How Regular House Cleaning Keeps Seniors Safe

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Older people are among the most vulnerable populations. For this reason, we must care for them. We should also provide them with all they need to spend the rest of their lives as happy and fulfilled as possible.

Oftentimes, it is hard to imagine that our grandparents who fought wars and beat pandemics may have trouble with doing things as basic as keeping their house in order.

It is this thinking that makes us miss the warning and signs that they cannot care for themselves. 

So, what are the various benefits of hiring a cleaning service for the elderly? Let’s find out.

How Regular House Cleaning Keeps Seniors Safe ?

Keeping them safe from nasty infections 

It is a general knowledge that a dirty and unkempt home is a breeding ground for nasty germs and diseases. Studies showed that people living in filthy households are more vulnerable to infections.

Pneumonia is very dangerous in the elderly. It is a significant cause of morbidity and even mortality among older people. Mild illness as a simple cough in older people may end them up in the ICU.

Thus we must keep their environment as clean and clutter-free as possible. The elimination of potential hot zones for bacterial growth will improve their health. It also reduces illness and hospital visits.

It helps to maintain Proper mental health and well-being.

A clean home brings a clear mind. Some people can live and work in a cluttered environment, but most people usually can’t. While physical well-being is essential, a lot of us overlook the mental aspect of health. A healthy mind goes a long way in building a healthy body and soul.

The elderly feel happier and healthier in a clean and well-kept home. It provides a sense of control and independence that comes with retirement.

Mental health conditions such a depression, decline, and Alzheimer’s disease may lead to dependency. It also contributes to the inability of individuals to care for themselves. 


Preventing accidents and falls

As kids, we took a couple of tumbles a day. Even as adults, a fall may mean nothing more than a little cut and bruises. For the elderly, the consequences may be much more severe.

Figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that

1 in 4 of Americans aged over 65 years old fall each year. Every 11 seconds, one older person or the other is sent to the hospital. This may be the result of a slip or fall, and every 19 minutes, an elderly adult loses their life due to a fall. 

These statistics are frightening. Measures like regular housekeeping can avoid incidents—the prevention of possible hazards like misplaced furniture, items littered all over the floor. Proper home care and attention can go a long way.

Home upkeep and maintenance 

A home is much more than four walls and a roof. It’s a collection of memories that are infused into every wall. It’s saddening to watch it go to ruins. The loss of these precious memories can be traumatizing and disheartening to everyone. It is even worse for elderly parents or grandparents to cope with this feeling. 

Proper home maintenance is vital for household upkeep. It helps to keep family heirlooms safe and preserve the happy memory, and that sense of home brings.

It gives them time to pursue other interests and spend more time with family.

The older we get, the more we realize the importance of family. It’s essential to make sure they spend quality time around friends and family. it allows them to explore hobbies and new areas of interest. 

Thus, you must help them by giving them as much free time as possible. You should also reduce the amount of time the elderly spend on home cleaning and chores.

When is the time to bring in home cleaning services?

Knowing the right time to bring in home cleaning services for the elderly might be tricky. We want to support, help them. We also want to give them the needed sense of independence and self-sufficiency.

With that in mind, it’s better to be too early than too late. There are usually several signs to look out for, which may help you know when it’s time to call in for help.

  • A fall in hygiene or home upkeep: As everybody knows, coping with the elderly may be a bit difficult. They may be too stubborn to admit when they need help with routine home upkeep. Look out for signs like a fall in hygiene, a disorderly house, essential home maintenance being left undone. These may tell you that it’s time they may need some help around the house. 
  • Signs of a fall in mental health: A common manifestation of decline in cognitive function is forgetfulness. Individuals may also witness a fall in personal and household hygiene. You must be around to plan and care for their upkeep of an elderly family member with health conditions. This will help in the eventual prevention of any negative consequences like illness, injury, and so on.
  • Increased frailty even in the absence of illness: Nobody likes the sight of an octogenarian mowing the lawn on a hot afternoon. The same goes for a grandma balanced on a stool striving to clean the top shelf. As a person ages, it becomes difficult to perform some tasks. It’s essential to ease the burden of the elderly and make sure they don’t strain themselves too much.


With the above, we’ve seen how important home cleaning is for the elderly. We hope we have helped you make up your mind. We cannot stress it anymore. The importance of keeping a clean house and a healthy household are much. If you are an older person, get a cleaning service for yourself. This is vital for your complete state of well-being.


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