Zenmaid Review


One of the most important aspects of running a business is management.

This management can be in the form of financial management, scheduling of work, and assignment of tasks to employees.

If you cannot manage the cash flow, client’s record, or financial transactions, problems are bound to emerge. 

As an entrepreneur new to the cleaning business, it can be quite difficult to manage all the work yourself.

Since it is still a small business, you cannot afford to hire a bunch of workers just for the sake of it.

You need to hire based on a contract basis because doing otherwise can run the business to the ground.

Therefore, the question arises, “what can I do to combat the financial management crisis as a budding entrepreneur?”

As a result of the consistent improvement in technology, many applications have been made to help newbie entrepreneurs overcome management challenges.

This article discusses one of the common technologies developed to help businesses, in the cleaning business, manage their cleaning ventures.

What is Zenmaid?

Zenmaid is an online platform, software, or application developed and programmed to help maid services manage and market their businesses.

The “maid” in Zenmaid signifies that it was specifically created to help the cleaning businesses with a niche in personalized homemade services.

Many small businesses usually have issues managing their cleaning businesses, such as keeping financial records, client’s details, work schedules, etc.

Since it is a small business with few workers, the majority of whom are the cleaning employees, the business owner is left to do all of the management work. 

As a small business that is still struggling with making a profit and generating positive cash flow, employing a professional to help the management section may not be a good idea. That’s why Zenmaid was developed.

The Zenmaid software is an automated application that stands to help business owners in the commercial cleaning business carry out their daily activities.

Daily activities include scheduling client’s appointments, accounting, and bookkeeping. With Zenmaid software at reach, you can manage as many cleaning jobs as possible without stress. 

It came into limelight about seven years ago with the primary goal of properly organizing daily work and improving maid services. It supports a wide range of devices such as iOS, Android, SaaS, Cloud, and web-based tools.     

Benefits of Zenmaid 

Zenmaid provides solutions to the management and scheduling of activities for maid services. It contains a long list of useful tools and resources, making the work relatable and easy to access. With many people incorporating technologies into their business models to improve user experience, Zenmaid is no exception as it helps maid services run their businesses smoothly. Listed below are some of the benefits of using Zenmaid.


  • It is easy to use. It can be difficult for businesses to get the hang of new technology, especially when they are used to extensive paperwork. And as a result, the transitioning might have several hiccups, that is not the case with Zenmaid. The interface is self-explanatory, which makes it easy to use by just about anybody. You don’t have to hire a computer or tech expert to use and operate Zenmaid.


  • No paperwork. You can use the software to handle any transaction, keep records, accounting, and bookkeeping without the long trail of paperwork that would be normally required. Your data is well-protected in a cloud system such that even when there is a fire outbreak or flood in your office, your files are still intact. You don’t have to worry about some paper getting lost.
  • Perfect appointment scheduling. As a company that provides services, it is essential to always keep to time, as discussed with the client. Failure to adhere to appointments can result in bad reviews from the client which damages your reputation in the industry. Using the conventional means of managing your business, it is easy to forget to schedule some appointments due to the number of jobs you have at hand. With Zenmaid software, you have everything under control.
  • Fast Payment. Upon completion of the work, Zenmaid provides a means of collecting payment from the client without hitch. 
  • Easy data entry. You can easily input data with templates already incorporated in the system. If you don’t know how to manage, Zenmaid can guide you with its self-help resources.
  • Reports. Every business owner loves to know how the business is improving through reports. The Zenmaid software automatically keeps track of the business activities. You can easily view your monthly income, the number of job hours worked, and other relevant information.   

Key Features of Zenmaid

Here are the few features Zenmaid offers to its users:


A means of communication through SMS texting

Zenmaid provides its users with a way of communicating with clients through one platform. The client can tell you his needs, write a review, and so on.

Booking Form

There is an automated system in place where the client can book an appointment with the cleaning business. This is created by cleaning business with questions and details for any client to fill. The booking form should contain important information that will help the cleaning company carry out the job well.

QuickBooks Integrations

With Zenmaid, you can handle your bookkeeping and accounting easily. You don’t have to worry about losing data because it has a cloud storage system that automatically stores data entered into the software.

Credit Card Processing 

Zenmaid provides a means of collecting payment through the platform. It is effortless without complications. The client just needs to input credit card details for payment of the cleaning services rendered and before long, it will be transferred to your account.

Payroll and Invoicing 

You have people working as cleaning agents who you have to pay based on agreement. The Zenmaid software can help you quickly handle and sort out payrolls.

Pros and Cons of Zenmaid 

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Zenmaid software. 


  • It has a cloud system which indicates that data cannot be lost.
  • It makes work less stressful.
  • It is automated and easy to use.
  • It has a navigable user interface.
  • It has auto-scheduling and reminder features. 


  • Some users complained that payroll features encountered some glitches, such as miscalculation of payroll hours.

Pricing of Zenmaid 

The pricing of Zenmaid software begins from $49 monthly after a free trial. It doesn’t have a free version, such as some other applications. You have to pay before you can gain access to it.


Zenmaid is new world technology developed to improve the services of cleaning businesses especially those just starting out and can’t afford professional management personnel. It has many features that make work easier, simpler, and comfortable. 

The article has provided a detailed review of Zenmaid, its features, pricing, benefits, and disadvantages. Zenmaid is highly recommended for every cleaning business that is ready to improve its services and handle large projects efficiently.  


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