Cleaning Services Price List Template

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The price list of services is the second impression that advertises the value of your brand to potential customers. And unlike business cards (which is the first), it gives your clients insight as to what value they are getting for their money.

In hindsight, it is one of the most important documents every cleaning business must have in their possession. It’s essentially a long list of the services you offer together with their specific price rate. 

Most clients will require a price list of services before hiring.

One of the reasons is because they want to have an idea of what you offer and the rates you charge. Besides, creating a price list for your cleaning business makes you appear professional and competent. 

In this article, we will discuss how to create a price list for cleaning services.

House Cleaning Price List Template

When it comes to creating a price list for your cleaning services, it is important to define and organize what you offer in a way anyone will understand. Make it simple and straightforward. 

Price lists do not take the same format, they differ from company to company.

If you go through the price list of ten cleaning companies, it is possible to see ten different templates. 

We have provided a list of 10 different price list templates below for you to check out. With these templates, you can create a tailored price list suited to your cleaning services. 

Cleaning Services Price List Template 1

The price list above is organized under three subheadings: The main services, additional services, and one-time cleanings.

This systematic approach to organizing your cleaning price list enables you to plan your price list properly, and avoid misunderstandings that could result from vague communication. 

This particular cleaning company charges based on the number of rooms starting from $50 for a bedroom to $80 for a three-bedroom apartment.

By giving the client this pricelist, they already have an idea of what you offer and the amount you charge per service.

The last section of the price list states plainly that the one-time cleaning includes deep cleaning of all areas for an average of 3.5 to 4.5 hours. This is a catchy offer which many clients would love to accept. 

Properly organizing your price list is a top priority because a well-itemized price catalog would attract the client’s attention and that alone increases your chances of getting hired.



Cleaning Services Price List Template 2

Here is another common price list template you can follow. It is organized into four categories: Single clean, clean & a half, double clean and carpet clean. 

Although it generally seems okay, I would not advise anyone to draft their price list like the one in the image above. The template is compact and well-arranged into one table, however, the company neglected the fact that they are creating the list so their clients can understand the services they offer and the amount they charge per service. 

I recommend that you not only plan your price list in a compact and well-arranged fashion but also in a way your clients can easily understand.

Cleaning Services Price List Template 3

This is one of my favorite price list templates. It is well-detailed and organized into different sections with the service stated explicitly. 

In this table, the cleaning services are divided under five rates: four-room studio, one-bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and additional rooms.

These rates are further categorized into four price sections- weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one-time deep cleaning. On giving a prospective client this type of price list, he understands what you offer without asking any questions. 

The second table describes what he offers, organized under four rows- rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. The client will understand that every other service needed is categorized as an extra for which he will be charged. This template tells the prospective client your cleaning company is professional, experienced, well organized, and competent enough to handle their home cleaning.

Cleaning Services Price List Template 4

This is another standard price list template you can use for your cleaning business. It is also simple and straightforward, with no complications.

The services they offer are explicitly stated for easy comprehension with their prices placed directly in front. 

The template itemizes the cleaning services into six categories: Kitchen, bathroom, electrical, garage, flooring, and miscellaneous items.

After checking the kitchen, bathroom, electrical, garage, and flooring categories, and you have some additional items you want to clean, it is listed under the miscellaneous column.

Cleaning Services Price List Template 5

The design layout of your price list should be attractive as well with the list of services still clear, visible, and understandable.

This particular template is also simple and straightforward.

It is categorized into two tables- main services and hourly rate with prices stated explicitly.

The essence of a price list is to communicate the type of services you offer and the rate.

In the above template, it is clear that the company offers an hourly rate to their customers. Ensure you state all the services you offer clearly and explicitly in your price list.

Cleaning Services Price List Template 6

By taking a glimpse of the above image’s price list, you can easily tell what the company offers.

They offer carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning, pest control, and carpet repairs.

If a client, looking to hire someone to clean their entire house, comes across this kind of price list they don’t have to ask any questions because it is self-explanatory. 

Cleaning Services Price List Template 7

This is another template you can use to calibrate the price list for your cleaning business. This one is categorized into five rows: Service type, service ID, description, retail price, and bulk price per unit. I love the fact that the services they offer were described to avoid any misunderstanding. By just looking at the price list, the client already understands what their services entail.


Key Points To Note When Drafting Out A Cleaning Service Price List 

  • It must be well detailed and self-explanatory.
  • It must be well organized with appropriate headings and subheadings. 
  • It must include all the services you render, leaving nothing out. 
  • It must be simple and straightforward.
  • It must not be too much to read and comprehend (one page is enough).


Price lists are a key factor in helping to land contracts, so, as a company in the cleaning industry, it is important you know exactly how to fabricate a well-detailed one. As a newbie in the cleaning industry, creating one from scratch can be tedious and perplexing, so the best option is to pick from those that are already in the game.

This article was written to help you construct clear, concise, and intelligible price lists by using the best templates that have been proven to work. 

So, if you are looking to create a price list that will increase your chances of getting hired, we recommend you use any of the templates provided above as a yardstick for yours.  



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