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Every business organisation should boast of a clean environment irrespective of the nature of the business. This becomes even more required in restaurants and kitchens due to how exceptional the quality of their work is.

Food goes directly into the body, so, any dirt that may be in the food from the environment enters the organisation directly.

These germs could cause food poisoning, which would lead to serious legal issues. Not to mention the fact that in many countries, health inspectors show up randomly at restaurants. Poor ratings from the inspection would lead to tarnished reputation or fines, and in severe cases total closure of the restaurant.

It becomes necessary to maintain perfect restaurant hygiene using restaurant cleaning services.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

A cleaning service, as the name implies, is any business or set up that specialises in cleaning whether residential or commercial. While residential cleaning service specialises in household cleaning, industrial specialises in the cleaning of restaurants, stores, supermarkets, workshops etc. 

A restaurant cleaning service is commercial and specialises in the cleaning of a restaurant professionally. These cleaning services should not replace regular restaurant cleaning usually done by restaurant staff. Still, they should supplement their efforts to guarantee a five-star hygienic setting.

The commonest branch of restaurant cleaning services is commercial kitchen cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaners.

How much should I charge for cleaning a restaurant

There is no one answer to the question. The cost of cleaning a restaurant varies with the size of the restaurant.

Many companies charge on a ‘per square foot’ basis, it could range from $0.15 to $0.30 per square foot. You could reduce it to $0.1 to beat the competition. This implies that bigger restaurants will cost a whole lot more to clean than smaller restaurants.

Another factor to consider is the form of cleaning required. If the cleaning is deep, it could be as high as $0.5 for a square foot. Although both regular and deep cleaning could cover the same area, it costs way more to deep clean.

This is primarily due to the thoroughness of deep cleaning. Generally, the average cost for deep cleaning a medium-sized kitchen is around $2500. The area to be cleaned is also relevant. Some areas typically cost more to clean than others. Kitchens, for example, cost more to clean than dining.

Ultimately, choosing a price to charge is as vital to the cleaning service as the cleaning itself. This is because high prices could discourage customers from patronising your cleaning service, and low prices would lead to exploitation. Start small, then gradually work your way up.

What do you call a person who cleans a restaurant?

Many restaurants have some members of staff that are concerned with regular cleaning, and they are usually called bussers or busboys and busgirls. These bussers are traditionally untrained.

In professional terms, anyone that cleans a restaurant is called a restaurant cleaner or just cleaner. Unlike bussers whose work is usually menial, restaurant cleaners are more professional.

How do restaurants deep clean

In a restaurant, cleaning is done regularly. Still, mostly superficially, deep cleaning is a form of cleaning that usually covers all the areas not touched by regular cleaning.

For example, while regular cleaning involves cleaning of top surfaces of a sink. Deep cleaning will go further and cover sites under the sink that are not traditionally cleaned regularly.

It is crucial to deep clean a restaurant at least once a week. As many of these untouched areas could serve as breeding sites for microorganisms and could then lead to cross-contamination. 

Restaurants generally deep clean by

  1. total degreasing of ovens, fryers, broilers, microwaves, grills; 
  2. clearing grime that builds up in different crevices
  3. removal of scales in tiles of kitchen, bathroom and also sinks
  4. washing of window panes and frames in and out 
  5. cleaning of cobwebs in isolated corners of the restaurant
  6. cleaning of light bulbs, lamps, fans, chandelier and other appliances found in the ceiling
  7. exhaust systems and hoods
  8. refrigerator coils
  9. cleaning of filters

Cleaning is generally done with the use of disinfectants, bleach, scouring powder, degreasers, acids etc. 

For filters and many other parts, cleaning can be done by immersing the pieces in a preparation made from degreasers and detergents. After some minutes, the parts can then be thoroughly scrubbed. Ovens can be cleaned using a spray and vac system.

The cleaning substance is applied to the stove, and a strong jet of water is aimed towards it to clear the grease and dirt on it. These cleaning substances are present as solutions and available commercially.  Grills, stoves, hoods, refrigerators can also be cleaned using this system.

For scale removal, an alcohol-based detergent could be used. The cleanser is added to warm water. The walls and floors can then be scrubbed with a sponge. 

How long does it take to clean a restaurant?

Typically, time taken to clean a restaurant varies. As with the cost of cleaning, a significant determinant is the surface area of the restaurant. Bigger restaurants generally take longer to clean than smaller ones.

On average, cleaning could last from 30 minutes to 3 hours. If cleaning is deep, it typically lasts around 6-9 hours but could last up to 12 hours. Cleaning is usually done overnight or during off-hours of workers so as not to interfere with the regular kitchen and waiting work. Spending too many hours on cleaning is not advisable as restaurants usually open quite early.

Cleaning work should not be rushed, as just a stain can make the whole task seem incomplete.


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