Zenmaid Vs. Launch27

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New applications are developed every day to make life easier for both employers and employees in specialized industries, and the cleaning industry is no exception. 

As a business in the cleaning industry, you have to understand that running a cleaning business involves more than just cleaning.

Many other aspects of the business are also essential such as customer management, payroll management, tax requirements, client feedback, accounting, record keeping, etc.

Once these aspects are neglected, the result may cause serious problems for your business.

Of all the apps online, there are two of them that stand out and appeal to the maid service community – Zenmaid and Launch27. Both have their perks and benefits and it is important for you, as a business owner in the cleaning industry, to be up to date with these apps.

This knowledge will guide you in selecting the better one for your business model.

This article puts these two popular platforms, head-to-head, in a bid to compare their characteristics, pros, cons, and mode of operation. Thus, you can eventually pick the right fit for your business.

What is Launch27?

Launch27 is an online platform created primarily to assist businesses in online booking. It is a software with a cloud-based system for safe storage of the client’s data and other useful information. It means that your data are well backed up into a remote server that can be accessed with any device. You don’t have to worry about losing your files when your device is damaged. 

Launch27 was launched to help both small businesses and big companies carry out their book and record-keeping activities with little hassle. These include day-to-day affairs such as online payment, appointment bookings, and other features that improve customer management. It was developed by Rohan, a reputable entrepreneur who has other businesses, including Launch27. The idea was to assist small-term businesses in managing their business efficiently in the 21st century.

Launch27 is a software built to provide its users with a ton of features.  The cool thing about it is that it can be merged with a business website and used to collect payments from clients and also schedule appointments. With its online booking form made available, you can create a unique structure for your clients to fill. Also, with this app, you never get to miss an appointment with its notifications and calendar features.

What is Zenmaid?

Zenmaid, unlike Launch27, is more specific to the maid services community. While Launch27 was developed for every business to use, Zenmaid was specifically developed to assist maid services in effectively managing their business affairs. It was created in 2013 by Amar Ghose to help maid service owners run their businesses more efficiently. His initial investment before Zenmaid was Fast Friendly Spotless Inc located in California. 

The primary objective of any business is to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction, increase sales, and earn more. Zenmaid is the one app that helps you do all three without so much physical stress on your part.

With Zenmaid at your reach, you can automate every single aspect of your business that concerns your customers. Being the first online software created for scheduling and marketing maid services, it is an excellent tool that helps maid service owners organize, run, and improve their businesses.  

The platforms supported by Zenmaid include web-based, iOS, and Android, meaning it can be operated through mobile devices, personal computers, and tablets.

 It is a great management tool for small businesses and growing establishments. 

Pricing: Zenmaid Vs. Launch27

Pricing is probably the most important thing to consider when trying to choose the best software to manage your maid service business. Zenmaid and Launch27 both offer management solutions to maid services at different costs. It is advised you check the features of each software and weigh your options. That being said, the question remains – How do I weigh my options? 

The best way to go about weighing your options is by making a list of what you need from a maid service app and compare with the features of both platforms. One mistake most people make is that they allow prices to cloud their judgment. Most people prefer to choose the cheapest without considering other important factors.

As far as prices go, Zenmaid operates on a subscription model of $49 per month, while for Launch27, it is $59 per month. Although Launch27 costs more per month than Zenmaid, it doesn’t mean it is a better application. It is best to, first of all, check their features and compare them with your most pressing needs before making a decision.

Key Features: Zenmaid Vs. Launch27

One of the best ways to determine the ideal platform for your maid service business is to compare the features or services each tool offers. Some of the key features of both apps are highlighted below.

Distinguishing Features of Zenmaid


  • It helps users manage their business effectively. It keeps track of client details, schedule appointments, and assigns the nearest operators to the location without delay.
  • It is mobile friendly. Zenmaid is accessible on all mobile devices.
  • It helps in payroll management. Zenmaid has a GPS tracking system that keeps track of the number of hours your employees work. This helps you to determine how much money you should pay for each worker.
  • It assists in billing and invoicing. Zenmaid offers a safe environment for requesting and collecting payments from clients.
  • It helps the user in scheduling client appointments, accounting, and bookkeeping.     
  • Zenmaid makes use of stripe, google maps, and Mail chimp to enhance their services.


Key features of Launch27

  • It is a useful software for tracking service history.
  • It is an excellent tool for managing work orders.
  • It can help you schedule appointments, set reminders, and access calendars.
  • It makes use of Stripe and Twilio to improve their services.  


Zenmaid Vs Launch27 



Zen Maid

It is easy to use and navigate. It was created to help small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and freelancers.   It is easy to learn with tutorials provided on how to navigate. It was designed specifically to help maid service owners run their businesses with little or no stress.
It features an automated reminder that runs by itself. Their customer support is always available and helpful. 
It is expensive. It is affordable 



Management is the most important component of any business operation. A poorly managed business will almost always result in a total disaster, business decline, loss of clients, resignation of employees, and bankruptcy. This goes to show that proper management must not be underestimated.

Employing the services of software like Zenmaid or Launch27 helps you conveniently manage your business and improve your customer service relation. Also, each one of them come with their benefits and shortcomings. It is up to you to decide which one is the best fit for your business.

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