Office Cleaning Checklist

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You have spent an enormous sum of money generating leads for your business. That is very okay. But, are you paying enough attention to the physical image you are creating for your business? Cleanliness, they say, is next to orderliness.

Besides other virtues, everyone wants to do business with an orderly person.

A dirty workplace portrays you and your business as local, unattractive, and unserious. That is why you have to prioritize proper cleaning and organization of your workplace, growing forward and onward. 

We understand that cleaning your office space may not be the easiest thing to do.

You don’t need to do it yourself. You can always hire a cleaning company to get the job done at a low cost.

Else, you may create an office cleaning checklist to save yourself the mental stress, and time spent hovering around how to clean office space.

If you prefer to clean your office yourself, this article is for you. Herein, we take you through the process of creating an office cleaning checklist. The checklist enables you to easily organize your office cleaning routine into daily, weekly, and monthly activities. 

However, before we venture into that, let’s quickly talk about why you should keep your office clean, and how an office cleaning checklist may help you achieve that.


Why is it necessary to keep the office clean?

As a budding entrepreneur, you have to pay attention to building an excellent reputation for yourself and business. Maintaining a spotlessly, clean, and attractive office may be the right place to start. If you are still in doubt about why you should keep your office and business place clean, here are four reasons that may help you make up your mind. 


  • Good first Impression. A clean and well-organized office space plays a vital role in attracting prospective clients to work with you.  A clean office says a lot. It portrays that you have disciplined, efficient, and functional employees, making it a safe place to do business. An unclean office communicates just the opposite of that. Who wants to do business with someone that was welcomed into a dirty reception room with threadbare furniture, an unorganized conference room, and an unkempt office?
  • It enhances branding: Branding is an effective marketing strategy that demonstrates the uniqueness of your company. A clean company plays a big role in how people view your brand.  
  • It breeds a conducive working environment: An unclean working environment affects efficiency, which affects productivity in return. It can also change employee’s focus leading to a slow work rate and reduced output. However, a clean office breeds a healthy environment that is conducive for both workers and visitors. 


How will an office cleaning checklist help to maintain a clean office? 

An office cleaning checklist is a list of activities that you must perform from time to time, ensuring that you leave nothing out while cleaning the office. There are usually daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklists. Let’s take a look at how a list contributes to your office’s effective cleaning in general.

    • An Organized Cleaning. A checklist is like a to-do list of activities that help you get a task done faster.  Keeping an office cleaning checklist ensure smooth and timely cleaning of your office. It contains the listings of must-do activities, and when to get each done. It entails the systematic and organized cleaning of your office, ensuring that all items are cleaned at the right time.
    • It helps you keep track of your cleaning activities. Even if you are not getting your office by yourself, a cleaning checklist is still a must-have. A list helps you monitor and keep track of the cleaning activities anytime you call in a professional to clean your office. You can quickly tell which area they didn’t clean.


  • It helps you understand what to do. It makes cleaning the office space easy. You don’t need to rack your brain every morning, or after a stressful week thinking of what to clean. Your checklist serves as a directive and leads through the cleaning process.


What should an office cleaning checklist look like?

We have divided and organized office cleaning routines into three categories: Daily, weekly, and monthly. The reason behind this grouping isn’t far-fetched. We tend to use clerical facilities more often than others. It is only reasonable that we clean such facilities regularly. Besides, some parts take more time to clean. 

With those few points in mind, let’s take a look at the list of activities on each checklist and see how each differs.

Daily Cleaning checklist

The daily cleaning checklist involves activities you need to carry out every day. These are mostly cleaning tasks that are simple, straightforward, and feature how to care for equipment used in the office daily. 

  • Sweep the floors and vacuum the rugs and carpets of every room in the office. 
  • Dispose of the garbage and replace the trash bags.
  • Mop wet areas in the office to dry. 
  • Remove dust and dirt from furniture, office fixture, gadgets, office equipment, and surfaces in the office. These include the tables, chairs, and stools in your cleaning before work starts.
  • Clean and disinfect the floors where necessary. You may have to do this several times a day.
  • Remove dirt from the windows, dividers, and door handles.
  • Remove cobwebs from the walls.  
  • Replace the toilet rolls if necessary.
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet bowls. 
  • Wipe the cabinet
  • Clean the mirrors
  • Replace towels, napkins, and soap with new ones if necessary.

Weekly Cleaning checklist

Weekly cleaning involves cleaning tasks you need to do every week. These features the more rigorous and time-consuming cleaning activities.

  • Remove dirt from every surface in the office. Clean with a damp cloth touching every nook and corner. 
  • Wash the floors with soap once a week. Do it after closing hours on the last day of the week.

Monthly Cleaning checklist

There is a need to deep clean the office facilities, office cabinets, and equipment once a month. The monthly cleaning features cleaning tasks feature the list of things you have to keep in mind during the monthly cleaning routine.  These includes: 

  • Cleaning staircases, surfaces, floors, and toilets.
  • Wipe the windows, tables, chairs, and other furniture.
  • Dust from the ceiling to the walls.
  • Disinfect working items.
  • Clean the light fixtures and door frames.

Conclusion: Keeping Your Office Clean

Your workplace needs proper cleaning. Every business needs to provide a conducive and germ-free environment for employees and prospective clients. We can not stress the benefit of a clean office more.

There are many takeaways from this piece. One of them is that a clean office space promotes your brand, shows your professionalism, and demonstrates if your clients are in good hands.  

Finally, we have walked you through the list of activities that should make up your daily, weekly, and monthly office cleaning checklist.  Take advantage of the checklist to clean your office, and general business place by yourself. Else, you may use it as a template for inspection when you hire a cleaning company to take care of your office.

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