Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

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Building an Airbnb cleaning checklist is vital to becoming a successful Airbnb host. It makes cleaning more comfortable, faster and more efficient. The Airbnb Cleaning Checklist will prevent you from losing customers. You want to avoid your guests complaining about the cleanliness of your accommodation. Some will even ask you for a full refund on this basis.

Impressing your guests with a clean apartment will give you excellent reviews. These reviews will lead to more customers. You also enjoy consistent Airbnb income from just renting out your space. The two basic types are basic lodgings or high-end accommodation for your guests.

Your guests can get irritated by the smallest inconvenience. If they spot a little dirt, they may assume the whole place is dirty. It is frustrating, but the customer is always right. You have cleaned the space for hours, and just a little detail you missed can annoy guests.


The Solution? Airbnb Cleaning Checklist. It is vital to anticipate possible guest complaint situations. Solve the case before the guest even calls your attention to it. The key is to have clean accommodation at all times. Our Airbnb cleaning checklist will keep your space neat and give you glowing reviews from satisfied clients. Our list will help you reduce the cleaning time when changing between guests.

Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

Change the towels and linens

The bedroom is a space you should dedicate time to cleaning. Guests spend much time in the bedroom. Remove used linens, towels, bedsheets, tea towels and bathmats. Replace them with fresh and clean clothing items.

Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen has to be clean before guests move in. Nothing irritates faster than a dirty kitchen. Do not assume the last guest left it spotless. Here are what you should check when cleaning the kitchen.

  1. Check the dishes and make sure they are washed and dried.
  2. Empty the dishwater of all dirt and residues.
  3. Ensure that all appliances are functioning, clean and empty.
  4. Check the Fridge – Open the fridge and remove all items left by the previous guest. Thoroughly wipe it to clean all spills. Re-stock it for consumables such as condiments and milk.
  5. Clean all benches, tables and cabinets in the kitchen.
  6. Clean taps and sink.
  7. Ensure that the waste bin is empty and clean.

Clean the Bathroom

The bathroom is another place to keep clean to avoid the ire of guests. Guests expect a clean bathroom as a minimum. Here are what you should check when cleaning the kitchen.

  1. Ensure the toilet is clean
  2. Sanitize the toilet
  3. Shine mirrors and sinks
  4. Throw away cleaning items such as shaving stick and soap used by the previous guest. Replace them with new ones.
  5. Replace the used towel with clean ones.
  6. Clean the shower. You could do a basic job if the previous guest didn’t spend long. If the earlier guests stayed long, do a deep cleaning. Regularly, you have to do a deeper cleaning.
  7. Keep the floor clean.
  8. Scrub the glass shower squeegee and screen dry.
  9. Check the drain holes for dirt.
  10. Empty the trash bin.

Re-stock consumables

The consumables you want to offer your guest is your choice. There is no rule in the book that says you must provide this consumable to guests. However, it is hospitable to offer your guests some consumables. It contributes to their overall satisfaction with your Airbnb service. You can even get glowing reviews. Some consumables ideas include coffee, tea, dish soap, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, facial tissues, conditioner and paper towel.

Dust, Tidy and Reset

Thorough dusting the whole space is a must. Dust gives the impression you do not adequately take care of the area. Here are what you should check.

  1. Do spot dusting throughout. Wipe surfaces, tables, light switches and furniture where needed. As you dust everything, check that the previous guest didn’t leave any items behind.
  2. Check the electrical appliances and lights, ensure that they all functioning. You can keep some spare bulbs for your guest in case of emergencies. Check to be sure that taps aren’t leaking and the heaters and air-conditioning are working.
  3. Tidy and reset the whole space. Arrange the magazines, furniture and décor items. Straighten the rugs and plump cushions. Redraw the curtains and blinds.

Sweep, vacuum and mop

The routine of cleaning depends on the type of floor and how long your previous guest stayed. You may need to do a simple spot vacuuming and mopping of the floor. For outdoor areas, you have to sweep the area with a broom. When sweeping, clean off dirt, leaves and debris. Keep your balconies and porches neat and tidy. Occasionally, you have to sweep, vacuum and mop the whole space thoroughly.

Finishing touches

The finishing touches do not necessarily have to include any cleaning. Your concentration should be on thoroughly checking the space for any dirty areas missed out or not properly cleaned. This step is where you can add extra gestures to impress your guests. They include adding wine, chocolates, flowers, information guide and vouchers.

Hire an Airbnb Cleaning Service

If you can’t handle the cleaning by yourself, you can always contact an Airbnb cleaning service. Check out for one close to your location. An Airbnb cleaning service will ensure that your Airbnb service is clean at all times. You do not do the cleaning between guest changeover. The Airbnb cleaning service will take responsibility for this, depending on the contract.


Airbnb hosts tend to focus on their guest changeover cleaning routine and abandoned the big picture. What is this big picture? It is the entire presentation of the property.

Some tasks are not in the Airbnb Cleaning Checklist but are necessary. They are not there because they are not the kind of tasks you do regularly. These tasks include window cleaning, pressure cleaning, cob webbing and carpet steam cleaning. While carrying out the routine Airbnb Cleaning Checklist, remember to do these tasks at intervals. They add up to the presentation of your Airbnb service.

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