How to clean a tower fan?

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We all love summertime. You get to go outside, play some sports, and catch up with friends on a fancy picnic. But with summer comes the uncomfortable, and most times, unbearable summer heat.

After a long and stressful day outside, all you want to do is to get home, take a nice chill shower, and relax under a cooling system. Either you opt for an air conditioning unit, that costs a lot of money to operate, or you go for another, less expensive option – the tower fan. 

We can’t possibly deny the fact that air conditioning units are obviously better cooling systems than tower fans, however, tower fans have their own benefits too.  It is cheap, easy to use, and also maintain

Unfortunately, people often tend to neglect the fact that tower fans do get dirty over time, and like every other equipment you would normally clean, tower fans deserve the same treatment

Those that know they ought to get their fans cleaned from time to time have no idea how to go about it hence, this article. 

This post will tell you all you need to know about tower fans and how to go about cleaning one.

What is a tower fan?


Firstly, we are going to discuss the basics. A tower fan is an appliance developed to create airflow, unlike an air conditioner that produces cool air. 

A tower fan is a good choice in a lot of ways – it is usually light and portable – making it easier to move from one place to another. However, you might need to get more than one to cover an area that a single AC unit would normally cover. 

Tower fans are efficient and effective because of their distribution mechanism. With a rotating base and a distribution angle of 90 degrees, they have pretty wide coverage. Their physical appearance is probably their most recognizable attribute. Their design is essentially a thin tall shape making it incredibly easy for them to slide into spaces that would not normally accommodate a cooling system. 

One of the common advantages of using a tower fan instead of an AC is that it reduces the cost of your electric bills. Air conditioning units consume more energy which equates to more dollars per kWh. 

Although, most people prefer to use the AC without minding the cost, however, a tower fan is a reasonable alternative to save costs.

Easy Ways to Clean a Tower Fan


Cleaning your tower fan is both hygienic and good to guarantee its longevity. After some time of operation, the blades become full of dirt, which may cause the fan to malfunction or spoil eventually. 

So, the question remains “how do I clean my tower fan?”. A lot of people think it will be difficult or complicated to get about cleaning a tower fan because it has a more complex design than a typical standing fan, but really, it’s not that difficult.

All you need is some cleaning supplies and a few minutes with your tower fan. Below are step-by-step guides on how to go about cleaning your fan.

Step One: Get Your Tools Ready

Before you go to work on any form of mechanical or electrical equipment, the first rule of thumb is to get the necessary tools you will need to complete the operation. 

In the case of cleaning up a tower fan, you will definitely need some cleaning tools and supplies. The best tools recommended for cleaning a typical tower fan are compressed air, a vacuum brush, and a pan, all of which are not too difficult to find. 

The compressed air is necessary to get rid of dust in the vent of the tower fan, the brush to sweep up excess debris, and the pan to pack them up.

Step Two: Turn off the Fan 

If your tower fan is still plugged, you need to remove it from the power source. It is not safe to clean it while still plugged into the power source. Turn off the fan and wait till the blades grind to a halt before you proceed with the cleaning. Also, to avoid any electrical hazards, ensure you remove the plug completely and away from the wall outlet.  

Step three: Clean the Grill

Dirt and debris usually find their way into the casing and the vents of the fan. So, you need to make sure you give them utmost attention. In fact, these two areas should be cleaned first, and that’s where your vacuum brush comes into action. 

Try removing debris from the casings outside till you get to the vents. It is important to do it this way because air comes out of the fan through the vents, so if the vent is full of dust, or debris, the fan won’t blow clean air. 

The best way to get rid of the dust without damaging the casings is by using a vacuum brush. Other alternatives to a vacuum brush are soft brush or duster. 

Step four: Blow some air

After using the vacuum brush to clean the grill, the vent may still be dusty, so use the compressed air you got from the local store downtown to remove the dust in the vent. Point the compressed air directly into the fan. Start from the top of the vent and work your way through the vent whilst taking your time. Use the compressed air all around the tower fan, removing any dust left.  

Step five: Turn the tower fan on  

When you are done with all the cleaning activities mentioned above, it is time to turn on the fan. Turning the fan on blows out the excess dust and debris left behind in the vent. This step may cause the fan’s dust to fill the entire house so it is best to either use a vacuum cleaner to collect the debris or take it outdoor.

How do you open a tower fan?


Before you even start any cleaning operation the first step is trying to get the fan open. Most people are usually scared to open up or disentangle the fan because, with its rather unconventional design, they feel they would destroy it. Although it is not that complicated, you will need some directions on how to go about it.  Here are a few guidelines you can follow. 

  • First, turn off the fan and remove it totally from the outlet. The fan must not be connected to a power source while unscrewing or dissembling the fan. 
  • You will need a screwdriver to unscrew some things in the tower fan. A flathead screwdriver comes in handy when trying to open a tower fan. Unscrew the nuts and remove the control panel.
  • Be careful with the control panel because mishandling this part may damage to the fan. Gently pull the control panel and use a screwdriver to remove additional snaps. Your fan is opened!


It is important we clean our devices from time to time and the tower fan is no exception. Due to its unfamiliar designs, cleaning the tower fan has been a burden to most until now. 

This article discussed everything you need to know about tower fans, how they work, and how to properly clean one. The step-by-step guidelines and instructions concerning the subject matter are sure to help you in your cleaning venture.

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