House Cleaning Pricing Guide

House Cleaning Pricing Guide

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet your home in a sparkling state after exiting it for some period? A professional cleaning company can do that for you for a fee. The benefit of using cleaning companies is that it is their job and not yours. You can expect to clean your home and tasks thoroughly you will not give much or no attention to. Those tasks include dusting shelves, mopping floors and cleaning windows. The best house cleaning companies will cover all the tasks you do and hadn’t thought of. If you want to find out info about the price of house cleaning, keep reading this price guide.

The Average Costs of House Cleaning

The average cost of a house cleaning company will charge around $216. Meanwhile, the typical budget of most homeowners is between $150 and $304. The standard charge structure of house cleaning companies is per hour or square footage. The per-hour costs are between $64 to $116. While the other option, the square footage is about $115 for areas not up to 1,000 squares. The cost of the square footage will depend on how large your home is. For example, for a 3,000 square foot home, the charge is about $350.

Before hiring a house cleaning company, ask the company what are its house cleaning pricing charges. You want to know if it charges per hour or square foot or option of both. Big house cleaning companies have their rates fixed on their websites.

Some companies can offer you a first-time cleaning pricing structure by the square foot. This pricing guide helps the cleaners to determine how long it takes to clean your home. Also, it gives an idea of the special requirements needed for your home. A typical family house will cost approximately $168 to clean. A standard family apartment will cost roughly $129.

House Cleaning Service Contract

A factor that affects the price of house cleaning is how frequently the cleaning will be. House cleaning companies will typically grant you discounts for long term house cleaning deals. It can save you between $5 to $12 per cleaning. You can make enquiries with your house cleaning company of choice to find out what other discounts they offer. For example, you can get discounts by paying for the cleaning services upfront. Also, you can get discounts by signing a long-term service contract with the company. Research shows that you will save between $64 to $258 in the long run by taking advantage of upfront payment and long-tern discounts.

What if I want a one-term service? You can hire for just one-term service. This type of house cleaning structure is excellent if you’re going to clean the home after a scintillating house party. Also, it is an excellent option if you’re going to sell your home and make it attractive to customers. The cost of a one-time deep house cleaning is between $258 and $388.

Choosing Independent House Cleaning Operators or House Cleaning Companies

What is the difference between the two? Independent house cleaning operators refer to people who offer house cleaning services to make extra money. House cleaning companies are professional legal and licensed entities that provide house cleaning services.

Before deciding on which to use, know their differences. They are the services they offer, and there are services they don’t.

Independent House Cleaning Operators

These type of cleaning operators are people seeking to make extra money by cleaning homes for other people. It can be full-time work or side hustle. They typically charge lesser than the house cleaning companies. Their rates are also negotiable, unlike that of the house cleaning companies. An independent house cleaning operator can cost as little as $10 an hour. There is usually no need for contract signing. If you want to change your cleaning schedule after payment, there is generally very little fuss about it.

Professional House Cleaning Companies

They are professional companies that are licensed, bonded and insured. They charge more for their services than the independent house cleaning operators. Their prices are fixed, and there is very little or no room for price negotiation. A typical house cleaning company will charge between $32 to $58 per employee per hour used.

Professional house cleaning companies require you to sign a contract, at least most of them. They are not generally open to last-minute cleaning schedule changes or inclusions. The advantage of using them is that your house cleaning is not dependent on an individual. If cleaner assigned to your home is sick or unavailable, another employee can replace them quickly. If you want to hire a professional house cleaning company, compare prices across companies.

What Cleaning Services Can You Expect?

If you have never hired one (a cleaning company) before, you may not know what to expect. Professional house cleaning companies usually have information about what cleaning services they offer and their prices on their websites. Here is a breakdown of the essential home cleaning services to expect.

  1. Vacuuming your floors
  2. Dusting surfaces
  3. Scrubbing floors, sinks, and countertops

What Cleaning Services Not to Expect?

  1. Doing the dishes.
  2. Washing your laundry.
  3. Washing walls.

If you need these services done, you can always negotiate with the company. Note that it will cost you more for these tasks if the company is willing to do them.

House Cleaning Rates

The rates of house cleaning differ from company to company and individual operator to the other. Here is a breakdown of some approximate prices for these different housing needs:

  1. Single-family homes – $155-$193
  2. Window treatments – $129-$258
  3. Walls & ceilings – $193-$387
  4. Furniture & upholstery – $129-$193

The size of the home and any special cleaning requirement also factors into the quote you will be given. For a 900 sq. Ft. 2-bedroom apartment, one-time cleaning will cost $103-$258, and bi-weekly cleaning will cost $77-$161.


Your home deserves the best cleaning it can get. A clean house equals a healthy you. The cost of house cleaning varies from company to company, or individual operator to the other. They include the size of the home, how long it will take it to clean it and what special requirements are needed before giving you a quote.

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