Maid Vs Housekeeper

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To be honest I really have not met any family that has not struggled with getting either a maid or a housekeeper at some point. In this article I will be directing you to which one will essentially serve you best. Putting into consideration your needs.


Getting a maid is usually the best options for just couples or extremely busy individuals. They will come in on demand and work on your jobs while still giving you your personal space to work. Maids usually work for agencies or organizations that hook them up with houses that need their services. The major thing that differentiates a maid from a housekeeper is the length of their services. A maid usually never works for a long period of time, usually a week, month or, even just a day. Here’s a list of the services a maid will offer below.

  1. Vacuuming your carpets or rugs.
  2. Deep washing your bathrooms and toilets.
  3. Cleaning windows.
  4. Deep washing hard furniture.

So, in summary, maid services are not for long term purposes. Also for your safety and your properties safety, run a background check and make sure they are of good character. In terms of pay, it usually depends on their agency and length of employment.

Housekeeping Services

Hiring a housekeeper is usually an indication that you are in for a long time commitment. Housekeepers usually work with the family and stay at the house, and they end up becoming part of the family. People that employ housekeepers are usually busy parents who need someone on-site to take care of everything else. Housekeepers are not usually known for belonging to agencies, they are mostly gotten based on past working experiences, which is dangerous if you ask me since they will be working with your children full time. Below are some of the responsibilities that the housekeeper takes care of to ensure the smooth running of the house.

  1. Dusting, mopping and, sweeping floors, vacuuming carpets
  2. Washing dishes and putting them away
  3. Making beds and changing the sheets
  4. Washing clothes, ironing, folding and, putting them away
  5. Taking out the garbage
  6. Restocking personal care items.

When you hire a housekeeper, you’ll work together as a team to run your home and relieve the stress of your busy schedule. A housekeeper can handle far more than general chores and will help you relax and enjoy your time at home, knowing all the tasks that accumulate through the day have already been taken care of.

Now after fully explaining the differences between the two services, you might still be a little confused as to which one to get. This next subsection is for you.

Which Service Is Right For You

Now if you’re looking to just keep your carpets or the back of your oven clean once or month, getting a maid might be the best choice for you, seeing as you’ll only be paying for the services they render. Maids are the best service to employ if you’re also looking to get your house in shape before a big party, say your son’s graduation or, even thanksgiving. They will not work for a long time, get your work done and, be out of your space as soon as possible. Also, keep in mind that getting a maid from an agency might be your best choice seeing as they’ll run an investigation on the employee to ensure your safety.

Now, on the other hand, if you are a family person who is looking for someone to keep the house clean on a daily basis, the housekeeper is your best bet. They will surely ensure the smooth running of the house, also take your children off your hands and, keep the house in order while you will have time to focus on your career or business. But, always remember that safety is first, do not in your rush to have more time employ just anybody, please perform your own background checks and make sure they are clean before you employ them. Also keep in mind that their services always cost a lot more than a maid’s own, but then you will be getting what you paid for.


Your home is the place you want to relax feel comfortable in. With today’s busy lifestyles, saving the time you would spend cleaning to wind down and enjoy yourself is invaluable. Imagine never arguing about whose turn it is to do the laundry, or feeling resentful because you’re vacuuming while your partner watches TV.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can also save you time and money in the long term. The chores that get overlooked when you’re trying to fit everything into your day don’t just go away. Pet hair, dust and, general grime accumulate and become harder to clean, and may ultimately require costly solutions. If your appliance and HVAC filters aren’t changed on schedule, they can become less efficient and more expensive to run.

Some of these jobs are considered detail work and are extra, so you have to request them and are informed of the additional cost before you are given your estimate. Often the job will be based on square footage of the home, which determines approximate cleaning time and number of cleaners involved. The larger the home, the more cleaners, and possibly the more time spent.

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