust window sills, blinds and lock ledges
  3. Dust door panels, cabinets and baseboards
  4. Clean and disinfect all surfaces
  5. Clean cabinet fronts
  6. Clean, disinfect, and shine tubs and showers
  7. Clean and disinfect toilet
  8. Clean and disinfect switch plates and doorknobs
  9. Shine fixtures
  10. Damp-mop and vacuum the floors
  11. Empty the trash bin
  12. Discard expired personal care products and makeup
  13. Dump old medications to a drop-off site
  14. Clean makeup brushes
  15. Clean vanity
  16. Wipe mirror
  17. Clean tub and shower
  18. Clean showerhead
  19. Replace shower curtain liner
  20. Scrub tile grout
  21. Clean all hardware
  22. Wipe the walls

Checklist for Kitchen Cleaning

  1. Dust all surfaces in the kitchen.
  2. Dust windows sills, dust blinds and lock ledges
  3. Dust the top of the refrigerator
  4. Clean and disinfect countertops.
  5. Clean the cabinet fronts
  6. Clean and disinfect switch plates and doorknobs.
  7. Clean and disinfect the sink.
  8. Clean and disinfect the microwave.
  9. Clean, disinfect, and shine the outer part of the oven.
  10. Clean, disinfect, and shine the outer part of the dishwasher.
  11. Clean, disinfect, and shine the outer part of the refrigerator.
  12. Clean and disinfect the kitchen table.
  13. Vacuum the floor
  14. Mop the floor
  15. Empty the trash bin
  16. Clean the stovetop if you have a gas stove
  17. Wipe clean shelves and drawers in the freezer and refrigerator
  18. Defrost freezer for deep cleaning
  19. Throw away expired or old food in the fridge, freezer and pantry.
  20. Clear the countertops
  21. Degrease the cabinet doors and backsplash
  22. Clean freezer or fridge seal
  23. Dust the top surface of the cabinet
  24. Dust the top surface of the microwave
  25. Deodorize and degrease the kitchen drain
  26. Clean sponges and wash dish rags
  27. Wipe the kitchen walls
  28. Wipe the baseboards
  29. Dust the floor mat in the kitchen

Checklist for Bedroom Cleaning

  1. Dust all the surfaces in the bedroom
  2. Dust and hand wipe furniture tops
  3. Dust and polish furniture
  4. Dust chair rails, baseboards and door panels
  5. Dust lock ledges and blinds.
  6. Vacuum rugs and carpets
  7. Vacuum and damp mop floors for non-carpet or non-rug floors.
  8. Change sheets. Seek approval from the client first.
  9. Make beds. Also, seek approval from the client.
  10. Empty the trash bin.
  11. Wipe baseboards
  12. Donate unused clothing
  13. Organize the closets
  14. Wash bedding including pillows, sheets, bed skirts and duvets.
  15. Deodorize the carpet baking soda first before vacuuming
  16. Flip mattress
  17. Dust blinds
  18. Dust curtain rods
  19. Clean window sills
  20. Wash windows
  21. Clean or vacuum curtains
  22. Shampoo rugs or carpets

Checklist for Entryway Cleaning

  1. Sweep the floors
  2. Mop the floors
  3. Wipe clean walls
  4. Wipe clean baseboards
  5. Clean the door and doorknob
  6. Clean the doormat
  7. Arrange shoes in an orderly fashion
  8. Properly hang jackets
  9. Clean rails

Checklist for Dining Room Cleaning

  1. Dust all the china in the china cabinet
  2. Launder and press table linens. Please treat the heirloom linens with care.
  3. Polish silver
  4. Dust and polish furniture
  5. Spot clean chair cushions
  6. Vacuum or sweep the floor
  7. Wipe clean the walls
  8. Wipe clean the baseboards
  9. Clean the light fixture
  10. Dust the blinds
  11. Dust curtain rods
  12. Clean window sills
  13. Wash windows
  14. Clean or vacuum curtains
  15. Mop the floor
  16. Shampoo rugs or carpet
  17. Vacuum rugs or carpet

Checklist for Laundry Room Cleaning

  1. Clean the washing machine
  2. Clean dryer vent
  3. Clean lint trap
  4. Organize laundry supplies
  5. Wipe the walls
  6. Wipe the baseboards
  7. Mop the floors

Checklist for Living Room Cleaning

  1. Dust and polish furniture
  2. Wash slipcovers
  3. Wash pillows and blankets
  4. Vacuum chairs and sofa
  5. Dust blinds
  6. Dust curtain rods
  7. Clean window sills
  8. Wash windows
  9. Clean or vacuum curtains
  10. Clean ceiling fans
  11. Dust and clean lamp shades
  12. Dust electronics
  13. Dust and clean decor
  14. Sanitize remote controls
  15. Mop or vacuum floors
  16. Shampoo rugs or carpets

Checklist for Kids’ Playroom Cleaning

  1. Sanitize plastic toys with soap and water
  2. Wash stuffed animals and soft toys
  3. Donate unused toys
  4. Organize toys and play areas
  5. Mop or vacuum floors
  6. Shampoo rugs or carpets

Checklist for Home Office Cleaning

  1. Recycle unneeded paperwork
  2. Dust and polish furniture
  3. Dust bookshelf
  4. Dust electronics
  5. Sanitize keyboard and mouse

Checklist for Garage Cleaning

  1. Declutter tools
  2. Air the garage by opening its door
  3. Declutter sporting equipment and toys
  4. Sweep floor
  5. Wipe down walls
  6. Clean garage door
  7. Clean garage door frame
  8. Replace batteries in garage door openers
  9. Clean windows

Deep Cleaning Checklist

For this checklist, you first have to do everything included in the regular house cleaning checklist. After doing that, you add these extra tasks to it.

  1. Damp wipe window sills and baseboards.
  2. Damp wipe door frames and panels.
  3. Vacuum upholstered furniture
  4. Check and remove all cobwebs
  5. Damp wife bathroom and kitchen cabinets

Checklist for Throughout the House Cleaning

  1. Test and replace smoke alarm batteries
  2. Replace air filters as needed
  3. Clean air vents or registers
  4. Clean light fixtures
  5. Replace light bulbs as needed
  6. Sanitize door handles
  7. Sanitize light switches


This checklist is useful for homeowners and professional cleaners. Feel free to tweak and adjust the lists to what best suits you. It can be the arrangement of the checklist. You can remove from and add to it. Treat it like your property.

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