How to Start a Cleaning Business in Virginia

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The Commonwealth of Virginia is a fertile ground to plant any reasonable business idea. Every business that must thrive must be well planned. Hence, starting a cleaning business in Virginia has its steps, rules, and regulations.

The cleaning business is a service business. Hence it doesn’t require huge capital to start. However, to put the business operation to a legal working and backing system, it costs a bit. There are some tips to show you what to do about starting a cleaning business in Virginia.

Select A Business Structure

In this, the business owner must know and choose the kind of business structure that suits the narrative in view. There is the sole proprietorship, limited partnership, or limited liability company.

Whatever seems to be the perfect structure, it must be registered.

Registering Your Cleaning Business Name

The company’s name is very crucial to the registry. In choosing a name that will fit well with the business, it’s essential to think long-term values. Never pick a name with an intention to change in the future.

Pick a name that will be easy to remember. If that seems a bit complicated, go for your name.

Also, add a catchy slogan. The fact is people tend to remember a catchy phrase than just an ordinary couple of words. If There is also a need to register with different governing bodies to ensure that the company is trademarked, and no one is already using the name you picked. Hence, getting your cleaning business license in Virginia from the Commissioner of Revenue of the county is very important.

Check for Local Permits

Every county or city has its exclusive license or local permits that need to be signed for the business to remain situated. In Virginia, things like this must be checked if there are any attached to the cleaning business.

Employer Identification Number

Any business on the verge of thriving in Virginia must be ready to take in employees. For this to be possible, the cleaning business that’s about to start must file for Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). The EIN automatically registers the cleaning business as liable for tax purposes for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Cleaning Business Insurance

The idea of business insurance shows that you’re ready to commit yourself to the client’s work. Before moving out to source for clients at homes or in offices, ensure that you have a reasonable general liability insurance amount for your cleaning business.

This is because people might want to see the proof of liability insurance before committing to you. The evidence shows that you’re financially capable of a lawsuit that covers anyone injured or property damaged during the process of rendering your service to them.

Janitorial Bonds

Having the janitorial bond ensures that a homeowner or officer owner is protected if an employee commits a theft while on service.

These kinds of insurance are primarily to protect your cleaning business from liability and strengthen the sense of security your potential client will develop, and lure them to work with you.

List Of Things To Put To Mind Before Starting A Cleaning Business

For a business to stand the test of time, it must be well planned from the onset. Note who the key competitors within your range of target are checked their service ideas and prices. It implies that the capital to start the business must be put to check first.

Your capital will make you have an overview of whether you’re employing more people or you have to start out as a sole proprietor of the business.

Supplies and Equipment

Mops, a vacuum cleaner, brooms, trash bags, floor and glass cleaners, cleaning cloths, and spray bottles are a few of the materials and equipment that will be needed for cleaning.

If carpet cleaning and floor polishing are one of the few things you plan to consider, you must be ready to buy the machine used for this purpose. However, in cases where the capital is not enough to purchase the machine for carpet cleaning or floor polishing, it is advisable to rent. Renting these machines are cost-effective.

Target Audience

The cleaning business has a wide range of target audiences;

  • There is a consumer target, which includes renters and owners of homes and apartments.
  • There is also a business target, which includes offices, schools, libraries, hospitals and other corporations.

The two primary audiences divided into these;

House and Small Office Cleaning

There are three parts; regular, spring or deep, move-in/move-out cleaning. They are one-time services that can be done weekly or monthly.

The difference between a house and a small office cleaning is the time at which you can be asked to do the cleaning. House cleaning is usually done between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm. But the time for small office cleaning might be flexible.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning is done on a large scale. It is usually done every night and requires more extensive staff. However, pricing is higher and can be subject to bidding.

Understand that each target audience has a different approach and equipment needed to ensure things are done orderly. However, a small scale starter should focus on the consumer target before gradually gravitating towards business targets on small scales.


For any business to have a broader reach, running of ads is essential to it. Hence, you must plan the type of advertisement to use and the strategy which will yield the best results.

When you’re focusing on consumer targets in Virginia, distribute fliers out to promote your cleaning business. However, the use of business cards will appear more professional to those in the business target.

All in all, never look down on taking to social media and make the best of it. You can run Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads concurrently to reach a quick and broad audience at the same time.


Starting a cleaning business in Virginia is quite lucrative. However, ensure you set the prices from the start and offer a discount for the first set of customers you get, so as to encourage customer retention.

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