How To Get Clients For A Cleaning Business

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We have all been there, wondering the best way to get more clients for our cleaning business. And while running a couple of ads may seem simple, it is not that straightforward actually. Getting more cleaning clients is one among the riddles that disturb cleaning businesses. Especially clients that pay more, they seem hard to get. It keeps it wondering what the most straightforward approach is.

The problem with getting more clients isn’t about getting them. It is more challenging to keep them. Converting them into the customer stage as quickly as they get to understand your brand can be tough. Thus, each cleaning owner needs to know that marketing is an ongoing function. It must happen without intervals. Every successful cleaning service business must specialize in getting new clients. It is easy to see this system as a one-time job every once during a while.

Some tips to aid you to get more clients for your cleaning business include:

1. Build an Email List

Email marketing isn’t dead. For as long as people are opening their emails, it won’t be. Big organizations and people use emails and check them regularly. Try to be valuable and relevant enough to ‘sneak’ inside the email list of your potential clients.

The most efficient way is to supply them a free incentive. It could be a reduction, free eBook or an engaging infographic in exchange for his or her email address. That way, you’ll offer value and get something reciprocally. You will offer an inventory filled with emails you’ll regularly send updates to.

2. Postal Mail Campaign

Offline marketing should even be a part of your marketing strategy. As outdated because it may sound, offline marketing campaigns work like postal mailing. It should get you a pleasant first impression to an interested client

Sending out lovely banners, flyers or any promotional content (even infographics with attractive titles may work) will make sure that you bought their attention.

3. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a hot cake in the advertising industry nowadays. Popular websites are charging for it, and therefore the same applies to media outlets publishing press releases. Paid advertising has returned excellent results over the past few years. Cleaning businesses are even paying per lead and showing them what they got.

On top of that, paid advertising is simpler and more targeted than ever. If you’re advertising on Google, for instance, all you would like to try to do is specialize in specific local keywords. On the opposite hand, advertising on Facebook can be done by filtering different interests and demographics that match your ‘ideal’ customer.

4. Display Advertising

Even though they’re another sort of offline advertising, it doesn’t mean those display ads are dead. The sole trick with them nowadays is their relevancy. For instance, you ought to display ads in places where your customers can notice your advertisement and consider it.

For cleaning businesses, this suggests posting display ads next to laundry services, washing tools, detergents etc. rather than going with random ads next to food shops, coffee shops, bars etc.

5. Local Promotions

Another great type of advertising for your cleaning business is local promotions. Assuming you’re serving a selected area, offering them an incentive sort of a discount for each local therein area can show some serious results.

Plus, it’ll build your authority in your local area and confirm that each potential customer notices you.

6. Irresistible Offers and Bonuses

Crafting irresistible offers with bonuses may be a psychological marketing strategy that has worked for several cleaning businesses thus far. The trick is to supply a bonus and make the worth irresistible. For instance, a carpet cleaning service with a bonus window washing is often an excellent deal in the autumn season before the cold days kick in.

The key here is to form most of the requirements of your audience, try to adapt to them, deeply investigating the trends and following the season.

7. Recurring Jobs

Many successful cleaning business owners will agree that the real art of growing a cleaning business is in securing recurring jobs. Getting jobs on a retainer basis is what is going to assist you in establishing stable income and always know that there’ll be work.

But what’s the simplest thing to ‘hook’ your customers into being recurring ones?

It’s simple — all you would like is to invite them through their mobile number or email address — or offer an irresistible discount if they think about using your service for the long haul.

8. Referrals

After every finished job, ensure you ask your customers for any referrals. Please do not force it out, or you will lose a potential client. You can use cleaning service software. The software platform is where your customers can log in through a secure link and refer your company.

9. Strategic Alliances

If you’re specialized in just one area of cleaning — and know a corporation that’s an expert in another — an excellent way for you to form a strategic alliance. For instance, a home cleaning company can partner with a car washing company. They can run joint promotions like ‘Complete Spring Cleaning for Your Home & Car’. It is a pure genius to have an ally to capture more clients. Fortunately, it is a win-win strategy for everyone involved, including clients, your partner and you.

10. Online Reviews

If you would like your cleaning business to get attention online, do this. Invite as many online reviews as possible for your cleaning business. You’ll even give reviews from your recurring or new clients. Get opportunities for submission of an excellent review for you on Google Places, Yelp or Facebook. Online reviews are an excellent thing to create your authority and get noticed within the area. Plus, they create your business more professional within the eyes of the general public.


These ten tips to getting clients for your cleaning business are proven and trusted. The successful cleaning business has used and is still using them today. You can quickly scale up your client list with these tips within a short time.

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