Move In House Cleaning

Move In House Cleaning

Everyone knows the joy associated with moving into a new home which could really be fun and exciting. It comes as a fresh start and also comes with lots of hard work.  Moving in can also be daunting. Leaving an old place with memories into a new one to start over. One major hindrance is the thought of work to be done in a new place. Everyone knows that the task of cleaning any new place is quite uneasy. This is why a number of commercial cleaning services have opted to help you out, but before we discuss their costs, it is necessary to highlight things you need to do when you get to a new house.

What to clean when you move into a new place

Cleaning a new place does not come easy, however, if you plan to do the clearing yourself, without the help of commercial cleaning agencies, you can and here are some of the things to watch out for when cleaning.

KITCHEN: For the kitchen,  you will have to do these:

  •  clean and disinfect refrigerator.
  •  wipe cabinets.
  •  wipe down walls
  •  clean garbage disposals as well as drains.
  •  clean appliances.
  •  disinfect the sink.
  •  sweep & mop the kitchen.

BATHROOM: To clean the bathroom, you must be willing to:

  • disinfect the toilet and change seats if necessary.
  • disinfect tub and shower.
  • clean cabinet.
  • wipe counters & faucets.
  • clean mirrors.

GENERAL CLEANING: General cleaning would encompass the bedroom as well as the sitting room. For general cleaning:

  • change air filters.
  • sweep or mop or vacuum.
  • disinfect or clean all knobs.
  • check if fire detectors are intact.
  • properly clean dryer vents.
  • wipe down walls and fix all holes.
  • dust & clean light and fan fixtures.
  • clean windows and treat them.
  • shampoo carpets or clean tiles.
  • replace light bulbs.
  • stock bathrooms with toilet paper
  • Repaint where necessary.

Reason why you should hire a cleaning service

As rightly said earlier, moving to a new place can often be difficult. Most homes have been sitting empty for a while, meanwhile some have absolutely been replaced with unnecessary and unwanted creatures. Before you settle in and decide whether to do the cleaning yourself or not, it is therefore safe to first consider what you will be doing as a personal cleaner for your home and what commercial cleaners will be doing as hired. A great number of people do great jobs cleaning by themselves, but we all are aware of the stress associated with moving into a new place. As there will be other pressing needs to work on as regards the new place, cleaning comes as a pressing need with higher commitment level and this is why you need to hire a cleaning service.

What Cleaning Service Do?

The cleaning service will take care of all cleaning needs for your new place. Between packing, organizing, and normal life needs, cleaning your home might come as unnecessary on your to-do list. If you hire the home cleaning service, you will find more time to tackle your long list of tasks without fear or worry about the home. Since you will hire a professional cleaning service, they will handle the job for you based on your budget. Some come in packages while others don’t, however, you know what you want and will get what you want. The professional cleaning service will take care of everything, even the dank interiors you fail to reach. Some offer to clear your garage and patio while others do not offer such nice provisions, either way, a professional cleaning service will do all the unexpected cleaning jobs for you.

How To Estimate Move In cleaning Cost

It is quite a far reach to give specific price estimates of move in cleaning services but to ease the burden, a reasonable way to determine the cost is to look at the factors most of these cleaning companies consider for pricing. There are a number of factors that determine how much one is to pay for the move in cleaning cost and below is a list of the most important factors to assist you.

  1. Determine what needs cleaning

It is advised that you first come up with a list of necessary places to be cleaned. While some of you may opt for complete house cleaning, others might not be permitted the Luxury. First create a list of all the rooms you want cleaned in the house  and estimate the number of hours it will take you to complete them if you cleaned yourself. Most professional move-in cleaning companies generally range their prices based on this.

  1. Number of Bedrooms

Most move in cleaning companies determine cost through the occupancy and usage of the new place. Since in every deep clean, bedrooms must be touched, companies often use the idea that the more people living in your home, the more the work and higher the pay. As an example, a large house adorned with two bedrooms will generally not require as much work as a small house occupied with four bedrooms.

  1. Count the Number of Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most involved rooms to clean and often require the harshest cleaners. Bathrooms also require specific cleaners for specific tasks. You wouldn’t use the same product to clean your toilet as you would your sink and shower. All of this needs to be taken into consideration when hiring a cleaning company.

  1. Access areas difficult to access in home

There might be uneasiness in reaching particular places in your home such as vaulted and high ceilings, high windows and shelves and others. These difficult areas will require extra tools for the cleaning company and it is a pricing factor.

  1. Consider your area

The place your home is located is also a major factor used in pricing therefore it is necessary to consider companies that are closer to you than others that are not. A cleaning service in your area will not demand furious charges on you as they might even not consider transportation costs. Some companies also have specific areas they capture and it is important to find out what area is covered by any company you hire.


You do not have to worry over cleaning your new home as there are cleaning services willing to do your move in house cleaning. You know your budget and it is advised that you work on it when you research.

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