How to Start a Cleaning Business With No Money

Starting a new business requires upfront capital, high overhead, and expensive operating costs. But you don’t need any of those things when starting a cleaning company.

In fact with a cleaning business, you won’t have to worry about demand either, and you can start as soon as you’d like!

With a cleaning business you won’t have to look for start-up money, expensive equipment, or expert personnel to get the company up and running.

Now, let us break down how much it’s going to take to start your own cleaning business.

Is It Worth Starting a Cleaning Business?

You want to answer this question first: Is this the profession for me, and do I have what it takes to start my own cleaning business?

This may seem obvious, but it’s difficult to know until you’re working with cleaning chemicals and doing it on a day-to-day basis at long hours.

That is why you should tag along with a friend or family member in the industry before committing yourself longterm to a new cleaning business.

If you find out that cleaning is for you then, by all means, do it! You do not need an education, specialized training, or certificates to start a cleaning company. As long as you are reliable, consistent and do an excellent job, then clients will want you to come back.

A major advantage of starting a cleaning business is the minimal amount of risk that it takes. With low start-up costs and a few overhead expenses, you can get the ball rolling immediately without worrying about borrowing.

You also don’t have to worry about paying rent on office or storage space because you are working in other’s homes or businesses. Plus your storage space can be your home or vehicle!

How Much You Can Make From a Cleaning Business

With a cleaning company you have many options when it comes to how much you want to earn.

You can keep your business local and small, while still turning a good profit, or you can expand, hire more employees and grow your business.

You also have the option to buy a cleaning franchise for a couple of thousand dollars from a master franchisee. This can be quite lucrative, but you would be at the mercy of the franchisee for generating business.

The number of households in the US is growing each year and is likely to increase by 15% in the next decade. Many households consist of two-income families with pets, children, and minimal time to clean.

Hiring a cleaning service isn’t for the wealthy anymore, they have become a necessity. With a growing market and more couples working full-time jobs, you’re guaranteed to see the cleaning market on the rise. That means you need to get started while the demand is growing.

According to some experts in the field, you would have to clean 31 houses per day to make around one million dollars per year. But you don’t have to only clean houses. You can also do window cleaning, nightly janitorial services, carpet steaming, or pressure washing.

At that point you will be increasing your overhead, operating costs, and hiring more employees, which is a recipe for a successful business!

How to Go About Starting Your Own Cleaning Business

When it comes to choosing your clientele, you don’t have a whole lot of options besides residential homes.

Businesses usually go with large janitorial companies, so it’s difficult to get into the commercial cleaning business.

That’s not to say that way is impossible, but it would need upfront capital to hire labor, buy equipment, and rent out space to run your business.

Practice Makes Perfect

To get your cleaning business off the ground, you might want to consider doing some jobs for free for family and people you know.

That way you can get some honest feedback so that you can adjust your cleaning techniques and get a better idea of which products and equipment to buy.

This is important before jumping into a paying job and underperforming.

Get to Know Your Competition

It’s always important to do your market research before you get started on any new business venture, and that’s no different for a cleaning business.

You should check out the competition in your area to see what’s out there. You want to narrow down your market to residential neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and so forth.

You can also check out which services other businesses are offering and if there’s something you can offer that doesn’t exist yet.

Register Your Business

If you’re going to start a cleaning business, you’re going to want it to be legal. If you have the upfront money to buy into a cleaning franchise, and you don’t mind who your clientele is, then that might be an attractive option for you.

They can offer brand recognition, something that usually takes years to build. They also have established procedures and policies to follow.

Your other three options are: to register as a sole proprietor if you want to operate on your own. A partnership if you’re starting your cleaning business with someone else. Or a limited liability corporation if you want to separate your personal finances from your business ones.

You want to make sure you are following all the right legal channels and all accounts and documentation are correct. Especially before working with corporations and bigger clients down the line.

Starting Your Own Cleaning Business Without Money

It is possible to create a lucrative residential cleaning business with a very little amount of start-up money.

You do have to buy the right cleaning supplies, such as cleaners, rags, and scrubs. But you also have the option of using the equipment that people already have in their homes, such as vacuums, mops, and brooms.

This is common practice and most people are more than happy to let you use them. So don’t feel like you’re being cheap by not bringing your own cleaning equipment. Often times they will insist on using their cleaning supplies as well.

This goes without saying, but when you start a cleaning business, you’re going to have to do the cleaning yourself.

Especially if you’re starting out without any money. The hope is that after you’ve built up your reputation with quality service, you can hire some employees once you have enough clients to bill.

Starting a cleaning business relies on word of mouth marketing to attract clients and start making money. That means going above and beyond the call of duty so that your initial clients talk about your excellent work to others and recommend you to them.

Make sure to have a social media presence as well so that people can find you when they’re searching online.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning businesses are an essential part of the economy and it takes hard work to be successful, like any other business. You get a cleaning business off the ground with very little upfront money.

You can also build it to be as big as you desire with dedication and smart business practices. With a cleaning company, you can take on as many clients as you feel comfortable with.

You can pick and choose which ones you enjoy working with the most. Once you’ve developed a system that works, you can enjoy the benefits and freedom of owning your own business and earning money on your own terms.



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