Restroom Cleaning Checklist

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Nobody likes the bad odor that oozes out of a stinky restroom. So, you want to keep your restroom clean and comfortable for your employees and visitors. A clean restroom paints your business well to visitors. Besides the foul smell, an untidy restroom is a hotspot for germs and other infectious microorganisms.

Everyone suffers from the side effects of an unclean restroom. There is discomfort on the part of the workers during working hours, resulting in tired focus, and low productivity in the long run.

Whether you have a staff of cleaners or hired a cleaning company to clean your restroom, it is essential to keep the restroom clean always. 

In this article, we have provided a commercial cleaning checklist that will come in handy during the thorough cleaning of your restroom, no matter the organization you’re running.

Why is it important to keep the restroom clean?

A restroom is a place where employees and clients visit to relieve themselves of human toxic waste. However, if not kept clean at all times, it can be a breeding area for germs and bacteria, which can be dangerous. Here are five reasons why the restroom needs to be cleaned at all times.

  • Germs-free zone

Every company must ensure their restrooms are in good condition, clean, and germ-free. Failure to assign the best and most competent cleaning company to take care of your toilet or bathroom daily can result in serious health issues.

  • Breathing 

Bad odor from an unclean restroom can cause severe distraction in the workplace. It can also result in breathing difficulties for employees, visitors, and clients.  Ensure your restroom is cleaned per day to avoid causing turmoil in the workplace. 

  • It attracts clients

A clean restroom can warm the heart of a prospective client into signing a contract with your business. When clients are well-satisfied in every way possible, they become your companion and consistent customer without thinking twice. Ensure regular cleaning of the restroom to avoid chasing away your most trusted customers. 

  • No Sick Leaves

When the restroom is always dirty, it can lead to health issues, which results in many sick leaves. When many company employees take sick leaves, productivity becomes reduced, workload increases, and work rate decreases. Always keep a clean restroom to avoid sick leaves.

  • First Impression

A client visiting your office for the first time might be compelled to use the restroom. Seeing that the restroom is dirty portrays your company as undisciplined, incompetent, and unprofessional. Some clients might resort to reporting your company to health regulatory bodies, which may be detrimental to your business. Ensure that your restrooms are clean, and scent decently, keeping your clients satisfied and happy.


  • Reduces time wastage

When the restroom is dirty, employees will look for alternatives to relieve themselves before going back to work. This will reduce the efficiency and productivity of the workers leading to low output and unsatisfactory results.

There is a famous saying that “The more someone cleans, the less one needs to clean.” Therefore, ensure that your restroom is always clean. 

The Importance of a Restroom Cleaning Checklist

A restroom cleaning checklist entails an outline of tasks to assist the cleaning staff work based on a plan while cleaning the restroom. Peradventure, you don’t understand why you need a restroom cleaning checklist. This section will enlighten you.  

  • The cleaning staff works with a plan. A cleaning checklist is a plan developed to enable the cleaners to work in an organized manner. They can know what they have done, what they haven’t done, and what they need to do.
  • It helps train the workers. Some workers might not know what to clean daily, weekly, or monthly. A well-detailed restroom cleaning checklist will train the cleaning workers properly, leaving no stone unturned.
  • It helps the cleaners understand when to clean the restroom lightly or deeply.
  • It helps the cleaning staff understand the type of tools to use daily or weekly.
  • It helps the employer inspect the work per day if he hired a cleaning company to avoid being ripped off.

We have divided and organized the restroom cleaning checklist into three categories: Daily, weekly, and monthly. Note that some cleaning tasks are assigned and scheduled weekly or monthly to avoid causing delays or wasting employees’ time during work hours.  

Daily Cleaning  

    • Ensure that you empty the trash daily and also replace it with a neat one.
    • The mirror should be cleaned daily.
    • Ensure there is proper ventilation.
    • Always use air fresheners daily.
    • Clean the tub and the shower.
    • Always mop the floor with good cleaning soap.
  • New hand towels, toilet rolls should be brought in daily. 
  • Ensure you clean the sink and the countertops daily. Spray antibacterial disinfectant on it.
  • Ensure to clean the toilet seats, flush handles, door handles, and also the tap.
  • Always clean the vanity area.

Weekly Cleaning 

  • Deep clean your toilet/bathroom, washing every nook and corner. Wash with disinfectants and soaps.
  • Wash the shower mat or foot mat.
  • Wipe down the bathroom once in a week. 
  • Wipe down door knobs.
  • Scrub the floor with a hard brush
  • Unclog and clean the drains properly 
  • Clean the showerhead.
  • Wash the trash cans.
  • Clean the toilet brush after use and spray it with disinfectant.
  • Wash all dirty hand towels and replace them with clean ones.
  • Wash the mops and the bucket you used.
  • Wash all hand bowls.


Monthly Cleaning 

  • Clean the dust from the grill of the fans.
  • Clean the toilet windows.
  • When you want to clean the toilet, remove all items to clean thoroughly.
  • Use an excellent cleaning agent with a soft sponge to scrub the walls.
  • Use a hard brush to remove stubborn stains on the floor.
  • Swap out towels
  • Scrub underneath the rim of the toilet.
  • Soak showerhead.
  • Clean out the drawers.
  • Disinfect the toilet.
  • Clean the vanity.


Keeping the restroom of your workplace clean is necessary because it can affect your business image and the productivity of your workers. 

A restroom cleaning checklist like this will ensure that cleaning is done routinely per day, weekly or monthly. You can also use this checklist to inspect the work of the cleaning crew you hired.

 We suggest that you use this checklist as a template to help your staff of cleaners perform their duties without much effort.

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