House Cleaning Supplies List

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Cleaning can be very draining and tiring if you have the right cleaning supplies. The right cleaning supplies will save you vital time and energy. It also makes cleaning fun. Everybody wants to have a perfectly clean home. Well, there is no other way but to do clean the house regularly. There is a shortcut, and that is using the right cleaning supplies.

If you find home cleaning time consuming and energy-draining, this list is for you. If you want to know what cleaning supplies you need, it is also for you. Here are some home cleaning kits to help you achieve excellent home cleaning results.

Cleaning Chemicals

It refers to chemicals that are useful for home cleaning. They include

Soaps and Detergents

They are necessary cleaning chemicals that come in liquid or powder form. No thorough cleaning exercise in the home is possible without them.


They are different types of disinfectants used in homes. The kind of cleaner suitable depends on the type of surface in need of cleaning. Some cleaners include glass cleaner, tile cleaner, leather cleaner and wood cleaner. Glass cleaner is suitable for cleaning glasses. A wood cleaner is ideal for cleaning wood surfaces.

Tile cleaner is perfect for cleaning tiles. Leather cleaners are ideal for cleaning leathers.

There are also cleaners unique for cleaning the sink, ovens and other aluminium surfaces in the kitchen.


A powerful chemical used to treat white surfaces such as tiles to make it shine brighter and whiter.


They are not cleaning agents in the league of the others. Instead of cleaning surfaces, they clean the air. Deodorizers release a refreshing fragrance in the home. They make the home smell lovely and appealing.

Cleaning Tools

It refers to tools that are useful for home cleaning. They include


They are available in different sizes and textures. They have different cleaning usage. Brushes are for different cleaning surfaces. They are either soft or hard, depending on their use. Some of them include cobweb brush, scrubbing brush and toilet brush.

Mops and Mop Buckets

There are two types of mops: floor mops and dust mops. Floor mops clean hard surfaces such as tiles. Buy your mop with a mop bucket with a hold to squeeze the water. Mop bucket is essential in cleaning. They hold water and soap solution. Dust mops help clean dust particles from the floor before you start mopping.


They are one of the most traditional houses cleaning supplies. Every home has a broom in it. They are useful for carrying out regular clean-ups or cleaning up before other thorough cleaning starts. They remove debris found in the home.

Scrubby sponges

These are additional cleaning supplies. You do not use them often or may not need them. Still, they are a handy cleaning tool to have at home. Their primary use is to clean surfaces that soft towels cannot clean easily.

Hand Towels

It is useful for wiping surfaces dry.


It is for scraping away dirt that stubbornly sticks to surfaces. This dirt is not easy to remove with other tools. It requires a harder cleaning tool, which is the scrapper.

Waste Bins

Every home needs to have at least one waste bin. The ideal number of waste bin depends on the size of the house. If the home is big, it requires multiple bins. If the home is small, it requires a lower number of bins. The waste bin is where waste is temporarily kept before it is discarded appropriately.


They are for dusting surfaces in the home. Most dusters are extendible. Some dusters can reach the ceiling and even rooftops. You can use these long dusters to clean out dirt from areas your hand cannot reach.

Cleaning Equipment

These refer to the equipment and devices used for cleaning the home. They include

Vacuum Cleaner

It is a piece of popular cleaning equipment. It can operate in two modes: wet and dry modes. Vacuums can also work on both soft and hard surfaces such as floors, upholstery and carpets. They have detachable parts to enable you to clean tight spaces. Vacuums are an indispensable cleaning tool in the home, especially for carpets and rugs.

Scrubbing machine

It is a piece of handy cleaning equipment. It is for the cleaning od filthy floors. Useful for post-renovation and construction cleaning.


PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. Your safety should always come first before your desire to keep your home clean. You need to protect yourself from harm while cleaning. Some standard PPE supplies for home cleaning include

Hand gloves

They are different types of hand gloves. The kind that is best for house cleaning is the rubber hand gloves. The hand gloves will protect your hands from sharp edges, germs and irritation from cleaning chemicals. All cleaning chemicals come with safety guidelines. Read them and follow them strictly to avoid damages to your body or items in the home. If possible, use biodegradable chemical for cleaning.

Cleaning Coverall or Apron

When cleaning the home, use water-resistant aprons or overall. This type of apron will protect the body from cleaning chemicals and water spilling on it,

Nose masks

Its primary use to protect you from inhaling dust participles while cleaning.


The footwear protects your feet from harm in the course of cleaning the home. Wear quality food wears that are not prone to friction when cleaning wet surfaces. It will save you from falling when you step on a slippery or wet surface.


Our house cleaning supplies list may seem like a lot for a homeowner to purchase. Guess what? There are even more I deliberately left out. As a homeowner, you may not use all the items on this list frequently. It is the reason why you may need to hire house cleaning professionals. Keeping these supplies at home is enough to cater to all your house cleaning needs.

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