Vacant House Cleaning Prices

Vacant House Cleaning Prices

Opening a new home to a clean and sparkling view is the desire of every guest while changing location. Going for a reliable cleaning service will surely make this a reality.

They will go into every detail and every corner of the house to make sure no single stain is left unattended to. Some of the services they render go as far as mopping the floor, cleaning the blinds, vacuuming the carpet, and so on. In this guide, we’ll be taking you about professional vacant house cleaning prices as a homeowner and a cleaning service.

Different Types of Cleaning Companies

There are different types of cleaning companies one can pick. But before opting for whose service to go for, it’s vital to know what distinguishes them.

There are;

Independent Operators

These are cleaning services that run solely to make money by selling their cleaning services to different homes. Most of them consider it as a side job because they don’t get jobs frequently.

Based on the fact that it’s an individual operation, they charge less, and it’s negotiable. Some charge as low as $12 per hour, but the cost is up to the individual. Most of them have a flexible schedule, and the quality of their work is easily accessible.

Professional Cleaning Company

Professional cleaning companies are registered, licensed, and insured. They cost more, own a website, and have different packages. They usually charge between $40 and $100 per person per hour. But the rate for a vacant house cleaning is generally higher.

Professional cleaning companies that work based on contracts might not be available for an emergency. An advantage to this is that when the regular cleaner falls sick, they can quickly provide another cleaner to meet the schedule.

Ensure you get quotes for different companies and read reviews about them before settling for which one to choose. All in all, the best idea is to hire a company or an individual that’s within your area. It is a cost-effective approach, and their customer service can be reached without hassle.

Common Business Sense Tips

Most professional companies know how to factor in the cost, but some startups don’t know their way around it. This section opens up a list of the most important factors to be considered while estimating the cleaning cost.

Visit The House

Estimation should never be determined from the description of the client. It’s good to chat on the phone about your services but never give an estimate over the phone.

Visit the house, consider the spaciousness and the number of rooms available. Doing this will make you calculate how long it will take for you to clean the house.

Clients try their best to beatdown the prices by giving inaccurate information. Many of them don’t know what professional cleaning service is. You must not end up paying yourself lesser than you should.

Estimate Time

A general cleaning rule is that a 1,000 square feet house will take up to 1.5 hours to clean. A 3,000 will take up to 3 hours. However, vacant house cleaning might take more or less. You might also want to double or triple your charge if the house has been neglected for a long time.

Decide On Cleaning Products

Most companies ask their customers to provide them with cleaning products or pay for theirs. Cleaning products vary from standard to environmentally friendly and non-toxic products. However, eco-friendly products will cost more.

Determine Difficult To Access Areas

Check if there are areas hard to reach, such as vaulted or high ceilings, high up windows, and shelvings. In considering this, you might want to add an extra charge for the stress to reach and clean out those areas effectively.

How To Estimate Vacant House Cleaning Prices

Calculate Labour Costs

Calculating labour costs shows professionalism. You can create an hourly rate or just give a total estimate.

For instance, an average house cleaner earns $17.09 per hour in Canada. Cleaning up a 3000 square feet house will be charged as $51.27 per hour for a one-time service.

Factor In Taxes

There is a need to factor in tax, especially if you have a staff of workers. The payroll tax in Canada is between 15% to 33%.

Using the example above, if your tax is an average of 20%, you’d have this,

  • $51.27 × 0.2 = $10.25 payroll cost
  • $51.27 + $10.25 = $61.52 hourly so far

Factor In Supplies

There is a need to factor in the cleaning products. If your client can’t provide you with the cleaning products needed, you can add 60% to the initial cost. Below is the pricing calculation;

  • $61.52 × 0.6 = $36.91
  • $61.52 + $26.91 = $98.43 hourly so far

Add Your Markup

Any business without profit is undoubtedly going down sooner or later. It is left to you what percentage of the cost will be your markup.

However, you can reduce the rate to a reasonable level because you need the money, want to retain the customer or stay competitive in the industry.

If you add 30% of the initial figure, you’d have;

  • $98.43 × 0.3 = $29.53
  • $98.43 + $29.53 = $127.96

It implies that you can charge between $125 to $130 per hour for a vacant room cleaning. The vacant room cleaning package is also known as move-in/move-out cleaning.

What Is the Going Rate for House Cleaning?

The average cost of cleaning in Canada is around $215. However, most homeowners spend between $150 and $305 for cleaning.

Cleaning companies charge per hour, as said earlier. But their per hour cost is between $65 to $115. They charge up to $115 for an area that’s less than 1000 square feet and charge about $320 for an area up to 3000 square feet.


Vacant house cleaning is quite a profitable business. People tend to move in and out of their homes due to changes in seasons and a shift in their jobs in Canada. As a homeowner, always go after excellence in service. And as a business person, ensure you come to a reasonable agreement with your clients.

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