How Much to Charge for Deep Cleaning a House?

As a commercial cleaning business just starting out or looking to expand, deep cleaning services is a profitable venture you should consider. There are huge opportunities in the market because there is always someone in need of deep cleaning services. Prospective clients could either be homeowners just finishing up a full home renovation, or managers in need of a thorough cleanup of their office buildings.

However, when starting a business, it is essential for you to know the right amount to charge your clients that would be fair to them and profitable to you. That way, you do not lose money or potential long-term clients. 

Before putting a figure on the price of cleaning services like deep cleaning, certain factors need to be taken into consideration. In this article, we discuss those factors and the general approach to go about charging your clients, all in a bid to help you through the decision-making process of coming up with a price tag for your deep cleaning services. 

What is included in a deep house cleaning?

Deep cleaning involves hosing down every single nook and cranny of the house. Floors, ceilings, patios are a few examples of the areas that must be thoroughly scoured during a deep cleaning operation. It usually takes longer to complete than regular cleaning for obvious reasons. 

Every homeowner considers doing a deep cleaning once in a while, and when they do, they will want to hire someone in your industry. And due to the competition in the cleaning industry, it is principal you have an understanding of how to charge appropriately, which is dependent on your overall knowledge of deep house cleaning. Without much fuss, let’s take you through what deep cleaning entails. 

There are different areas in a typical home and each will demand a different approach to clean. We have divided those areas into  five categories:

  • Deep cleaning for kitchen
  • Deep cleaning for bathroom
  • Deep cleaning for living room
  • Deep cleaning for dining room
  • Deep cleaning for bedroom

Deep Cleaning for Kitchen 

The kitchen is probably the dirtiest place in the house, and the reason is not far-fetched. It  is where all the cooking activities take place, and as a result, it is prone to getting dirty. Listed below are tips to effectively dirt haven. 


  • Clean and disinfect components and units one would typically find in the kitchen such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, freezer, etc. You need to be careful when cleaning these units to avoid any damage. 
  • Clean the hood vent and replace the filler. 
  • Clean the cabinets, drawers, and every other item in the kitchen.
  • Clean and disinfect the trash and garbage disposal. 
  • Clean the floors, doorknobs, and stovetop burners.
  • Organize the kitchen accurately and remove anything that shouldn’t be there.


Deep Cleaning for Bathroom  

This is one of the most critical locations in the house because it calls for thorough cleaning from top to bottom. It has many shiny aspects such as glass doors/showers, sink, bathtub, e.t.c, that demand a clean appearance.

  • Clean the air vents, ceilings, and walls. 
  • Clean and disinfect light fixtures- switches.
  • Clean and disinfect every free stuff in the bathroom, such as soap & toothbrush holders.
  • Clean the showerhead and glass doors.
  • Clean and disinfect countertops.
  • Wash the toilet properly.
  • Clean and dust the windows.
  • Clean the bathtubs, sink, and floor.

Deep Cleaning for Living Room


  • Clean the electronics
  • Clean the chandelier, ceiling fans, and windows. 
  • Dust the walls.
  • Clean the carpets, furniture, and light fixtures.
  • Clean, disinfect, and mop the floors reaching every single part of the living room, including under the cushion chairs.


The bedroom and the dining room only involves organizing and some minor cleaning. It is important  you must be careful not to break anything because it may result in debt or a reduction in payment.

How to Estimate Deep Cleaning Rates

There are many factors that you must consider when trying to put a figure on your deep cleaning rates. They include:

  • Size of the house

The size of the house you want to clean matters a lot. The bigger the house, the more the effort required. A big house has more rooms, more floors, and more spots to clean. Deciding the rate of your deep cleaning services per square meter is a reasonable approach because that way, you are ensuring you get paid for the actual work you did.

  • Water Supply

Water is probably the most important resource you will need for a deep cleaning operation and you will need a consistent supply of it. If there is no water supply, you would need to use the services of a water corporation which must be included in your overall budget as an extra cost.

  • Distance

As a commercial cleaning company, you must consider the distance of the house they are going to clean to your primary office location. You will need to transport all your cleaning tools and staff to the site and for that reason, the cost of transportation logistics must be reflected in your rates.

  • The situation of the house

You also have to consider the situation of the house you are going to clean. For example, a house that was just renovated will require more cleaning than a one that just hosted a party. Every extra service you are rendering, such as heavy lifting and labor, should be included in the overall charge.  

  • Hourly rate 

Consider charging your customers per each hour. For instance, if your hourly rate is $100, you will cost $400 for 4 hours.  

Deep Cleaning House Cost

It is always advisable to investigate and study the rates of other cleaning companies beforehand so you can understand your competition, and use it to deduce the average cost of deep cleaning. 

The average cost of deep cleaning a house falls between $250 and $500. For a three-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, we found out that the national average price is $325, with a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $600. We can say to some extent that the cost of deep cleaning services varies from one region to another. 

Most cleaning companies determine their rate by using the size of the space. We made inquires from several cleaning services and found the average cost of deep cleaning a house from 1000 square feet to 4000 square feet. Let us take a look at the average price of deep cleaning a house according to size.

  • For 1000 Sq. Ft., the average cost falls between $150 to $175.
  • For 1000-1200 Sq. Ft., the average cost falls between $175 to $195.
  • For 1500 Sq. Ft., the average cost falls between $195 to $215.
  • For 1700 Sq. Ft., the average cost falls between $225 to $275.
  • For 2000 Sq. Ft., the average cost falls between $300 to $400.
  • For 2500 Sq. Ft., the average cost falls between $350 to $450.
  • For 3000 Sq. Ft., the average cost falls between $450 to $500.
  • For 3500 Sq. Ft., the average cost falls between $550 to $600.
  • For 4000 Sq. Ft., the average cost falls between $600 to $650.


Deep cleaning, unlike regular cleaning, demands an in-depth cleaning operation, and that makes it more stressful and time-consuming. However, adding deep cleaning services to your cleaning business portfolio can bring a lot of profits for your cleaning business. 

It is essential to learn about the average cost and the factors contributing to the cost before determining your rate. This write-up has provided you with everything you need to know about deep cleaning charging and factors that affect cleaning rates. Knowing these will make it easier for you to charge appropriately for a typical cleaning operation. 

We recommend you use the tips mentioned in this article to estimate your deep cleaning rate. 

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