Move Out Cleaning Cost

Move Out Cleaning Cost

It is always a good idea to clean up your house or apartment when you are moving out of it to someplace else. You could do this for the sake of the new occupants. It comes also pertinent that you clean the house especially when you are putting it on the market for everyone to see. Either way, your former home must be just as clean as when you moved into it the first time. In more cases than not, Landlords demand that houses are left in their original conditions when moving out.

Who will help me with the Move out house cleaning?

There are two options available for you when you need to clean your home. You could decide to clean yourself or you can hire any professional cleaning service for that. It is however advised that if you are renting, you should hire a cleaning service. On the other hand, if you decide to save yourself more cash, then you can do the cleaning yourself.

Hiring a professional house cleaning service will ensure that you get more time on your hands for other things while they are concerned with the cleaning. Professional cleaning service will also assist to make moving out much easier for you and your family.

Before one hires any residential move out cleaning service, it is advised that potential customers best ask what the service inclusions or package is. Question if they do spring cleaning,  deep cleaning or better still, both. Further ask for a free estimate of the job and how many cleaners will be working on it?

Why you need a move out house cleaning service.

Better cleaning:

Unless you happen to be a custodian, a maid, or an employee at a move out cleaning service, there is a decent chance that cleaning is not your specialty. You could try your best to clean, but it usually does not lead to the best possible results. Any move out cleaning service will clean your home way better than you would be able to. You’ll feel more confident at your final walkthrough knowing your rental is going to pass your landlord’s inspection.

Avoid Damage:

While you might be in a haste to clean out your rental prior to moving, you could end up sustaining damage or even damage a property that will lead to more cost.

Reduces Stress:

The stress involved with moving tends to weigh people down and distract them from other chores. A study revealed that almost 60 percent of Canadians believe that moving is more stressful than wedding planning.

Substitutes other engagements:

At the time of moving, other things could occupy your thoughts and such things include; Packing up all your belongings, finding a moving company to assist you, moving your belongings to your new house or apartment, and cleaning your new house or apartment.

In truth,  with these thoughts occupying your mind, you will have no time for cleaning. Who even has enough time to clean when there are other things to be concerned about? A move out cleaning company will most definitely make sure that you focus on other moving projects as they deal with the cleaning of your home.

Move out Cleaning cost

Hiring a professional cleaning service will see that you pay the service for what they do for you. In Canada, Move out cleaning costs come between $130 – $450 on average, for a house below 2400 to 600 square feet. More so, the price of a move out cleaning depends on the type of cleaning required.

In some cases, move out cleaning costs fall between $130 to $560. A $35 to $60 minimum Per Project cost for the per hour range. A  $130 to $180 (Studio SiMaximum Cost Per Project.  $450 to $650 for up to 2500 to 3500 square feet space. Some cleaning services could go on to incur charges on extras and these extras include Inside Fridge: $25 to $35, Inside Kitchen Cabinets: $25 to $35, Inside Oven: $25 to $35, Blinds: $5 to $10 per set. Laundry Room: Cleaning. (varies) Garage Cleaning: $15 to $25. Most times, some companies have certain minimums for specific sized homes, making their prices less economical.

On average, basic cleaning (dusting, mopping, scrubbing, vacuuming) will cost about $200 for a 1,000 square feet place. Some companies might place prices depending on the number of rooms, not by square coverage. However, prices must remain fairly consistent.

Carpet Cleaning cost could fall between $75 and $200 for a whole house; otherwise it’d be $25 to $50 per sq. ft. For Furniture, expect at least $50 and at most $100 to de-stain and de-stench a couch. For each window, service costs $5, and $3 per screen. If they’re wall-size windows, or difficult to reach, expect an increase in price. Floor waxing prices generally range from $25 to $50 per square. If peradventure, your decently-sized apartment is messed up, you should expect to pay $200 to $350.


The cost of a move out house cleaning service is quite worth it, but you have to invest your trust in whichever company you give the job to. You can take extra time to research them out and get familiar with the sort of services they provide. Costs for services may differ from company to company, however,  there are a wide range of wonderful and fantastic companies to pick from based on your budget. Each company also has its unique move out house cleaning service and areas to be covered. A final advise is this, a deep house clean is necessary for a move out house cleaning.

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