Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

Vacation Rental Cleaning Services


Vacation rental cleaning services is another area that is fast on the rise. This aspect of the cleaning service business continues to see better days.

A vacation rental is the renting of a fully furnished apartment, a professionally managed resort, a condominium complex or a house. This is rented to tourists on a temporal basis to be used as a hotel alternative. A lot of people don’t realize that vacation rental cleaning services differs from residential cleaning. This type of cleaning employs different methods. Different than the regular cleaning done on frequent basis.

This is why it is important to be specific when hiring a cleaning service for your vacation rental. Also, if you are looking to start a vacation rental cleaning services business, take note.

A vacation rental cleaning service would undertake tasks such as changing linens. They also do cleaning, restocking toiletries and informing you of any damage.

Importance Of Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

In most cases, vacation rentals are usually not within range of the owner’s reach. So they need remote maintenance in most of these cases. This is where vacation rental cleaning services come in the picture. A vacation rental cleaning service would perform these routine checks. They also ensure that everything is in perfect condition. They take inventory of the current state of the property, documentation of what is what and report back if there’s any issue that needs to be handled.

If you own a vacation rental, it’s no doubt that you need a cleaning service that¬† Hiring a vacation rental cleaning services makes managing your property much easier and more convenient.

Whether you’re looking to start a vacation rental cleaning business or you own a vacation rental. Here are a few steps to cleaning a vacation rental as a business or if this is your property.

6 Step Process To Cleaning A Vacation Rental

This article aims to help our readers through an easy six step process on how to clean a vacation rental. If you own a vacation rental or you’re a vacation rental cleaning business, our six step process is ensured to help you.

We would be showing you how to effectively and efficiently clean your vacation rental. As earlier mentioned, whether you’re hiring a team of professionals for this task or cleaning yourself, here are a few steps below that can help you greatly.

Step 1: Setting an expectation for your guests beforehand.

Before letting anyone enter your home, it is important to set an expectation for your guests. The expectations are either communicated to them through mail or any medium of correspondence. Before ever taking a guest, they should know what you expect of them as the home owner before moving forward. Outlining expectations like moving the furniture back to their original spot, what do with the generated trash from their stay, the stripping beds and more. It is important to gently set these expectations of your guests as they use your home for however long they intend to.

Although, what you eventually decide on having your guests take responsibility for becomes a decision that is personal to you. It is however necessary to have this part of the agreement in check. Clearly outline these expectations for them and make sure they’re reasonable. This way your home doesn’t get scattered beyond recognition when every guest leaves.

Step 2: Keep your home well stocked with supplies.

It has been found that it’s more convenient to have all the needed supplies already fully stocked in the home rather than the otherwise. This is much more advisable than having the supplies loaded in and out of the house.

Supplies like paper towels, cleaning tools, toiletries, toilet paper and paper products. Also be sure to provide extra amenities like conditioners and shampoo.

Also, be sure to constantly take an inventory of the level of your supplies so as to know when to restock.

Step 3: Getting Essential tools

For getting that perfect clean home every time, here are some essential things you should take note of.

  • Getting a lightweight vacuum is essential as it supports easy movement. You can easily move from room to room when cleaning. Also, a suggestion that executes this well is the Shark vacuum.
  • A mop is also one of these cleaning tools. Find one that is best suited for you.
  • For stubborn stains throughout the house, a cleaning agent that takes these off completely.
  • Another essential tool is cleaning rags. There are a few products that you can choose from. These help to scrub off those dirty spots, stubborn to remove stains.
  • Lastly, air fresheners are also key to having your home smell like peaches and sunshine. Always have air fresheners handy and your guests will continue commend how nice your home smells.

Step 4: Follow the same process every time.

Once you find a pattern that works for you, it is not bad if you follow that same flow. Once established, implement the same process over and over. It helps you become used to a pattern that can be improved on. You’re able to execute the process faster each time. If you have a way you already clean, stick with it. It could be customary to start with Bathroom and on to the living room or any pattern that works for you.

You’ll get better each time you do this and do it faster as well.

Step 5: Have an order of cleaning and focus on it.

When cleaning a room, having an order to it would help you clean faster. It is advisable to start with ceiling fans, move to shelves, dressers, counters and make sure the floor is always done last.

This way, you can walk out of the room without leaving prints or spec of dust after cleaning the floor. You don’t want to clean the floor and then get prints all over it or dust from the shelves you’ve cleaned.

Step 6: Final overview.

Here, you take a list of everything to make sure you’ve left nothing behind. This process is a walk-through of all you’ve done so far.

Check the pantry to be sure you’ve left no food behind or cabinets to ensure they’re empty. Give the shelves and dressers a once over to be sure they’re empty.

Make sure they’re no prints, strands of hair left behind or anything that could stand out.

After the final overview of what has been done so far, you’re good to go.


Vacation rental cleaning services are very important in managing a vacation rental. You can employ the services of professionals in this field or follow the above guidelines towards doing it yourself.

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