Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Solar Panel Cleaning Services


When starting a cleaning service, solar panels may not have been part of your plan. Now if you have chosen solar panel cleaning services as your profession, you might not have any idea how to go about it. Except if you are in the mechanical aspect of life, maintaining solar panels will become trouble. You need to understand solar panels characteristic before you signed cleaning contracts for the project.

I am here to clarify the cleaning of solar panels as best as you can find it anywhere. Now, I will start with a basic knowledge of solar panels before going into their cleaning and maintenance.

Solar Panels

Solar panels will absorb the ray of the sun to generate electricity.
These cells are arranged in a grid-like pattern on the surface of solar panels.
Thus, it may also be described as a set of photovoltaic modules, mounted on a structure supporting it.
When it comes to wear-and-tear, these panels are very hardy. Solar panels wear out extremely slow. In a year, their effectiveness decreases only about one to two percent (at times, even lesser).
Most solar panels built using crystalline silicon solar cells.
Solar panels would usually use in big companies that can not afford the absence of electricity. Homes that usually make use of solar panels are makeshift.

I would have loved to talk about the pricing of the products. Now let us talk about the types of solar panels we have.

The major types of solar panels

There are three major types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film. The solar panel type best suited for your installation will depend on factors specific to your property characteristics.

Those are the basic types, we should focus on how to clean them and maintain them.

Cleaning And Maintaining Solar Panels

Cleaning and maintaining solar panels is quite different from the cleaning done around the house. It is different from cleaning the house you work for the office space that employs your labor.

Solar panels generally require very little maintenance to function. The only period you may need more extensive maintenance is during periods of heavy snowfall, or if your panels’ energy output starts to decrease.

Mostly solar panels do not need a day to day cleaning as they are built to continue to work in any condition seeing as they are kept outside most of the time. Let’s take a better look at how to clean solar panels correctly as someone who wants to take it up as a career. We will be considering different aspects of the maintenance of solar panels and then rounding them all up together.

How to maintain solar panels

Since it is not repaired you will be performing, cleaning solar panels is not tedious work. Cleaning and maintenance of solar panels usually just happens 5 times a year, seeing as they are very durable products. The only time you might need to clean them a lot is during winter as the snow accumulates on top of the panels and might have a side effect. The good news is that during summer you do not need a lot of tools to clean a solar panel, just a left blower usually does the work or a clean spray from a garden hose, notice I did not say a pressure spray as that would damage the panels.

Cleaning and maintaining solar panels in the winter is a little bit more complicated seeing as electricity and water do not mix. When trying to clean the solar panels in the winter, using water is usually advised, lukewarm water to be exact. Using hot would completely damage your solar panels seeing as they are made from glass.

Cleaning solar panels

Now I know you might be thinking that there are two types of solar panels, the roof-top ones and the grounded one. Cleaning and maintaining them is usually the same process, just that with the roof-top ones you might need a ladder to reach it.

Seeing as you will be cleaning and maintaining solar panels, extreme weather damaging them might be of concern to you and this is completely acceptable. Solar panels have quality to withstand some of the most dangerous weather conditions known to us, even hurricanes. Now, this is where the maintaining part comes in, you can always tell your employers to get insurance for the solar panels and also ensure that the products with the best possible warranty.

Besides, you can always check your solar panels for their working conditions. I mean it is possible to monitor the health of the solar panels you are cleaning and maintaining. Doing this would always ensure that your work is easier and the panels you are cleaning would also be in better working conditions. Also, it enables you to detects errors fast enough and correct them before they cause any major damage.


You picking cleaning and maintaining solar panels as your cleaning service is a smart choice seeing as you will practically be doing what an average teenager can do in his spare time and still get paid for doing it.

As stated above, all the tools you need can fit in one hand and all you need to do is ensure the warranty of the product is good and you clean it on time. Also not forgetting the fact that you also need to employ the use of a panel detector to know when something is about to go wrong and correct it on time to avoid extreme damage.

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