House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

Home cleaning is something you can do. Your work schedule may prevent you from doing so yourself. Also, other tasks may get in your way. Not many people have time on their hands to do clean their homes themselves. If you do not have time on your hands, you can still keep your house all clean and tidy. How? You can employ a professional cleaning business to do it for you at an affordable fee. Cleaning your homes should be a priority for you. Keeping your environment clean and healthy has its health benefits for the body.

Why Employ Professional Cleaners For Your Home?

  1. Professional cleaners will cover more grounds than you may have time to do by yourself. It is part of their job. They will clean the general places. Also, they will clean hard to reach places you will not touch when cleaning yourself. In general, professional cleaners will do a more thorough job than you would do.
  2. They are cleaning specialists and know how best to clean the home.
  3. They use unique cleaning pieces of equipment and supplies to keep your home fresh and clean.
  4. They are relatively affordable to hire.

House Cleaning Services In Toronto

If you are in the capital city of Canada, Toronto, this article is for you. It is what you need to find the best house cleaning services in the city.

1. No More Chores of Toronto Cleaners

As the name suggests, they are one of the best in the city. They specialize in home cleaning services, commercial cleaning and appliance and furniture cleaning. If you just renovated your place, they also offer post-renovation cleaning. Other services they offer maid service and construction services.

Customer reviews of this cleaning company are very satisfactory. They have professionals who clean the nooks and cranes of the home. They are relatively affordable. Their pricing starts from 119 CAD for a bathroom and bedroom. To hire, you can contact them at (+1) 647-362-5276. You can also send an email to [email protected]

2. Hire A Maid

Another quality cleaning service in Toronto is Hire A Maid. They specialize in residential cleaning. They cover the entire home, including basements and stores. Hire A Maid are incredibly professional. Customer satisfaction for this company is at 100 per cent. You even bank on them to go the extra mile. If you leave important details out of your description, they will get it done.

The company offers customers a simple maintenance plan and a premium one. They also provide occasional service for one-stop cleaning. The former is the better option if you plan to use them regularly. The latter is the better option if you plan to use them sparingly.

The premium maintenance plan is the best and most popular. It involves the full cleaning package.

To hire, you can contact them at their website, You can find them at 924 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3V2, Canada. Other contact details include

Phone number +1 416-463-6243 and email [email protected]

3. Maid in T.O

Maid in T.O offers quality and customizable cleaning services. Its price is a bit higher than others but worth it. You can request and pay for special treatment for rooms that need attention. You can opt for services such as window, cabinet, fridge and light switches cleaning.

Maid in T.O has some exception to their services. For safety reason, it does not clean human or pet waste. Homes infested with vermins are out of their service coverage. Also, its cleaners do not move furniture and appliances when cleaning. They clean under or around it if it is possible. In general, they offer one of the best house cleaning services in Toronto.

It charges 125 CAD for a one-bedroom apartment. It offers discounts for returning customers. Cancellation of a booked cleaning service cost 79 CAD.

To hire, you can contact them at their website The address for Maid in T.O is Strangford Lane, Toronto M1L 0E5, Ontario. The contact phone number is  (+1) 647-557-9777, and the email is [email protected]

4. Maidstr

Maidstr is best for home cleaning services. It offers a wide range of services. Some include deep cleaning, clean balcony, move out cleaning and interior house cleaning. Maidstr professional cleaners are rigorously picked. The company values integrity and quality. It offers a discount of 15 per cent when you subscribe to any of its cleaning plans.

Maidstr pricing is affordable. The lowest cost is CAD 119 for a one-bedroom and bathroom. It also charges 35 CAD an hour. You can find more information about Maidstr through its website,

To hire, you can do it through its website. The address is 2302 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Unit 2, Toronto M8V 1B4, Ontario. Their customer care mobile number is (+1) 866-428-6778, and its email is [email protected]

5. LUX Cleaning Services

LUX is a cleaning service that commits to making homes healthier and more comfortable for its clients to stay. It is best for non-toxic home cleaning. Their cleaning services focus on making the home dust-free and allergen. It also uses non-toxic products to keep your home clean. You stand no risk of allergies and skin irritation with LUX cleaners.

To hire, you can contact them at their website at  to book a service or request a quote. Its customer details are 647-888-2207, and its email is [email protected]

6. Merry Maids of Toronto

They are a global network with presence in Asia, Europe and North America. They are best for home cleaning services. They charge CAD 120 for its services. It is also one of the longest-serving house cleaning services in Toronto.

To hire, you can contact them at their website Also, you can reach out to their physical address at 2648 St Clair Ave E, East York, ON M4B 2S6, Canada. The contact details for Merry Maids of Toronto are 416-686-7784 and [email protected]


Taking good care of your home is vital to healthy living. If you are too busy to clean the home by yourself, hire a helping hand. These six house cleaning services are some of the best in Toronto, Canada.

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