How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business?

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A swimming pool, wading pool, swimming bath, or simply pool is a structure built to hold water to facilitate swimming or other leisure activities. Swimming pools can be found in homes, fitness centers, health clubs, and also at some private clubs.

Educational facilities such as universities, colleges, and high schools also have swimming pools for recreational activities, physical educational classes, leisure, and also for athletic competitions such as swimming teams. There are many hotels with swimming pools accessible for their guests to use at their leisure.

Swimming pools come in handy during warm weather; people dive into swimming pools to cool off. Swimming is also a great exercise and another way to have fun with family and friends. In the United States alone, there are more than 15 million homes with swimming pools. There is also an estimated number of 400, 000 more pools in commercial locations such as hotels, gyms, and apartment complexes in the USA.  These pools need maintenance regularly.

Pool Maintenance Job

There are different jobs (big and small) when it comes to proper pool maintenance. Some must be performed monthly, some weekly, and some even daily. Swimming pools also have to be renovated every 7 to 9 years. Therefore, starting a pool cleaning business can seem like a very good idea.

Starting up a pool business of your own can be a way to earn yourself a comfortable source of income. It is also an opportunity to enjoy a flexible work-life balance income by working in a fresh air environment. Nonetheless, it’s not as easy or straightforward as it might sound. To successfully run a pool cleaning business, it takes proper and diligent research, planning, and lots of effort. It takes more than just showing up at a pool and wiping things down.

The job and responsibility are pool cleaners is the complete care and upkeep of a swimming pool. Maintaining a swimming pool is a lot of work for a pool owner and this where a pool cleaner comes; to help ease that burden on the owner. Therefore, as a professional pool cleaner, more is expected of you. You need to know and understand all the chemicals about the science behind pool water. As a professional, you will also need to able to diagnose as well as fix problems like leaks. If you show commitment to learning all these things then, you are one step into starting as a pool cleaning business.

What is the Job of a Pool Cleaner?

The pool cleaning business isn’t just sitting by the pool and wiping things off or removing dirt from the pool. Pool cleaning companies are paid to keep swimming pools in perfect condition. As a pool cleaner, your main job will be to visit a client’s pool and oversee the cleaning and maintenance of it. This involves checking the water level, adjusting or adding the chemicals to ensure it is in the right balance.

The chemical of a pool is a fragile thing, so you will need to have properly carried out a lot of research concerning this. The filters and pumps will also need to be checked.

The seasons when pools have to be closed or open always demand extra work. For this reason, keeping track of seasons is one of your job as a pool cleaner.

Aside from cleaning pools, you will be running your own business. This means you will need to find clients, make contacts at the local community to earn yourself, and business a good reputation. You will also have accounts to manage, insurance, and employees to manage.

What do You Need to Start a Pool Cleaning Business and Maintenance Service?

Before you start your pool cleaning business, you must consider the legal formation of your business. The simplest and easiest form to run is a sole proprietorship but the disadvantage is that it could leave you liable for any business debt. Also, there are federal, state, and local legal requirements to make sure you comply with the laws of the business. They include processes like obtaining a business license before you can begin taking clients.

You may need to be trained and certified before you can start taking jobs on any public pool. This means you might have to study and take tests which you will need to pass. This helps to ensure that you have a clear understanding of pools before you can clean and maintain them. There are different regulations for passing these steps, depending on the state you are in. The procedure of becoming a certified pool operative will provide you with the knowledge you need to start your own pool business.  You should understand that the cleaning and maintaining of pools is a complicated job. This why knowing the basics is very important. The training will go a long way when you start your own pool business.

Business Plan

You will need to also draw up a business plan which contains an outline of what you offer, the market you’ll offer it to, how you intend to finance your new business and other important details important in making your business profitable and successful. Marketing is an important factor you will need to also consider. This involves identifying your target market and creating strategies to lure them to your business.

How can we not talk about capital? This is the money you will need to start up your business. This will be used to buy tools and equipment needed to start your business if you don’t already have them.

There are a few personal equipments you will need to equip yourself with like sunscreen, a hat, water bottles, and a cooler since you are most likely to be working in the daytime. You will need the water to always keep yourself hydrated. Learn how to swim if you don’t already know how to. This is necessary if accidents occur and you fall into the pool. This way, you can swim your way to safety.

Poles, hoses, skimmers, chemicals, cleaning products, and test kits are some of the basic cleaning equipment and products you will need to have. Getting yourself a reliable means of transportation to haul your pool cleaning gear is also necessary.

Pros of starting a Pool Cleaning Business

There are many advantages to working with pools, they include:

  • You get to work outdoors especially during summertime.
  • Another advantage is that you get to choose your own work time. You can also start part-time.
  • Only need small medium investment to start.
  • Pool cleaning is a physical job and it will help you keep in shape.

Cons of Starting a Pool Cleaning Business

Like a lot of business, there are a few risks that come with running a pool cleaning business. Some of them include:

  • Running a pool business means that you will frequently be exposed to the sun which can be dangerous.
  • There’s also the exposure to some harmful and toxic cleaning chemicals which can cause negative effects on your health.
  • The training involved in understanding and learning about pools if you want to go into maintenance can be quite a bit of work to accomplish.

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