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Office cleaning services help to ensure your space is neat and assures a healthy work environment. In other words, your office cleaning service provider plays a vital role in your health. A big establishment includes the restroom, the kitchen, the store, and other rooms in the office. Hence, the need to exercise some care and patience when hiring one for your business.

So, how do you ensure you hire the right commercial cleaning company to handle your office cleaning? What are the factors to consider when hiring an office cleaning service provider?  

Keep reading to find answers.

How do I Know Good Office Cleaning Services?

There are excellent cleaning services, and there are the right cleaning services for you. That a cleaning company provides an excellent service for other businesses does not guarantee they will be a good fit for yours.

For instance, you want to know if they have experience working in corporate settings and not just residential apartments alone.

Aside from the above, here are additional tips to help you identify and hire the right office cleaning services.


  • Flexible Schedule


Some office cleaning business companies have rigid schedules that make it difficult to blend with your business schedules (of course, you have your plan). You don’t have to raise your legs at meetings for your office cleaner to “quickly clean that spot.” That’s the kind of interruption you wouldn’t want, especially when dealing with a client (a big one at that). so, make sure to hire one who can do the job at a convenient time. 


  • Consistency


 No matter how well a workspace is cleaned, it will get dirty again after use over time. As a result, your cleaning services provider must always be on hand to do cleaning whenever needed. Of course, this depends on the contract arrangement from the onset. Any cleaning service that would breach the initial agreement after some time is precisely the type to avoid.


  • Extensive Services


Your office has more than just floors. You have facilities like tables, chairs, windows, and a host of others.  The office extensions like bathrooms, toilet, kitchen, etc. also need cleaning, if not more. You want to seek the service of a commercial cleaning company that would be willing to touch these facilities and equipment in their cleanings, at least once in a while. So, compile a checklist of the cleaning services you need and be sure the cleaning company is willing to provide all.


  • Affordability


This should probably have come first for obvious reasons. Whatever you are hiring for, you always have to ensure it’s within your budget. In the same way, when you’re hiring a cleaning services company, get the one that fits within your budget.  However, it would be best if you did not go with the cheapest option. Cheapest sometimes may mean the lowest quality of service. Instead, you should pay attention to getting the best deal at the most affordable price.


  • Industry Experience


When hiring, one of the things to look out for is the experience of the cleaning company in your industry. Knowledge is good, industry experience is even better (ask any HR personnel)

Cleaning sometimes differs from industry to industry. For instance, medical or food service industry may have a slightly different approach to foreclosure cleaning, and a host of others.


  • Communication


You would have questions and feedback. Sometimes, you would have complaints. To have a successful ongoing contract with your office cleaning service, you need to work with one that has proper communication channels.


  • Positive Reviews


Experience is the best teacher. But who said it has to be your experience? You can learn from other people’s experiences about the cleaning company. Online reviews have been influential in making that possible. Go to different communities online and read people’s experiences before hiring an office cleaning company. Depending on the platform, you can even ask specific questions. Of course, what you are looking for are positive reviews about a cleaning company before hiring them. Meanwhile, bear in mind that some of these reviews may have been paid for, so try to read between the lines.


  • Green Cleaning Options


Cleaning is done with different types of equipment and chemicals, some of which may not be eco-friendly. To reduce the outbreak of harmful chemicals in your building and also reduce allergy symptoms among staff members, it’s best to inquire about the materials an office cleaning company plans to work with. More specifically, work with a cleaning company that uses eco-friendly cleaning products.


  • Quality Supplies


Still on cleaning products. The equipment and supplies an office cleaning company uses can significantly affect their work. Make inquiries on what tools or machines they use and get to know how often they are serviced, repaired, and replaced. You want to work with the company that uses the quality cleaning products, and state of the art supplies


  • Insurance and Licenses


We will still say anyways. You cannot afford to work with a company that is not registered or licensed to work in your state. And they should also be insured to cover any potential issues that may come up while they are working at yours.


  • High Employee Standards


How do they hire? Who do they hire? Do they employ a team of their own or use subcontractors? Do they carry out thorough background checks before employing? These are essential questions you should have answers to before you work with a cleaning company. These guys will be in your building virtually daily, so you need to be sure they are people you can trust with the information and properties they would have access to.


  • Low Turnover Rates


You need to work with a cleaning company that understands your unique business needs and has no problem working in your facility. So, in your best interest, hire a company with a low turnover rate. What this means is that you’d have a consistent team working for you now and then.


  • Safety Training


Irrespective of your industry, safety is always crucial in the workplace. Before handling the cleaning of your office to a company, make sure their workers have received training on workplace safety, and can maintain expected standards while in your facility.


Your office cleaning job is not one to be joked with or treated like the least important. We are talking about your safety and that of other workers.

Handle your office cleaning like a serious business that it is. Use these tips to identify and hire the best office cleaning services for your cleaning needs.

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