How Long Does It Take to Clean a House?

How Long Does It Take to Clean a House?


You want your space to yourselves, all of it. When you hire an individual cleaning operator or a cleaning company, you have to offer them room to do their job. So, it is cool for you to ask the question ‘how long does it take to clean my home?’ Here’s an answer that covers all grounds – as long as it takes.

Not helpful, right? The time it takes a house cleaning operator or company to clean depends on various factors. They include the house size, the number of cleaners and the complexity of cleaning. An apartment with a space of 1000 square feet will require less time to clean than one with 2500 sq. Ft. Also, if two homes have similar sizes of 3000 square feet. Three cleaners cleaning one of the homes will finish faster than a single cleaner cleaning the other.

The number and thoroughness of tasks can also be a significant factor that determines the time. Also, the efficiency of the cleaning supplies and equipment is a factor. For example, a regular house cleaning routine will take lesser time to complete than a deep cleaning one.

The Size of Your Home vs Time it Takes to Clean the Home.

Your home means a lot to you. It is a resting place. It can serve as a work station, COVID-19 makes the world adjust better to remote work, didn’t it? You want our homes to be super clean; it is why you employ a professional cleaning service to do it for us.

Cleaning of the home takes time. Every home is unique in its configuration. Professional cleaning companies take into consideration several factors to provide you with a price and time quote. Some of these factors include the size, condition, number of rooms, cleaning schedule and tasks, number of people and pets. All these factors bear significant impact on the time it takes to clean the home.

Time Estimation for Various House Sizes

How long it takes to clean a house is heavily influenced by the area to be covered. Here are a typical breakdown of different house sizes and the time summary.

1. The One Bedroom and One Bathroom Home

The single bedroom and single bathroom home or the one-room apartment take the least time to clean. It is typically the smallest housing unit possible. A regular cleaning exercise will take less than an hour to accomplish. A deep cleaning exercise will take more about 90 minutes or more to accomplish.

Depending on the size of the bedroom and bathroom, there could be slight variations in timing. Also, note that this estimation is just for one cleaner. Add an extra cleaner, and in 20 to 30 minutes, the cleaning is done. It also takes into consideration that space is reasonably maintained. If the maintenance is poor and it is filthy and dusty, expect anything from 120 minutes upwards.

2. The Two Bedroom and One Bathroom Home

The double bedroom and single bathroom home or two-room apartment take quite some time to clean. It is a room extra from the one-room apartment. A regular cleaning exercise will take about 120 minutes to 180 minutes. For deep cleaning, it takes about two and a half hours to three hours. This estimation is for a single cleaner. The timeframe shortens significantly if an additional cleaner or two are added.

3. The Three Bedroom and Two Bathroom Home

The three-bedroom and two-bathroom home or the three-room apartment take a lot of time to clean. Because of its large size, a single cleaner will struggle to complete the task effectively. Professional cleaning companies will typically assign more than one cleaner to these types of structures. To save time, they use several house cleaning service techniques. For example, three cleaners can make each clean a different room in the home.

If you are doing it yourself or it is just a single cleaner, expect anything from 3 hours for regular cleaning. Also, if it is a deep cleaning, expect between 3 and a half hours to 4 hours.

4. The Four Bedroom and Two/Three Bathroom Home

The four-bedroom and three-bathroom home are huge for just one person to accomplish at a go. In the house cleaning industry, the standard is two cleaners per household. Even with two cleaners, expect to spend between three and a half hours to four hours for regular cleaning. If the home is in disarray, the cleaning time can easily exceed four hours.

5. The Five Bedroom and Four/Five Bathroom Home

The five-bedroom apartment is enormous for a single cleaner. Even two cleaners can find the cleaning damaging and draining, especially for deep cleaning. It can take five hours to clean a home of this size. For deep cleaning, it takes more than a quarter of the day to do, especially if the home is in disarray. The more cleaners on the job, the faster it takes to clean.

How Long Should You Book House Cleaners for?

For a 500 square feet studio apartment, it takes two cleaners one and half hour for regular cleaning. Deep cleaning time can reach two hours. The Verdict? Book for two hours.

For a 1000 square feet one-bedroom apartment, it takes a team of two cleaners two hours to clean. Deep cleaning can reach two and a half hours. The Verdict? Book for three hours.

For a 1,500 square feet two-bedroom apartment, it takes two cleaners, two and a half hours to clean. Deep cleaning can reach more than three hours. The Verdict? Book for three hours.

For a 2,000 square feet three-bedroom apartment, it takes a team of two cleaners almost three and a half hours to clean. Deep cleaning can reach up to four hours. The Verdict? Book for four hours.


Typically, the size of the house determines how long it takes to clean. Deep cleaning will also take more time to accomplish than regular cleaning. If you want special requirements outside the standard service, expect more house cleaning time.

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